How to Pop a Wheelie on a Motorcycle : Proper Motorcycle Tire Pressure

How to Pop a Wheelie on a Motorcycle : Proper Motorcycle Tire Pressure

Hi, my name is Jared Cummings. I’m here with
Expert Village. We’re talking about how we wheelie. All right, now we’re going to go
ahead and talk about air pressure in our bike. The tire pressure that we’re going to run
on our back tire is going to be a lot lower than our stock or racing pressure. If we’re
running 32 PSI on our bike, what’s going to happen is we’re going to have a very, very
narrow area for us to balance on our bike. So, when we lower our bike to about 28, it’ll
give us a little bit more space on our actual balance point on the tire. When we go down
to about 15, it’ll give us that much width on our bike tire to be balancing on, and that’s
going to be a lot more stable when we’re going here, and it’s not going to wobble as much
so we don’t have to control it. It’ll just balance right there all the time. The front
tire we’re going to keep at about 30 PSI, because we’re going to be doing some stoppies
here–should we ever do some stoppies or anything like that, we don’t want our tire flat. We
want to keep a little bit more pressure on that front tire. So we’re not going to lower
than one down. We’re going to keep that one about 30-32 PSI. All right, now we’re about
31, so I’m going to lower it down to about 15. That should be about perfect. Good. I like
to keep it as much close as I always ride, so it’s consistent every single time. Even
if it’s a couple pounds of pressure off, it can really make a difference in your riding.
So if you’re going to be riding fast or stuff, you’re going to want more PSI, if you’re going
to be doing second gear wheelies, third gear wheelies, high chairs or something like that,
you’re going to want a little more pressure in that back tire. But we’re going to be doing
some slow stuff today, so we’re going to lower it to about 15.

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  1. Running 15 lbs. makes the bike SUPER numb and teaches you bad habits. On old pig bikes MAYBE but with anything decent run like 22-24.

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