How to Install a Tire Pressure Monitoring System in Your Car

How to Install a Tire Pressure Monitoring System in Your Car

Hey Guys, ChrisFix here. And today Im going to show you how to install A tyre pressure monitoring system for your car or truck The tyre pressure monitoring system also known as TPMS Does exactly what it says. It tells you the pressure of each tyre in your car and lets you know if its getting to low. when you need to use your car most of the time, most people, me included, we just get in the car and go for our drive but what you should really do, is do a quick walk around. And check all your tyres to make sure they’re not flat. Make sure the car looks like it’s in good shape to drive. And in this case everything looks good. Now with the Tyre pressure monitoring system. Its telling me, Hey look that front right tyre is low on air. And if were to take another look at the front right tyre. It really doesn’t look bad, yet the pressure is half of what it should be. And with the TPMS you’ll be that much safer on the road Because you’ll know your tyre pressures all the time. And if ones low, Like in this situation, I’m not going to go out and drive on it I’m going to fill it up with air. Now a tyre pressure monitoring system like this, is an awesome feature to have. And the reason I’m showing this to you Because riding around on low tyres is dangerous. Its actually so dangerous And such a big problem in the United States That in 2007 It Became mandatory, that every car made after 2007 Has a tyre pressure monitoring system built in. So if your car is 2007 or later, go and check out your owners manual and it will tell you all about your tyre pressure monitoring system. Some systems like in my Ford Fiesta Are just going to tell that your tyres are low By illuminating a annoying light on the dashboard And then you need to go figure out which tyres are low. But some systems are pretty good And it will actually give you the individual tyre pressures on each tyre. Just like the one up on the screen and just like this now if you’re like me, the 2 cars I drive are older then 2007 I’ve got my 2001 truck And my 1996 Corvette SO right now if i want to go see what each pressure of my tyres are at, I need go down to each Tyre, and take the valve stem cover off And i have to get my tyre pressure gauge And check each individual tyre. And thats defiantly not convenient at all. So whats the solution you might ask. Well installing your very own tyre pressure monitoring sytem Now this kit was sent to my P.O BOX And thank you very much, because its hard to impress me, But I’m really loving this. Not only is this going to be useful on the road, but when i air down and go off road this is going to help me know where my tyre pressures are at As usual ill leave a link down in the discription to where you can get this kit So its easy to find if you’re interested Now let me go show you how to install this You can add one of these after market tyre pressure monitoring systems to pretty much any vehicle That has a tyre stem where you go fill up your air And it works if you already have a tyre pressure monitoring system already and you want to upgrade This kit has everything you need you don’t need any special tools or anything and we’ll start the installation by putting the screen in the cigarette lighter So find your vehicles cigarette lighter, and this plugs right in Just like that And now its searching for a signal, so now we need to install the pressure sensors Now in my vehicle the cigarette lighter always has power But in your vehicle you may need to put the key in the ignition and turn it to the run position like that and then your Cigarette lighter should be powered The next process is going to be repeated at all 4 wheels I’m just going to do it at the front driver side wheel to show you Before we go install the sensor, what you’ll want to do is get all your tyre pressures the same. for the stock tyre size, you can go into your door jam here and there’s a sticker and on this sticker it will tell you your tyre pressure for the front which is 30 PSI cold and for the rear 30 PSI cold You can also look on the tyre its self and this will give you the max pressure your tyre should be filled to But i suggest going by what the door jam sticker says So not only do we want to get the correct tyre pressure for our tyre I also want to see how accurate our sensor is so i have my very accurate tyre pressure gauge right here that i also check against these 2 gauges here and they’re all with in half a PSI And we have exactly 30 PSI on the front Now that we know the pressures correct, lets go install our pressure sensor this is real simple, slide the dust boot over the stem tighten down the security lock nut and then grab the correct labeled sensor In this case the front left sensor And just tighten down till its snug and don’t hear air leaking out anymore Just like that To prevent people from stealing the sensor The nut you put on, tightens up against the sensor And then you use a spanner and a wheel wrench to lock the sensor in place So now this wont come off, unless you have these tools which is a good thing, because now you can’t steal it But its also a pain because you have to keep this in your glove box If you ever need to air up Now the final step is to grab some soapy water and just spray it down and look for bubbles if there’s bubbles, it means there’s a leak So you have to undo the nut and tighten this down more this is what a leaking sensor looks like with bubbles forming But with the sensor we just did i don’t see any bubbles so we can slide that dust cover over the sensor And we are done ! Now just repeat these steps for each tyre Putting the Dust boot on, Then lock nut, then the sensor and tighten it all down. Its that easy ! Now that all the sensors are installed Lets go inside and look at the screen So with my testing at different pressures, my air pressure gauge is within 1 PSI of the TPMS Which is pretty accurate, and our screen synced up to the correct pressures for each tyre Now when you’re driving along, the screen is right there, it’s really easy to see and you’ll know exactly what pressure your tyres are at If you’re braking constantly, the front tyres are going to warm up faster so the front brakes are going to create heat, heat up these tyres, every 10°F the air heats up in the tyre you get +1 PSI And the same thing goes for when its cold in the morning For every 10°F the temperature goes down, you’re going to see -1 PSI less And if 1 tyre goes down below 20 PSI where it starts getting dangerous The sensor will let you know by beeping, Just like this Now after you’ve finished driving and you pull the key out of the ignition on my car, this cigarette lighter is always hot, there’s always power The cool thing about this is it shuts off, just like that because it knows the cars off So now it won’t be draining my battery Hopefully you learnt something new about tyre pressure And also how to install your own tyre pressure sensors Any time i come across cool stuff that I really like that i think you guys are going to like I’m going to share it with you and this is one of them As always links to the products i use are located in the description so you can easily find them and check them out your self and don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up and if you’re not subscribed, Consider subscribing oh yeah, One last thing Don’t forget to put your wrenches inside your glove compartment

