How To Make Tire Dressing Last – ASTON MARTIN DBS VOLANTE – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys welcome back to the
Detail Garage. As you can see we’ve got this black Volante
DBS Aston Martin. One of the last things that we want to do
as a final touch is get these rims and tires looking right. One of the common problems that people have
with tire dressings are they sling off or they don’t last. That’s because they don’t clean the surface
of the tire first giving the dressing a surface to bond to. This tire has layers of greasy oily dressing
and you can see it has this black film all over it and that’s from accumulating old dressing,
road grime, debris and things that get into the pores of the tire and it makes it look
dirty and makes it harder for new dressing to stick to it. Today I’m going to clean it all off with
All Clean. This is a degreaser that is safe for your
rubber parts, metal components and basically anything that’s why it’s called All Clean. All you need to do is spray it on the surface. You can get this on painted areas, wheels
and rims it’ll clean it and it won’t affect the texture or make up of the surface but
it will take off embedded contaminants, grime and road debris. Also to help me clean I’ve got my Stiffy Blue
Brush and I’ve already cleaned it off so I have a clean brush to detail these tires. Spray a little All Clean into the brush for
added cleaning power and start scrubbing to pull off the old dressings, road grime and
debris so I will have a nice crisp tire to apply fresh dressing. As with any detailing process you want to
start cleaning from the top and work down. The Stiffy Blue Brush pulled off any contaminants from the surface and usually we use a black
towel so we don’t get any other towels filthy but I’m using a green towel to show you guys
how much grime comes off these tires. It is a nice crisp clean tire with all that
gunk and crap pulled off it and you might have noticed I got some on the rim but that
is okay because it’s helping pull off road debris and brake dust so we’ll clean that
up as well. So after I finish drying this tire It’ll be
ready for its new coat of tire dressing. Tire dressing is going to give it a deeper
black shine which is a great way to set the car off but it is also going to protect the
tire giving it longer life preventing cracking or discoloring and its improving
the overall look. I have our new V7 Tire Shine, this is an oil
based product that will give your tires the ultimate deep black look but it will also
be dry-to-the touch. Just spray it on your applicator. Work it into the tire, it is safe for trim
and rubber to give it that deep black look and it is also going to protect it against
UVA/UVB rays to prevent discoloring or cracking. With this tire dressing you can either let
it sit and dry on the surface or if you want more of a matte sheen take a towel and buff
off the excess. We’ll give it a couple minutes to dry and
I’ll finish off the rest of these tires. If you guys want to learn more about these products check them out on our website If you like this video or this car be sure
to give it a thumbs up. We’ll see you guys next time right here in
the Detail Garage.

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