How to Install Exhaust Wrap on Header Pipe

How to Install Exhaust Wrap on Header Pipe

Heatshield Products Cobra Skin Exhaust Wrap Installation Video. Items needed: Exhaust wrap, Thermal Ties,
gloves, dust mask, scissors. Optional: Soak in bucket, or spray with water
bottle. Start with one wrap at end of exhaust or header pipe. Secure in place with Thermal-Tie, wire, or hose clamp. Continue to wrap around pipe using either
a ¼” or 50% overlap with each pass. Every 4-5 passes, go back and further tighten wrap by twisting onto pipe. Fold end over and tuck underneath to hide.
Then secure with Thermal-Tie, wire, or hose clamp For easier installation remove the pipe and repeat the process. Smoking will occur. It is part of the curing
process and it is normal for your wrap to smoke/steam after installation. The smoke is caused by the binders (starches) burning off.

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  1. Nice vid, like the speed up of slow parts.  It would be logical to include sound control applications next.

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