How to Make | Cardboard GLOCK 17 | With BLOWBACK | Shoots rubber bands – FREE TEMPLATES

How to Make | Cardboard GLOCK 17 | With BLOWBACK | Shoots rubber bands – FREE TEMPLATES

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  1. I have one question, how many pieces do you need for each part of the gun? Because I am making a resident evil 4 silver ghost handgun please let me know thanks

  2. Please make the templates less complicated and with less curves bcuz I can't do that stuff,or I'll cut my finger doing these,so please!

  3. Hey man, nice one….I also love to build cardboard and wooden guns.
    I build wooden glock 19…. please check it out

  4. Neighbour:Why are you taking all that caldboard from trash???

    Him:its for a calboard pistol that almost looks real 🙂

  5. Cara tá muito foda mas não tem como (simplificar não cara)? Tá muito difícil pra fazer e pra um preguiçoso como eu tu sabe que eu não vou conseguir fzr

  6. I like guns that reload but the Glock 17 you made didn't make the effect of reloading. So, I dislike this video.

  7. Muito bem feita parabéns pelo trabalho, eu fiz uma 9 mm, ainda não posto tutorial mais pretendo, se alguém quiser ver não lhes custa nada.

  8. Can you do it easily by how magical amazing made but with blowback mechanism cuz it’s hard to stack them up if you do it much appreciated

  9. Hey! some truly impressive work yet again..
    my only question is why you don’t make a functioning slide lock, It would look awesome if it locked and you could release the lock with the switch.
    Challenge yourself to make a new and improved version glock 17 gen 4 .. I Would love to see you try that out and make a tutorial on another new one and maybe paint it with a matte blackish/greyish slide and dark grey frame to mimic the iconic glock colour and polymer frame, because glocks aren’t really black, they’re more dark grey almost a graphite/alloy look.
    Full slide back, locking mechanism, etch the white lettering (Austria, 9×17, and glock logo)
    Add the iconic white iron sights, scrap the elastic shooting part and close up the slide fully
    (Prop weapon instead of an elastic shooter)
    And if possible, a working magazine release and mag with cardboard 9mm rounds.
    That would be seriously awesome and would definitely need a tutorial so I could try it out.

    I would try this myself but Unfortunately I don’t have the experience nor the engineering gift that you have.

    Hope to see this in the future from you, just subscribed and love he content keep it up man.

  10. I made it looks cool af but , my slide broke 🙁
    Mine is for display
    Edit: I recommend making it if you have the required tools and materials

  11. Imagine a robber invade the house and find out that wall full of guns

    He should think something like “Bad house choose, i’m out”

  12. This gun is amazing and is exactly what I needed! But the problem is that the template link appears to be blocked as I cannot open it! Please help me.

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