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  1. If u got a minute,please check out my music.Sorry for the self-advertisement in the comments section. It would mean a lot for a small producer. Thank you <3

  2. I want to learn programming in java and c++ (along with other programming languages). However, I didn't continue learning and practicing for a long time because I must of ended my "Honeymoon phase"; realizing upon this, I got myself upset. With this rule in mind, I will setup my desktop in a way where it's very easy to access all my tools, like my coding environment editor and the direct link for my programming courses then remove any game icons, and, for my physical workspace, I will have paper and pen ready for taking notes along with a clean desk. I am looking foward towards this and hoping to use this skill for making something fun and useful.

  3. Right now, I am working toward improving my marching snare drum skills. I am planning auditioning for drum corps next year, and am preparing myself to do so. Thanks for the awesome video! I'm going to try this out and hope it works!

  4. I'm tryna' learn web design. I think I'm going to set up a work place somewhere in my house (currently don't have one) and I am going to uninstall distracting apps or activate an app that does not allow me to access other apps for a period of time.

  5. I'm making a goal of learn English, Fortunately I got almost every word you said. I'm very happy for have found this channel helps me twice for video 😂

  6. wow great job putting so many promotional ads in such a short video, including the shittiest of sites aka ultimateguitar

  7. I just realized this past week that if I turn of he power to my DVR at the power bar/surge protector, it has to go through the entire boot up process before I can watch TV. It seems as though it take about five minutes for the process to complete. So… I almost never sit down to watch TV for "just a few minutes." Now I only watch TV when it is part of the, ie I am going to watch a specific show with my husband. This leaves me much more time to study!

  8. Awesome tips, dude! After travelling around the world for the past year I'm now once again trying to establish a routine to give myself some foundation. Harder said than done though, especially with the path of least resistance almost always being the smart phone…
    Meditation, yoga, reading, exercise, are what I'm nailing at the moment, but want to expand that, though am trying not to fall prey to the pitfall of biting off more than I can chew. Slowly slowly, one step at a time =)

    'Habit List' is a great app (iOS) for keeping track of habits, challenges, goals etc. where you can set reminders, tailor goals and times, and looks nice too. This has really helped me stay on track, being able to see the blocks of days I've completed in a row, not wanting to break that chain!


  9. I made self discipline since month and half I didn't wast anytime about 13h study perday ,and now I approached to the must important tests in my life and I can't open a book and study again 😠😢

  10. Downloaded guitar tuna too cause i was bored to change battery in tuner and i wanted a fuckin more legit Tuning than the ear tuning !!!! dope ass prog. !! 😛

  11. I..I… im just flabbergasted. Buddy you are UNIQUE! I just learned that you can drag and drop the site into the bookmarks bar. THANK YOU for LOADING up your vids with GREAT and USEFUL CONTENT! Soo glad that theres ppl like you doing vids.

  12. mastery of network marketing in 90 days, but i still don't know how to implement the 20-second rule

  13. YES! This guy is correct! With all these "gurus" online giving false information for personal development this guy knows what he's talking about when it comes to environment modification.
    The motto I've created for myself to remind me to set myself up for success is "if it's in front of me in more likely to do it" I then place whatever would get me closer to my goal in front of where I know I'm going to be in my space and then almost without fail I do it because it's so convenient to start and once you get going if you're doing something you enjoy it's usually easy to keep on going.

  14. I wannaa learn coding!!!!!!!!!!
    And iam gonna use the 20 sec rule!!
    lies in the couch binge watching thomas frank

  15. Dude, just found you channel and this is the 3rd video I've watched related to productivity/planning/habits and I really appreciate it. Lots of good stuff that I found really helpful. I spent so many years living a fairly unstructured life and so for a year or so now I've been slowly making changes too, like you said you did when you moved to Denver. Thanks again! This 20 second rule/concept is really great. I've noticed that since keeping my art-making tools and supplies around, I have been practicing every day as well. Cheers!

  16. Being more organized is something that I need to work on as a college student with big girl expenses. I signed up for SkillShare & I'm excited to use it!!! Thank you so much!

  17. Just ab idea for increasing the activation energy if you work on your computer: just set up to accounts – one for playing and one in wich you only have the programms that you need for work. Now make the work-account password sonethong really easy. And for the fun-account do a large number and put it somewhere you din't like to go. Be carefull not to think to much about this number so there is no chance of you memorizing it.

  18. I want to learn music production!, I have my keyboard and guitar just in my room, but I'm not even good at playing so I'll be working on that!

