How to MTB in the street

How to MTB in the street

After two weeks of rainy wheather the mountain bike trails are closed for maintenance when riding the trails isn’t a option you can always find stuff to ride around town this is usually referred to as riding street riding street can be really fun and it forces you to be creative and inventive with your surrondings if your bike is setup for the trails just pumping up the tires a little more makes it fine for street i also stiffen up my suspension a bit by adding air but this isn’t required start by picking a spot be it a curb or a little bump in the pavement ride the same spot for a while and its called a session sessioning forces you to squeeze every possibly out of your surrondings after a while you’ll start to consider everything in town to be a potential spot for a session the more techniques you have in your street riding tool box the easier it is to be creative bunny hops, endos, fakies and 180s are all super useful but it doesn’t stop there, here we are bombing a hill but starting off with a endo together it give you a combo we will call it a endo dive embankments can be really fun spots to session also and here you can practice a 180 turn start by manualing by the top of the bank and then add a hop at the end make sure you are looking in the direction you want to go which should be over your shoulder with a little practice you can get more of the spin to actually be in the air i’m not sure how useful this is on the trails but it sure is fun the more experience you have on street obstacles the more fun you can have i sweat my balls off sessioning this picnic table today who says you need the trails to get a workout practicing the same technique over and over until you get it can be a emotional roller coaster the more time you invest the more pissed off your gonna get when you cant get it when you finally stick your landing its all worth it street sessions with friends are one of my fondest memories although i usually ride street alone now days i get to share my sessions with you guys so thanks for riding with me today and i’ll see you next time

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  1. I need help with bunny hopping- I've seen all your videos about it and I have practiced for ages however I find it hard to get my back wheel up any tips /thanks -zinedine

  2. I feel like Seth and I would get along well. I could ride some damn chill south florida street with you.

  3. This just popped up in my notifications out of nowhere (the vid is 1 year old Seth!) and it's been raining for days! Thanks

  4. i have a hardtail can i ride stairs do jumps because when i do i hear that the chains slams and the rim touched the stair.

  5. If you don't have enough room for more than one bike, but want a FS trail bike that also works for light city use, would you recommend any temporary hacks like swapping on slicker tyres/wheels?

  6. What tyres should i use though… i have butcher and a purgatory for mtb but i want a set of tyres that i could do street riding with even to work

  7. could u go into detail on what your doing to get some of those moves 2 work? Id love to do some of them but dont want 2 die in the process.

  8. this guy is kinda gay … i fell like im watching pbs or a kids channel ….grow up lil,,, say piss shit or balls sometimes… for people over 6yo…. please

  9. Hey seth i've got question for you: if you are jumping with bike without rear suspention does it mean that you can screw up your rear wheel or maybe break your frame?

  10. That ending hit me right in the feels… I miss riding around street with my buddies from school.. great times

  11. I road street after I hit the trails and I did a bunny hop off a curb boom i got a pinch flat and fell off my bike on to a side walk and now my sides hurt like a mother top tip pump up your tires after you're done with the trails and on the street

  12. i dont have many mtb trails nearby so i mostly ride street. This video has helped me open my eye for more stuff i can do, awesome video!

  13. I like your videos, but is a bit irresponsible riding like that mess up someones wall with dirts and mud from the tire?

  14. I have fallen in love with urban mtb lately. Got to have the right city though. Portland, Maine has been my favorite. Old Port rocks!

  15. I did that once, I tried over and over to ride upstairs. Needed to walk home, because my wheel got three pinch flats 😀

  16. this i sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

  17. You've been such a great inspiration to me. I just got my first actual MTB, but it isn't the right size.. I'm 6 foot 5 and this is a 26 inch wheel 18 inch 2005 Diamondback Response Sport… But I can still ride and I'm learning how to ride street better. I don't have any trails near me, and even if I did I don't have any way to get to them. Thank you for content like this, I've learned a ton from you!!

  18. I really love these videos it’s nice try try them, hopefully get better at them then help others with the same thing.

  19. You guys can ride street almost with no issue
    But……. In India Even if you try a front wheel lift for bunny hop,wheelie,etc.
    Like five stray dogs are behind our butt ready to bite sooooooooo… street for us

  20. Hi seth, nice video! Maybe you will be a bit disappointed from the small few trails we have in Israel, but street riding here is the best, with lot's of elevation, we have some great in-town paths to ride.

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