How to keep Fat Bike Tires from going flat – Off Road Wheelchair Upgrade

How to keep Fat Bike Tires from going flat – Off Road Wheelchair Upgrade

So we have taken this…we still don’t have
a name for it…we’ve taken this 4-wheeled off-road wheelchair… [Cambry] There have been a lot of suggestions
for ‘The Cambry.’ [Zack] We can’t name it after you. Anyway, we’ve taken it 38 miles on a single
charge, which is pretty impressive. The only problem was at the end of the ride
we went through a thorn patch and it flattened 3 of the tires…just three. So I have gone through and I’ve put a liner
between the tire and the tube, and that’s what we’re going to show you today. Do you want to do the snap thing? [Cambry] [Snap] Lets get… Oh shoot, I messed up! It’s harder than it looks! [Zack] So the thing with tires is that the
rubber on top is pretty thick, but if something punctures through that rubber and gets to
the inner tube, air will slowly leak out. So there are a couple different ways to keep
that from happening. The first line of defense is with a Tuffy
liner. My buddy Brax has one of those. And we put that in between the tire and the
inner tube. And then inside of the inner tube we can put
something called slime, but we’ll deal with that later. Alright, let’s get that tire off. So the thing we’re doing right now is removing
that outer rubber tire from the rim. Normally we would be able to keep the inner
tubes that we had previously, but when Cambry went over the thorn patch, each tire got punctured
like 20 times. So I feel like the better option for us right
now is just to replace that inner tube. [Braxen] So really the hardest part of getting
it off is the initial seat right here. Once this part’s off, it’s a lot easier to
pull the tube out and get the other side off. What you gotta do is put a little pressure
on it and it’s off. [Zack] Before we put the Tuffy liner or the
inner tube underneath this tire, we’re going to take…cuz obviously she ran over a bunch
of thorns and they’re still poking through here…little niblets of them. So I’m going to take my finger and just kind
of run it along the underside and make sure there’s nothing sharp still poking down into
the tube. [Braxen] Okay, and then what we’re going to
do is we’re going to take the Tuffy liner, put it in here. If anything punctures it, it’s going to hit
the Tuffy lining first before it actually goes in and hits the tube. The Tuffy liners, they come in all different
sizes. This is a 26 by 4. But you can get them for really any standard
sized tire. Putting the liner in. It just slides in and then it’s going to wrap
around the entire tire. [Zack] So the Tuffy liner doesn’t stay in
place all by itself, it needs the tube inside the tire to kind of pin it between the sidewall. And then I just kind of hold it up like this
and make sure, feeling the liner on either side all the way around, making sure it’s
centered right on the treads. So with fat tires, they’re a little bit harder,
yet also a little bit easier to get them on the rim. I’ve found that it’s easiest to lift up the
rim, tuck the tire underneath. Sometimes you can use like 2 screwdrivers
for this to keep it in place. And I’ll just work my way around. Perfect. Okay, so now we have the brand new inner tube
in, the liner between the tire and the tube itself, and now we’re going to put slime inside
of the tire, which is pretty cool. [Cambry] I’m taking the valve stem out. There we go. Okay, the valve stem – it keeps the air
in the tire. We’re taking it out to put some slime in. [Zack] Slime is interesting because it stays
liquid all the time and it’s just going to be a puddle of slime inside your tire. And if your tire ever does get punctured,
the slime fills the little puncture hole and plugs it so the air doesn’t escape. The valve stem is back in place. So the slime is inside the inner tube right
now, and we’re just gonna kind of like coat the inside of the tube with it. And now we can fill the tire up with air and
put it back on the bike. We’re set. Once everything’s back into place, drive it
like, I don’t know, like quarter of a mile and make sure all the slime’s good and coated. And so that is how you protect your tires
against being flat when your driver likes to go through patches thorns. Do you feel safe that your tires are going
to be intact now? [Cambry] Yeah, I’ve got dual protection: liner
and slime. [Zack] A liner and slime. Huge thanks to Brax for helping me out with
this project. If you haven’t seen his channel yet I’ll leave
it linked right here, and thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around. [Braxen] Peace.