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  1. Be careful with these systems in areas that have snow and where salt is used on the roads. I used one of these types of systems and the sensors corroded to my valve stems in just 3 months and I had to get one of them replaced.

  2. That's sick, I need to get this for my mom, the tpms on her car is the tire speed sensor type, so irritating false light all the time

  3. can u please recommend me any good dash camera under 50$ , wifi not necessary, i only need 1080p video60 frame please help me i am poor

  4. Im tired of dancing around the car to check tires every morning before taking off. And watching for not getting hit by a driver

  5. **Before I get in my car, I always take a walk around beforehand to check important systems. I like to check the rudder and ailerons. Then the prop and landing gear. Oh wait, did I mention that I have a flying car?

  6. Nah you go by what the tire says not what the door says, After all the one making the tires will know more about the tires than the one making the vehicle, and vice versa, Always do what the tire says for PSI.

  7. As an auto tech that works in a tire shop, never fill your tires to the pressure on the sidewall. That's the absolute maximum they should be at. As you drive, your tires heat up, heat = expansion. If you have already filled your tires to their max pressure, BOOM! You just had a blowout. I see this CONSTANTLY in the summer. Always go by the door sticker, or if you don't have one, go at least 10-15 psi below the max on the sidewall.

  8. You show that,just delay switch off,it still will drain car battery ,if the cigarette lighter plug is power supply all the time,just like any car cam.

  9. If people can't check their tire pressure once every two months with a manual tire gauge they really don't deserve to own a car.

  10. LOL i have Ford Fiesta but its the europe version, where i live, i dont have tire pressure monitorig but its the most expensive version

  11. hey chris, this is someone from the future… make sure you fill up those tyres with winter air!, this idea will come to mind in about 3 years time 😉

  12. but TPMS can wear out. The battery will die. Do you have a video on replacing the built in TPMS?

  13. Shuts itself off even if the power socket is 'always on"…presumably coz the voltage drops from the 13.8 volts with the alternator running, to the resting voltage of more like 12.6…

  14. Brilliant idea for your everyday driver, but useless for a 4WD. Airing down and airing up every time I go off road would be a pain with those things.

  15. To be honest, I always thought that the tire pressure light was some sort of oil level light for some reason

  16. Chris can u do some cool vids with the fiesta I ah e one as would like to learn more about it cause regular Ford Fiesta vids are extremely rare and only do sts

  17. Some of these people dont realize that tpms sensors that go in the tire costs 100 bucks a sensor. This is a good idea.

  18. I want to remove mine completely. They have a battery limit life and the cost of repair/replacement is ludicrous. Like your vids Mr.Fix….. but screw tpms.

  19. where are you guys getting these prices?the link is $60 that's only $10 per tire and $20 for the plug in.