  19. If you want to be consistent ..
    1) Prepare a great timetable
    2)Have a break in each interval of time you are working on to get things moving
    3)Find the distraction and demolish it ..
    4) Think.. You have so many people to prove …
    5)Also include a time for devotion , its really helpful for ya….

  20. Can someone help me? I still don't understand where the whole 20 second thing comes in. I understand that these tips are useful to be more productive and consistent but I don't understand what 20 seconds have to do with them.

  21. I’m learning Russian so I have placed signs all over the house to remind me to either repeat the lessons out loud or go into my app and practice.

  22. First thing I have to get off my chest before I tell you my goal: YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I love your videos and they definitely help me in my everyday-life!
    Now to my goal: my goal is it to clean my room daily and learn French as good as I learned English…well and study daily so my grades improve

  23. I love your idea, but I find it not to be totally working. I've got my guitar in my living room. Its beautiful, but its not necessarily motivating me, more, to practice. Its more, an "inside job". But thanks!

  24. Youtube is like 50% of the time I waste online, It's annoying
    However it's also THE main source where I learn new things and watch tutorials
    Take this video for example.

    I wish there was a program or chrome extension that blocks entertainment content from educational content, a crackbook for youtube.

  25. watching this video more than a year after. 500 people still didn't use link for free 2-month trial. whats wrong with u? (btw, I did)

  26. I have a problem working on my hobbies. I only play the guitar or study languages when nobody's at the apartment because I feel I could disturb them. Any suggestions?

  27. Now I don't think that this counts as something to practice or master…but i'm trying to really implement your tips into what i'm working with currently.. and it is to lose weight. i struggled with body dysmorphia for long time now and i think that it's time for a change…and as you say…the honeymoon phase really wears off not long after.. the motivation just seems to feel smaller daily .So i'm hoping to get maybe a personal advice on how to maintain this last bit of motivation that i have left..because i'm really worried 🙁

  28. This is awesome! Even before watching this video, the concepts you discussed are some that I've already encountered.
    I guess I indirectly use the 20-second rule to keep my running consistent since if I want to make sure I run a certain day, I'm already wearing my running gear. It really is all about reducing that friction.

  29. I'll now leave my speedcube and blindfold at my table so I can always remember I'm trying to learn blindfold solving.

  30. I love the first tip because it's something I started doing recently. I recently unplugged all of my video games and put them in my closet in boxes. I can still get to them but it takes time to pull them out and effort to plug everything in and get it all synced up and connected to the internet basically creating more work than it's worth in most cases.

  31. Great tips. If I don't have the high level procrastinating habit, could be using this knowledge since 2017. Thats why I need videos like this. I losse years of time dreaming with things I'm capable of, but I don't do, cause I procrastinate that much! Thanks a lot!

  32. mmm ok so the 20-second rule is "you shouldn't need more than 20 seconds to get started on the things you should do" I think. cool

  33. I love how you needed help from someone to name someone that influenced a technique by someone else that you're talking about xD hey, it takes a village

  34. got the exact same guitar man. I dont play mine though. I did the exact same thing as you. bought it to practice 5 years ago. i barely ever picked it up =/ good on you man

  35. funny how i already do this.
    if I need to code but am procrastinating, i'll get up to get a snac but just before leaving the room, will double press my IDE, when i come back, it's right there, I can't get away from it haha

  36. Roadie Tip : Do your Maintenance for your bike after your ride. Like pumping your tires and keeping your chain lubed. Plus you also can workout your arms and core.

  37. This rocks! Im now sure I will finally get outa my rut and procrastination and start doing and being more productive!! I love being creative now I know where to start! Thanks, u rock!! ❤

  38. In school, I had shortcuts to a folder for each of my classes on my desktop so I didn’t have to dig through the file explorer. Every semester, I would delete the shortcuts and make new ones for my current classes.

  39. Plz give the link to the music you use in the Llama Transitiion Card Plz I like that I don't want to use it for commercial just becoz I want to listen it personally.

  40. Hey Thomas, since you're here to share knowledge, I'll give you a tip for guitar. Stop tuning it with a tuner, your ears know what they want to hear.

  41. Thomas, you really have evolved the way you make your videos, your cam equipment is also a lot better. I have been seeing you for a while and you have created a list of self-improvement summaries in video format. So incredible that someone that really wants to improve himself/herself could start watching you and get not only the knowledge but also the motivation. Thanks for everything!!

  42. I’m studying for my real estate license. This will be helpful to reduce my chances of being caught in the YouTube loop!

  43. I get my study notes and past papers for my advance engineering mathematics subject in my car in my office dest in bathroom in living room even in kitchen

  44. so i do work and play games on the same computer. i dont know what to do i always go and play games instead of doing work.

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