How to Prevent Vintage Auto Theft : Remove Air From Tires for Vintage Auto Theft Prevention

How to Prevent Vintage Auto Theft : Remove Air From Tires for Vintage Auto Theft Prevention

Hi! I’m George Stonebrook for Expert Village
and here talking to you today about preventing theft to your vintage car. Another way to
immobilize your car, we illustrated earlier we put a clamp or boot around the vehicle
but in someways it is not practical or the boot is not accessible. An easy way to do
that is actually take the air right out of the tire so the car won’t even roll. Car this
heavy would roll very difficulty on tires that have air in them. Can you imaging how
it would roll with the car that doesn’t have air in its tires. It is a very simple matter;
taking off the cap from the tire itself and then you can take a device that will actually
remove the core from the center of the tire itself. Once you do that and the air comes
out, the tire goes flat and then there is no way for it to be rolled. You can’t drive
a car on a flat tire, at least not very far and at lease not very noticeable either. So
it is just a simple matter of taking the airs out of the tires. You will need to take the
air out of the tires in the Fall anyway because you will want to put vintage air back in the
car when you store the car.

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  1. ever heard of dry rot? you will make the tires brittle and in that gay shape. when u put the air back in there will be cracks in the sidewall

  2. other ways to immobilize your car include,
    blowing up your car, removing the gas tank, removing the transmission/gearbox, dropping a grand piano on its roof, or even blowing up your engine, all these methods are soo good at immobilizing your car, not only will the thief give up on trying to dive your car, im sure they will have the same result on you.

  3. so ok you let the air out of your tires i thought flat tires with alot of weight on them developed sidewall cracks then your tires are useless if you want to prevent ANY CAR being stolen just remove the battery

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