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  1. and now they are engaged so happy for them ! a life time together he could make her a mec suit or something now lol

  2. Hello. I have seen your videos on the Off-Road Wheelchair (ORW). I know you made that some time ago. I have to say that I like the ORW. I just recently became wheelchair bound myself due to a leg amputation. As much as I would love to get something like that for myself, I know I will not be able to afford one. I am on SSDI Income. This puts me on a very low income and makes it impossible to afford something like this. I am also much heavier than you are so that is another thing against me. However great job and keep up the good work. BTW Two ideas I would suggest is to make it where the 'normal wheelchair could be stored for use when in places that do not allow 'bikes' to be used and a wagon/cart for hauling things like groceries and other items

  3. Of course you can name it after Cambry. You have to. Then market the thing already!! You’ve got the perfect story.

  4. You should totally make it tubeless! Tubeless mountain bike tires are amazing and extremely hard to get a flat

  5. I got flat tires with the one I made even with slime and liners. Got tired flat tires (pun intended)! Sold it! Then I made two more ebikes from dual full suspension mountain bikes with Bafang 750 watts motors (Shimano/Gravity model 2014) with normal tires and put rubber tube in tires (no air). Problem solved. Had them for 5 years, never had a flat obviously.

  6. When people who know nothing about bikes try telling you how to look after your bike………………Fuck You YouTube…………..

  7. If your looking for opinions on what to name this special bike here is mine! This special bike was made by a special someone for a special someone so naming this special bike using her name suits this special bike because their is none like it and dam it she is cute that my 2 cents!

  8. I ride through the Nevada desert. Gravel, cactus, thorns and glass. I have a sun seeker fat tad with the 4" x 20" tires that I did the same thing with. Tire liner and Stans liquid tire sealant inside the tube. Before this combination of protection I would get flats every 3rd. time out. I've been out 18 times now with problems. So far so good.

  9. Well you can call it what ever want …but it will always be the Cambry bike to a lot of your viewers (both channels)..this the most heart warming thing I've ever seen on YT!!!!!

  10. Name it for the lady. Don't you remember the rules from Star Wars? "Let the wookie win" Women can eff you up.

  11. Hey man should you consider making the tires tubeless,
    I got to see a vid that says it can be possible.
    I ain't sure though that it could work, just suggesting

  12. Zack,
    Well done on the bike. A few comments. I am a mechanical engineer and a bike guy. So some general observations. Maybe easier to 'network' all four disc brakes using 'hydraulic discs which are readily available on mountain bikes. You may be able to modulate for more braking in front with a hydraullic proportioning valve…to preclude skidding in back and lose of control. One friendly criticism of the bike is the 'ergonomics of your girl friend's hands on the grips. If you study linkages of other two wheel vehicles in front and there are several from automobiles to three wheel bikes, you can likely tie the two wheels together in a less primitive manner and her hands will fall more naturally on the grips. Comfort and pain avoidance is all about ergonomics. Further…not that you want to make this project your life's work, but you can also build in wheel camber in the front steering geometry. When you turn the wheels they will lean into the curve.

    What I would likely do in your shoes is reach out to a couple of companies that make such a front suspension you could adapt. They would likely give you parts in exchange for an advertising plug on your channel.

    You are a talented guy and just wanted to provide some thoughts. You are both young and beautiful and your effort brings me joy to watch. I am not longer young but a seriously fit old guy who bikes almost everyday with a heavy fabrication background.

    My best you both.

    Please know my thoughts on your girlfriend's ability to walk moving forward. I believe in her young life with the advancements in bio engineering and medical technology, she will walk again. This can be accomplished several ways…from a relatively streamlined exoskeleton to spinal cord repair. This will occur in the next 20-30 years and the time will go fast because I am that age. 🙂 God speed.

  13. A better solution would be to buy thorn proof tubes which are 3/16" thick & also use mr tuffy liner & that way you will never have any punctures

  14. As a lifelong tire man, slime don’t work. Also, use an old tube, split down the middle all the way around and place the new tube inside it. Valve stem removed of course. I use it in heavy duty off road applications. It fits perfectly and gives heavy thickness.

