How To Make Tires Look Wet! – Tesla Model X – Chemical Guys Car Care

How To Make Tires Look Wet! – Tesla Model X – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys, welcome back. Today, we have this Tesla Model X and we have gone through a full detail with interior and exterior. So now we are go to apply the final touches by
adding a tire dressing. These are 20 inch Continnental tires, they
are clean now but before they were dirty and greasy from previous dressings. Using our degreaser we were able to remove
all that junk and now it is clean and dry so we’re going to dress it. I’ve chosen to use Black On Black for a deep
gloss while still being dry-to-the touch. It’s super easy to use., just spray it on
the surface, if you’re looking for more of a matte sheen just wipe it off. To give you guys a before and after I’ll tape
off the tire down the center. That is going to give you a side by side comparison
of how it looks with and without a dressing. We’ll start by shaking up the bottle and then
taking the cap off. Spraying it on this half of the tire. It makes a nice fan so it covers the whole
tire. You can use Black On Black on any plastic
or rubber surfaces such as trim, engine bay components and cowls to bring out the wet
look while also repelling UV rays and staining. So, if you guys want to learn more about these
products go to our website If you like this car be sure to give it a
thumbs up and we;ll see you next time right here in the Detail Garage.

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  1. c'mon….that's not a comparison you sprayed it on and it was still wet. I wanna see it when its dry and the before looks better than the after.

  2. More videos with the Tesla! I prefer to use an applicator pad to keep overspray from wafting over to the wheels and paint.

  3. Its great for spraying on areas that are hard to reach with an applicator, like undercarriage, engine hoses, bumpers.

  4. Without using an applicator and just spraying like you showed in the video, how safe is the product on chrome wheels. I am sure some overspray would get on them

  5. I just had my car done with ceramic pro 9H…the gold package. What can I use from chemical guys to wash the car and what can I use for washing in between or wiping dust off in between washes? Or maybe just a final topper after I dry the car from washing it?

  6. I recently get a ceramic coat kit i have used on my truck, do you guys have any products that you make that aren't so "agressive" when cleaning, as I dont want to wipe off the coat. Im sure it wont come off, just want to be sure.

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