How to know the correct tire pressure for your car

Are your tires running low on air? Once
each month you should be checking your tire pressure. If you determine that you
don’t have enough air pressure in your tires, you’ve got to get to a gas station
and put some air in which is free to do. But the question a lot of people have is
how much air pressure should I have in my tires? There’s a really quick and easy
way to get the answer. Go to the driver’s side of your vehicle, open up the door
and look for this which is the tire and loading information chart. When you have
this information it’ll clearly tell you that for your front tire the
optimal amount of air pressure is 30 pounds per square inch and it’s the same
thing for your rear tire on this particular model vehicle. So this is a
really handy way to find out how much air pressure you need. If for some reason
your vehicle does not have this chart there’s another easy way to get the
information. Simply go to your, simply go to your owner’s manual look in the index
for tire, want to look for pressure specifically and then turn to that
particular area. Let’s see, for me it’s page 8-3 and you’ll have the very same
information there. So that’ll tell you the optimal amount of air that you
should have in your tires for the best blend of performance and fuel economy as
well as handling.

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