How To Make Targets Explode With A Sonic Boom

How To Make Targets Explode With A Sonic Boom

BOOM!!!!!!! Hey guys, This week I figured out a way to turn these cheep disposable water bottles into super awesome exploding targets that go off with a sonic boom I’m going to show you how to make them These little “bottle blasters” are so simple to make and extremely gratifying to use for target practice because when they get hit… They let out a sonic boom that sounds like gunshot and rocks your world! The best part is, they are relatively safe to handle and practically free to make All you need to get started is a tubeless tire valve, a one and a half inch steel end cap, and an empty water bottle. You can see these valves are one and a quarter inch long, and I got this pack of 2 for about three dollars at a local auto parts store. All you need to do is drill a 5/16th inch hole right into the center of the bottle cap. So once you get your hole drilled out, you might just want to use a pair of pliers to clean out any excess there, get that hole about as clean and smooth as possible. This will give you a little space to pull the valve through, if you grip onto it with a pair of pliers and tug it should lock into the neck and create an airtight seal Now the next step is to drill a half inch hole right into the center of this steel plug. So let’s go ahead and do that next. Okay, so now we’ve got our finished valve assembly, as well as a half inch hole drilled into our steel cap. The only thing we need to do now, is bring the two together. Now to make that happen, just take the tip of your valve and stick it into the center of the hole Lock onto the threads of your valve with your pair of pliers and give it a little tug And you should fell the valve pop right into place And it will hold securely into the end cap And that right there my friends is pretty much it! Super low cost and easy to make, and now to add the exploding target, you need to screw a water bottle into place and go pump it up Let’s test this thing out Now at this point, you can pump up these bottles with a bike pump and they will be ready to go, but just to take things to the next level I created some of these templates on photoshop that you can have for free Simply cut them out and wrap them around the bottle and you can see it give them a whole different look with a professional looking built in target How cool is that? Simply take something like a bike pump, and attach it to the valve on the bottom And we are going to pump this up to about 50 – 60 psi but you don’t want to a lot higher than that Not with a water bottle You can see, right between about 55 and 60 psi, the bottle starts crackling and it starts changing shape as well You don’t really want to get it too much more full than that This one’s ready to blow up Shon: God! Grant: What would you compare that to, a gunshot? Shon: That was louder than a gunshot, that was like… Shon: at sonic boom, it was… I don’t know, oh my god Grant: Now just for fun, I went down to the dollar store and found one of these plastic sand castles that I tried using for a base Which is not nearly as practical as using a steel end cap but it is a lot more fun Now if your planning on using something like a slingshot to set it off what you really want to do is round up a bunch of pebbles like these These ones have really sharp edges That’s going to be great for tearing open the skin of those bottles Okay, so apparently rocks and slingshots have no problems taking out these targets So just for fun, we are going to try blowguns next Wooh, that was amazing Now if you want to take things to the next level, you can stop by the dollar store and pick up a pack of side walk chalk, like these And if you crush them up into a fin powder, and load those into the bottles and when you hot the target It explodes into a cool colorful cloud of dust How cool is that? Alright guys, so in conclusion, for very little effort and very little money you can make your self some really awesome exploding targets and the best part is, all your targets are free all you need to do is find some cheep plastic water bottles, which i am sure you have Just keep in mind that when these explode, they sound like gunshots in the neighborhood. So just make sure your on good terms with your neighboors Well, thats it for this video guys. Let me know what you would use these exploding targets for in the comments below and I will look for you in the next project video. I’ll talk to you then I think I got my phone a little bit too close to that shot Thats a lot of chalk dust

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  1. Rest In Peace bud, always thought he was one of the “better” experimental types on YouTube! He’s been doing it for a minute now.

  2. Yeah, all fun and games until a piece of flying plastic slices through your retina and renders your kids blind for life… so much for fun.

  3. Home securaty put some peper gas in with a selonoid on an air line with a beam if trigered it will explode and scare the intruder

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