How to Make a TRUCK RACK in 30 Minutes or less

I’m Andrew I’m Kevin Welcome to Brojects! so this morning we were loading long wood
into the truck and it’s not very good in the six foot bed…I mean it hangs out way over Oh, that works perfectly… so we’re thinking about building like a
homemade truck rack We need to get it done in a half an hour because we’ve got to get to the lumber store before it closes buy the stuff and get down to the cottage but times a ticking so we gotta get going We’re basically just gonna put some posts
in the receivers along the truck bed rail, cross them and
then cross them again I think we make the cross members out of
two by four No Why not? We’re not using the two by four What are you talking about the two by four is the strongest way to do it you misunderstand this whole project
we’re not making this for a contractor We’re carrying lumber on a highway…why are we making this thing out of toothpicks? You’re ruining everything…if I can sit on it, it’s strong enough yeah, ok Finally Alright let’s cut What did you say again twenty six? Thirty six This one is ready to go? Yea that’s ready to go Alright? Yea it looks pretty good! Right now we are just doing the finishing touches on the lumber carrier take a two by four put two notches one
front and one back So it’ll just slot in there and that will give us our square Try to get this one Perfect! As soon as we put these two things on we’re done Then we have to do the tarp You’ve got your electronics in the back you’ve got your tools in the back you don’t want them to get wet We’re going to try and make a custom tarp that goes over one thing we do want to add to it are a few hooks along the side so we’ll be able to hook on go over really easily Punch these clips around the perimeter, so we’re going to be able to bungee this down the idea was to be able to have something that you can put on the truck and take off the truck really easily…I think we accomplished what we set out to do that’s gonna work really well Pretty good! That’s going to be much safer!

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