How to Make Your Own MTB Tyre Logos || Bike Customization

How to Make Your Own MTB Tyre Logos || Bike Customization

hey max here welcome back to the useless trials if you had a closer look at my bike lately you’d notice my channel name on my tires I put these logos on there about six months ago and they still look great but my tires are worn and I need to replace them so if you want to know how you can take off the manufacturers logos and put on custom ones this video is for you here’s what we need the tires an old towel some cardboard and spray-on rubber in the color we want this German version is called gummy dip which is the same stuff as the more famous Plasti Dip these plays are perfect for this because they are rubber based coatings the first thing we need to do is remove the manufacturer logos so take a wheel of your bike and put the new tire on there most tire lettering is vulcanized into the rubber surface which doesn’t make it easy to remove but I found two different ways to do that the first one uses nothing but a towel and some good old muscle work just put the towel over the handle of a small tool and start scrubbing on the logos with a bit of force the rubbers going to heat up quite a bit from this you’re going to start seeing the surface come off slowly this is a bit tiring but you’re not going to have to do it every day [Music] the second way to remove them would be to use chemicals but in my testing both ways took about 15 minutes to do one side so I’d say just do it without chemicals to save some money and your health now that we’ve got the logos off this is what the tire looks like and you could very well leave it like this if you want a stealthy look but if you want to put something on there the next step is to clean the tire nicely with some soapy water don’t forget this step as you can see here my logo still look pretty good after six months but two of them actually looked like this and I’m pretty sure I simply didn’t clean those spots well enough next pick where you want to place the logos and lightly rough those spots up with some fine sandpaper or a sanding sponge clean those spots again with clear water this time and the tire is ready to be sprayed normally I now would just use my sticker machine to cut vinyl templates stick them on the tire and spray away because that option won’t be available to most of you I came up with a different way this is where the cardboard comes in you print draw or blueprint your design on there and cut it out with an exacto knife making sure to leave connections like this four letters with holes at first I tried to just lay that template on the tire and sprayed but because the sidewalls are curved the result turned out unsatisfying that means to get a good result with a round sidewall you have to cut out the template bend it a bit then stick it on the side wall with tape try to get it as snug to the tire as you can then lay the wheel down with the template as horizontal as possible protect the rest of the area from overspray you’re ready to go apply the rubber in two to three thin layers to prevent runs that form when you spray on too much at once a good trick here is to use a blow-dryer or heat gun to dry the layers within seconds and not have to wait minutes between each one once you’re happy with the coat you’ve applied you can carefully pull the template off and admire your creation and if you’ve messed up you can always take the logos back off and try again if you were successful you’ve got yourself some nice tires that no one else has and that’s all I have for you today I hope you’ve enjoyed this little customization tutorial and I’ll see you in the next video thanks for watching [Music]

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  1. Holy crap man! I've been wanting to do something like this for so long. I hate that my kenda tires have such big writing and so much writing. Im gonna give this a try! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Yesterday i had the idea to do that but i didn‘t find any good tutorials for bicycle tires and suddenly this video pops up! Thank you!

  3. Mega cooles Video! Werde bei meinen Reifen einfach nur die logos für einen cleaneren look entfernen, freu mich voll auf das Ergebnis! 🔥

  4. Cool I noticed your tyres in an earlier video, I used to do this with skate decks, whole decals with multiple colours, best thing to use is masking tape but good quality. But as Im still learning Id rather spend the time on the bike 🙂

  5. Heyy what size bike do i need. I have been riding bmx. But it's boring now. I wanna try trials it's so nice, but i'm 185 cm and weigh 73 kg. do i fit 20' or 24'? <333

  6. Disclaimer: I can't guarantee this works with every tyre model on the market. You're removing material from the sidewalls – so you might damage the structural strenght of the tyre.

  7. Why not just stick a bunch of layers of paper (painters) tape together and cut it into that, then stick that straight on? Instead of the whole cardboard thing?

  8. "Guy takes long time erasing the tire brand"
    Me: takes a color back spray rubber and spray the tire done"

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