How to make a spare tire mounting bracket

How to make a spare tire mounting bracket

I’m going to build the spare tire holder
for my trailer and this is just going to be a little short video so I’m just
going to film it with my iPhone but when I uploaded it’ll be in HD I think as
long as I upload on Wi-Fi so here’s what I’ve done the inside of the tire is
about 13 inches of space and I’ve cut my this is 12 and 5/8 from end to end and
the offset is about five inches or the inset rather of the tire so I’ve cut
this piece seven inches long because I have two inches of the angle of the side
of the trailer and we’ll these all together real square and then on this
side I’m going to weld two studs that I’ll be able to mount the tire to and
this is going to be pretty simple and solid so I’m gonna get to welding I’ll
show you what I got here we go there’s one one end I’m showing you close-ups of
my welds only because you just wouldn’t believe the boneheads that I get leaving
comments on videos where I show my welding tell me what a crappy welder I
am and you know where it’s not important okay I tend to weld a little fast
especially on my rocket stoves because the metal that I used was so thin you
had to I mean with the temperature turned all the way down on its lowest
setting here and the wire speed slow you had to move the gun at a very very fast
rate so so you wouldn’t burn through the thin
metal so you know you have to work with what you have and just the other day I
had somebody actually PM me telling me I sucked as a welder well the thing is I
grew up in a welding shop I was doing hilly art when I was 13 14 years old I
can weld just where it’s not important I I don’t really take the time to do it
pretty well so here’s your Purdy weld with a with a shielded wire welder 110
shielded wire welder that’s a pretty dongho goodwill too right there so all
you people that feel you need to critique my welding kiss my fat hairy
bug all righty I’m going to move on to the next one here and oh another reason
I have a hard time doing pretty well is because my hands shake as you can
probably see by the camera this is as steady as I can hold it both my hands
shake I’ve done severe nerve damage in my back and this is as good as it gets
when I actually have my hands on the camera so that’s another reason it takes
me a little more effort to make pretty welds all right this time I’m really
done all right we got it I’m going to let this cool a little bit hit it with a
grinder clean it up so I can paint it when I painted it look nice are my
little welders helper breezy why do I love you so much huh what is it you do
that makes me love you so much are you a good boy are you my favorite
little dog you are yes you want yes I love you – I love you – yes I do
thank you puppy you great big puppy well there’s my spare I traded my two
old tires and rims for this one good tire on rim and it matches the others so
I’m going to flip this over and try my bracket that I made in there and see if
see if it’s going to fit well it turns out this rim is not identical to the
other two rims that I had this here is a little higher than the other two rims
and I measured the other two rims and this fit perfectly so I had to use a
very technical way of fitting this I call the cut it till it fits method I
had to do a little redneck engineering on that but this is going to be alright
I’m gonna I’m gonna weld some plates over this because I don’t want mud
dobbers and rust and all that stuff getting in there but it fits what I’m
going to do I’m going to have one bolt catch it up at the top and I’m going to
well the bolt to either side of this and catch to at the bottom or vice versa to
at the top one at the bottom so it’s going to work alright let me get to
cutting something out to fit in here okay I got that that done you see how
hot this is and what it did was take a piece of
where is it where is it all thread I drilled the hole through
the backside of this all the way to the front side and I just welded this to the
backside because I don’t want welds on the front of this because it will
interfere with the this rim here so let me show you what I got all right now I
want to do is weld hoop they’re still hot
these bolts to the side of this inside there and they’ll they’ll stick out down
here and we will be uptown so let me get after that I’ll show you what I got and
I’m hoping I can get to welding this onto the trailer because it’s starting
to rain out and I don’t want to get my this is not a outdoor welder and I don’t
want to get rained on it so I may have to do that tomorrow but anyway you see
what I’m you see where I’m going with this I’ll get them two bolts on there
get it all cleaned up and show you what I got God with a perfect temperature but
it’s raining raining pretty hard I don’t know if you can see it through the
iPhone but so I’m not going to be able to will this today because uh you know
sugar melts when it gets in the rain and I don’t want that to happen to me but
let me show you where we’re at and I’m just going to go ahead and upload this
because I’m impatient I’m just going to weld that to the side
of the trailer and that’s going to work now I got a spare I’ve worried about
that for 20 years 20 years actually I looked on my registration and this
trailer is 19 years and 10 months old so anyway I get to that new tomorrow I got
to go down to Elm Grove a friend of mines have been looking for a spare for
his e350 van and I think I found a rim for him I’m moving down there to Elm
Grove and we’ll try it out and we traded I got a big 16 foot cattle gate I’m
going to give him we traded to D Walt batteries and they’re both bad batteries
they’re both dead they won’t hold the charge but I’m still going to give him
the gate just because we’re friends and he didn’t know that he was giving me
some dead batteries but on a lighter note it’s about 40 bucks to have new
cells put in these I may do that thanks for watching dearly beloved we are
gathered here today to join these two in holy welding let’s stop raining for a
bit I’m going to try to get this on there and clean it up and put some paint
on it and I hate to say it but the trailer
projects done there’s nothing else I can do to make it better or suit my needs
more I’m going to miss this project let’s get the welding already it’s
welded that’s grinded it’s brushed weld close-up Yee it was some paint let it dry put my tire
on it and call this a finished project thanks for thanks for sticking with me
freezing you want to give that camera a lick it was fun thanks for watching

