How to make your own ‘kanjo style’ tyre stencils for your tires

How to make your own ‘kanjo style’ tyre stencils for your tires

Hey guys, how is it going, Reuben here from The Midnight Garage. There’s a massive storm going on outside So if you hear any background noise it is just the entire building moving But anyways a lot of people have asked me in the comments: Reuben. How do you get these tires stencils I figured that today I’m going to make a video about that first of there are several methods And some are better and some of worse depending on what you need so first I’ll talk about the first option and that’s a decal well there are several sorts of heat decals You can basically heat them up These decals come in the shape of the tire, you heat them up and you put them on the tires, and they look really great Here’s a picture of how it looked when I first had them on the car but These decals are prone to cracking after a certain while. These are on for a year now and yeah, it’s just you know They are falling off. Here, I can take pieces off If you are going to drive with it for a longer period of time I can’t recommend to use the decal version. the second method is only If you want the letters in white, and you want to follow the letters that are already on the tires Like for example Toyo Proxes R888 on these If you want to do that, then there are special tire stencil pens you can buy them at pretty much any car shop they can just fill it up with a pen then you have your tires stenciled But I usually use something else. I have my own designs, and I want my own designs on the wheels And that’s probably why you’re watching this video. I’m going to discuss that method today By the way, my method is using a disposable stencil. so that is great if you have like two or three sets of tires that you want to do with a logo or if you have different sizes of logos but if you have the same type of tires all day every day And you can keep wanting to do them for example if you have a shop or something anyone keep doing your own logo it’s better to Get the designs cut out with water cutter and have like a metal piece that you can lay over it and then spray over it It’s not going to look as good but for example Rauh Welt uses this method And it’s a whole lot better if you keep doing the same thing But if you’re just going to use a couple of times and / or if your tires are different every time Its better to use my method since most tires have two distinct edges Here’s an edge and here’s an edge. We’re going to measure the distance between this edge and this edge which is 42 centimeters and 53 centimeters Gives us a nice arch, so I’m going to get that in the computer now and design a logo that fits right in here Here we have the inside diameter here with the outside diameter if you give these sizes to any sticker shop They will be able to make this up. This is really really easy for them I’m going to make a logo that fits right in between here And here we have a #themidnightgarage all aligned with the same curve Top tip by the way: If you want to save some money Just ask the sticker company to just cut the decal out and don’t do anything with it so don’t peel off the letters and don’t put a protective film over it Because that will raise the price and since you’re going to use it to stencil it anyways and you have to modify it slightly It’s cheaper to just get it cut and do the rest yourself. here’s the fresh to cut stencil I will be using if you can look closely, so you can see the letters already now its really simple, you just use an exacto knife and cut the letters out And you peel them all off they do that for every letter and here all the letters are peeled off beautiful beautiful now I’m going to get some masking tape and Mask this off as well in three.. two.. one… All done! Man, I love editing! well now I am going to feel everything off and put it on the tyre everything is on the tire Now I have to take the masking tape off. If you’re thinking at this moment like oh My logo is so easy that I could have just written it on the masking tape and then cut it out That’s perfectly possible as well You can simply put some masking tape on the wheels draw out the logo, and if you’re good enough with an x-Acto knife You can cut that out as well. It won’t be as crisp as this but if your logo is pretty organic, it should be doable as well I think that by now you’re starting to get the point I did say a bit earlier that I was going to modify the decal a little bit Well what I mean with that is if you can look clearly here. You can see that There’s a bit of runoff because the tire is curved This is a flat piece of vinyl so I’m going to heat it up with the heat gun and push everything down that way it will stick to the tire a bit more When you spray paint over it the edges will be a lot crisper and cleaner than they are right now. This is also I use this method because you get the cleanest edges off all the methods except for the decal But the decals don’t last very long Now as you can see now that I’ve heated it up It is molded to tire a bit more and this means that if I’m going to paint it now it will look a whole lot better I’m going to tape it off a little bit more And then I’m going to paint it. As for color. I am going for yellow I think that looks really good on the tire But because it spray paint you can pretty much pick any color you like and spray it on your tires As for how long it’s going to last, that pretty much depends; the smoother your tire is the longer it lasts That’s the general rule of thumb and Now it’s time to take everything off. I usually do that while the paint is still wet so I can touch it up where needed All right all the pieces are off and this is how it look now if there’s any overspray I usually correct it with a q-tip and some paint thinner I usually go over it like for example here a little bit and Then I sweep it off And that usually corrects it Well guys looks pretty cool, huh? I’m pretty happy with the result! So yeah, that was the video for today I hope you liked this, leave a like if you did and subscribe If you want to see more of these how to’s and then hopefully we’ll see you guys next video. Bye!

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  1. Quick tip. Try to use as little spray as possible. Maybe 1-3 light coats. The thicker the coats the more likely it will crack and disintegrate as the tyre rotates along the ground.

  2. way to detailed for a true kanjo inspiration but very nice for logo'ing your tires anyways I'll do this sometime

  3. I find it easier to use an acrylic used for tshirt design screening. TULCO brand. Heat with a hairdryer or gun to cure it. Lasts a long time.
    Used to white wall my mini cafe racer/ bobber style bikes using this.

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