  15. the "slime" has a bit of problem by itself,

    after a few months old, sometimes the slime would just cover the inlet valve, preventing you to put in more air in the tube. so you need open the valve inlet and puncture some hole to the slime..and u'll know the rest

    i would rather slice an smaller diameter innertube(maybe 2-3inches smaller), spread it in the wheels, put the valve to the hole, then put on your tires again.
    its a cheap way for tubeless

  16. I still love the idea of your build but in my mind those fat bikes are garbage, the tires have a very thin skinwall and even with those protection stuff you did they will go flat, and they are way to expensive for a daily driver. Maybe you start another build with some standart 26" e-bike because you get way better tires with off road capability and puncture protection for them ! Have fun !

  17. You need to go tubeless, been running Stan's sealant for over 6 years and it works great. You can also go for the muck off sealant and that'll be even more robust

  18. Hey zack good video but there is a better way of doing it, just go tubeless, to do this get tubeless tires, gorrilla tape or any duck tape, valve stems, and bike specific sealent, then your bikes tires will be almost indestructible il like stuff down below!

  19. Thought this was I gonna be tubeless lighter more reliable just requires a compressor at home and co2 in the field.

  20. I used to use slime alot untile my tubes started to rot and the valvestem ripped right off. It takes some time for slim to rotten your tube but it will in time.

  21. People who aren’t handicapped and have parked in the parking spots with the blue lines didn’t even know the parking spots with blue lines are handicap parking spots and it could make it challenging for paraplegics and handicapped people to find a parking spot with blue lines since paraplegics and handicapped people have to park in the parking spots with blue lines

  22. What about Camber-y? It’s still Cambry, but it incorporates car stuff and things like that. Also it’s a pun

  23. Hmm she has dual protection now ? Liner and some slime ? Bwahahaha Yup I wouldnt mind having a liner on , and some slime lube in her lol .

  24. Can I have the desk brake stuff from the front of the bikes for my mountain bike it’s got the mounts just don’t have the desk and caliper lol.. and love what you did so she could get the feeling of riding a bike.. that’s amazing

  25. Please look into a product called "Stan's notubes" at and do away with tubes (and limitations for that matter). Increase her traction and give her the peace of mind to go anywhere her heart desires without fear of flats. BTW, you two are creating a beautiful life story here, I'm sure you're inspiring many. Subscribed and thumbs up.

  26. 3” Vittoria Air Liners with cush core valves. Done ezpz Been runnen em for 13 mo now max air min aur No air …hey still roll and no debeading. Key is no air if need be you can still ride home.

  27. Slime and a liner is a waste. I use an airless solid tube for mine. Yes, the tires a just a little heavier, but I'll never have to worry about getting a flat ever again. It is foam, but not rubber so I won't ever have to worry about flat spots either. They may be hard to find now, but if you can find them, they will allow her to ride over broken glass or sharp rocks without worries.

  28. If you run a tubeless setup the sealant would plug the holes and you would be able to run a lower tire pressure and get more grip on things like steep gravel trails🤙🏻

  29. I think she has 3 levels of protection – liner, slime and Zack! Next time dude – lay down on the thorns and let her drive over you! I know you’d do it.

  30. For ALL of you dweeeb 'Manginas' & eff'd-up Feminists out there…; HE should call it what-ever the hell HE wants to call it, cawz…, HE originated the idea & did ALLL of the friggn work!! STOP wit the dis-respect!! (Call it tha 'Zackster', or, some other masculine name…).

  31. I've used the more expensive Slime tubes that are self healing type, not the liquid, without a puncture for three yrs. The bike has been every where and as my bike weights 103lbs (1000W electric front wheel/197W gasoline rear wheel) with a long range it's been great to never fix a tyre, tyres $60Geax Down Hill, tubes $20 Slime. Love em.

  32. I don't think this filler will work with tubes… Try to imagine what would happen to the balloon filled with this stuff when tried to puncture it…

  33. Use a paper towel or tissue instead of your finger when trying to remove thorns from a tire not so much just because it saves you from a potential finger prick, but because they will snag a tiny bit of paper towel or tissue which marks them so they are easier to find and then pull out. 🙂

  34. Nice my grandpa and i did something similar to my bike when i was like 10/11 years old but we took 2 old tyers cut of the sides a bit not the whole side and put them inside the new tyers then reasembled everything worked great, he said that it was an old trick from his youth and had been used on old militarybikes to prevent flats. My grandpa was a great man RIP Grandpa i miss you.

  35. Just restating what others have said but go tubeless and get some of that slime sealant (i am biased) in there

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