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  1. Looks great.  I need to do one on my trailer as well. Personally I agree with your comments on the weld beads.  I wish mine were as good. Still working on it.

  2. I'm going to miss seeing more updates on your trailer. 🙂 Enjoyed following along. 

    Turned out great. Thanks for sharing.

    Amazing how many people find ways to criticize other people and what they do. Sad when I see/hear of this happening to good people who are willing to take time & effort to share what they do. (sigh) 

  3. Those that can't complain….LOL

    I would really like to learn how to weld as I have a ton of ideas that I would like to build.

  4. Great work. And I won't say anything about your welds because they are 100 times better than I could do. Thanks for showing the completed project.

  5. the next trailer project would be a dolly to hold up the tongue when loaded and not attached to a power unit.  2 or three tires that wont sink in your lawn if it rains in a triangle with a raised plaform that has a trailer ball.  then you can make a handle bar like  on a push mower or a draw bar for your garden tractor.  there are times when you want to move the trailer around but dont want it hooked up.  IE large wheel barrow. 

  6. The modification you had to do to the 'corners' made for a stronger bracket. I'm sure you had that planned from the beginning.
    Looks real good. And I'm glad I never negatively critiqued your welds… I would not want the consequences of kissing your hairy …  I can't even say it. Shivers!

  7. Hey Brad,
    loved the project . I also wanted to let you know I revived my Dewalt 18 volt batteries after being fished out of a dead junk yard pile.
    type in "revive battery" and that is how I did it.
    Just a thought before you go spend money. Cost nothing to try. Pet breezy for me.

  8. I think the only thing I would have done different is use a U-bolt for two of the holes, and then just a bolt through the center of the metal for the single bolt but overall I like this design.

  9. hey friend don't let people tell you shit ask them with your problems in your hands if they could of done a good job too.And my wife loves animals.

  10. Hay bc I'm a welder not a hater but I don't see the argon tank you sure your not welding with a flux core welder. That's a lot of slag for a mig machine.

  11. rediculous! people always have to find fault in other peoples things i think anyone that can save money and build things themselves regardless of how it looks is ok in my eyes

  12. I see something that you can do to make the trailer better, install a solid floor instead of expanded metal. in my case I haul gravel, compost and mulch so a expanded metal floor would be a sifter.

  13. My Dad taught me to weld when I was about 12-13. He was a Welder/Fabricator for over 40 years. I look at it like this. As long as the weld holds, why does it have to be pretty. I'm the only one who has to look at it.

  14. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that weld,and you can tell it's strong..Mr. p.m. probably doesn't
    understand the looks and problems welding with flux core and thinner metals..

  15. like your solution for a spare wheel carrier.
    I use flux cored gaseless too; and what I've found is after the wire has been opened for a couple of weeks, damp gets into the flux and no matter how good you are you get lots of spitting and the weld although strong doesn't look nice.
    The spools are plastic wrapped and when freshly ooened can give an awesome looking weld.
    I think arc rods with the flux on the outside have the same issue too.
    One metal fabricator I know in Aberdeen says he puts his rods in the oven before using for a couple of hours to dry them out, and this fixes the issue.
    The spools of flux cored wire are quite cheap, so now I open a fresh one if I want a clean smooth weld. But I suppose you could take it off tape it and stick it in the oven at 50° C for a few hours.
    Happy welding 😁

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