How to mount tires by hand: Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R

How to mount tires by hand: Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R

Second off from the 1/4 time. Should be possible with good launch. Yeah the launch was the problem. It’s not good if you don’t have traction on first two gears. I know the launch was not good. The trap speed was good, but that’s not enough. Is that the narrow one? No. Wider. Don’t you die out. it’s going to blow. How it did look like? It’s didn’t wan to seat. Maybe it will seat at least form the bottom side. Turn on the compressor. Don’t put too much. Did the bottom bead go in? Yeah it did. That’s not a problem. Let’s change the tactic. The other one did seat properly on first try. Can we get the hose out from the side? I will burn my leg hair. Is it still filming? Yeah. Don’t fall over. This is quite slippery. Don’t pop out!! Good. It’s still not perfectly seated. The side walls are much stiffer. It should seat anytime soon. I will wait until it properly seats, before removing the weights.

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  1. Do you have any footage of the process you used to create the wheels? I'm very interested in doing something like this myself. I've been looking for aftermarket wheels that look like my bottle caps and this seems like the more personal/economic way of doing it.

  2. I have a set of 16 barrels bbs rs 32 hole . And a set of bottle caps are you telling me this is possible hahah I need info

  3. What's the size of the tyres?
    I'm looking into doing something similar, but on lower budget – 205/50 NS-2Rs on 9Jx15, they have pretty stiff walls too.

  4. by the time he finisht 1 tire i do atleast ten and that includes disassemble the old and assemble the new plus the balancing out the tires im a tyre mechanic

  5. How do you not scratch the wheel? I'm very new to changing tires by hand and have only done it on my drift spares, not the nice wheels

  6. What is being sprayed on? What are the metal tools used to flip the sidewall over the wheel hump/lip? A little more info wouldn't hurt.

  7. Soo nice dude. Awesome !

    Hey where can i buy this tools that you have to mount the tires ? These bars how its the name ?


  8. when you spray it with the brake clean it's easier to spray it around the bead and light it instead of just trying to fill the tire and lighting it

  9. Why wouldn't you push through the back side first then then use the irons on the back side of the wheel and avoid any damage from the irons whatsoever? StI'll do exactly what you did but with the tire flipped over the other way is all I'm saying.

  10. oisko mitään protippiä vanhojen roskakumien poistamiseen vanteelta kuitenkin vannetta naarmuttamatta? 😀

  11. Vittu noi on siistit , itelläki löyttyy kaks Paria noita vakio bottlecap vanteita ja tiiätkö ketään kuka tekee noita huuli vanne versioita

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