How to Make a Latex Rubber Mask Part 3 – Patch, Paint & Finish – PREVIEW

How to Make a Latex Rubber Mask Part 3 – Patch, Paint & Finish – PREVIEW

>>Music Playing TIM MARTIN: Hey guys, I am Tim Martin with the Stan Winston School of Character
Arts. Welcome to Part 3 of my How to Make a Latex
Mask Webcourse Series. So today we’re going to talk about de-molding
the mask, patching and seaming. We’re going to have discussions about patches
versus just drilling it down. And basically start painting it. This is really the fun lesson where you get to paint your creature and it’s one of those things where you’ve
gotten through the sculpture, you get through the technical molding part, and now that you’re done you get to have fun. So after your final class, what I hope you guys have learned from this
is how to be self-sufficient and do everything
to a creature from start to finish. Sculpting it, molding it, to casting it, to
cleaning it up, painting it, doing the cool stuff at the end and just relying on yourself to make a 100% completely yours, creation. Hey, we’ve got a lot to do so let’s just jump
right in.>>
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  1. Question I want to make a wig like HIGH DEFINITION WIGS they use a base skin like breatheable and I would like to learn how to make one the scalp portion and insertion of the hair do you have a how to on how to make wigs and scalp and etc

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