  20. chris, did you go drive around with the product ? i was reading the comments and it seems it can take up to 10 minutes to update. few people were saying theyve put extra air in the tire to verify if the system was working and it only updated 10 minutes later

  21. the tpms on Toyota is terrible its just a lamp that turns on if the tire pressure is low or high or if the car can't read the tpms sensors

  22. Must BALANCE TIRES AGAIN ! Also has a mushroom cap so going threw MUD, it will get caught up and RIP OUT VALVE STEM TOTALLY. I live in the NORTHEAST, Snow will get frozen on it also, not good at all. Maybe good on show cars for lazy people. Let me guess, you have a Monkey under the hood telling you the oil is full with transmission to and brake fluid with power steering fluid also. Smart MONKEY NOW. Also in 2009 this became 100% on all vehicle's as standard, not 2007, some have them but not mandatory, just like in 2009, they have a computer to record everything inside and out of car if and ACCIDENT, mo Dealership tells you but it's against the law to record PEOPLE without there KNOWLEDGE. POLICE hold it AGAINST you once they get a warrant for it. That's F__KED AND WRONG, THIS IS THE LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE ? Nope its not with this shit now. If you can't check tires by hand, DON'T drive. It's these things that must be taught to the millennials because you're all too freaking lazy to do anything computers will fix that well wait till computer tries to fix your brain and Fries it. Computers suck on most thing's, don't need them on everything. That if I seen on a car as a teen, a knife would cut the value off, oops all four flats but I got these funny thing's. Its like when I grew up, took chrome caps for our peddle bikes, then had a spare, why, someone stole yours at a park or store locked up, what comes around, goes around I stated. 2bd set went on. Put new tires on, they always put chrome caps on, they always get STOLEN. It DON'T matter. People will steal these things no matter what. Bad idea and LAZY PEOPLE. I PREFER TO CHECK MY TIRES ON EVERY FILL UP JUST LIKE YOU SHOULD DUE, BUT I DUE WALK AND CHECK DAILY FOR SCRATCHES AND LOW TIRES BEFORE I GET IN, THEN I FILL UP BEFORE I SIT DOWN, IT'S CALLED HAVING A AIR COMPRESSOR AT HOME, CHEAPER THAN PAYING $2 AND RUSHING. WINTER TIME AND SUMMER TIME, AIR YOU WILL LOSE WHEN COLD, WHEN WARM OUT, YOU LOSE LESS AIR IF ANY AT ALL, IF YOU HAVE ALUMINUM MAGNESIUM WHEELS, THEN THEY GET BAD AND DON'T SEAL AFTER A WHILE, THEY BEGIN TO LEAK AIR, THEY NEED CLEANING, THOSE ARE THE RIMS, JUNK, PREFER METAL RIMS ANYDAY, DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT A RIM BLOWING APART IF YOU HIT A CURB OR A POTHOLE I'VE SEEN RIMS BREAK APART AND NEEDING A TOW FROM DAMAGE FROM IT, CITY WILL PAY DAMAGES, MOST DUE, TAKE PICTURES ASAP. MY CITY, YOU HAVE 7 DAYS TO FILE A COMPLAINT. THEY REPLACE THE TIRE THAT'S JUNK ALONG WITH RIM AND BALLJOINT. GOOD LUCK LAZY PEOPLE. BEST TO LEARN STUFF ON VEHICLE'S DO YOU DON'T GET CHARGED LOTS IF MONEY IF YOU DUE IT YOURSELF

  23. TPMS saves lives. Was cruising down the road at 75 MPH on a very bumpy freeway. Picked up a screw (verified by finding hole in tire carcass after tire blew). The screw somehow came out of tire. Not knowing that tire was deflating while driving on bumpy freeway, it was slowly deflating causing tire to overheat. Before I could sense that something was wrong tire exploded and truck ( towing small trailer, which also was causing resistance making it hard to detect that I had an upcoming catastrophe). It was dawn and getting dark which added another problem. I did not see all the smoke coming from the overheating tire. The tires were in good condition and properly inflated before I drove, for anyone who might think that was an issue ( as mentioned earlier I did find the original cause of the problem, I always check my tires on long trips even when stopping for food,rest and gas). All of a sudden car in right lane started flashing head lights, I looked in right side mirror and could see the smoke in his headlights, tire exploded at that moment causing for a wild ride. Managed to slow down an get over to shoulder, but it wasn't easy. Changing a tire at night along a fast moving freeway is scary and no fun. TPMS would have given my a heads-up that I had an issue and given me time to find a lit area off of the freeway to plug or change the tire in a safer location. I do carry a small compressor and plug kit on trips (Nevada to Pennsylvania).Hopefully they make an aftermarket kit that also gives a low pressure warning.Trying to keep a vehicle in control, changing a tire along a fast moving freeway at night, 3-4 hours of lost travel time, $200 for a new tire. Yeah $109, I'll take it.

  24. so each time you want to fill air you have to use the tools to remove the sensors for all wheels? I thought it has a small cap. Plus the huge price. This product needs serious thinking.

  25. ഓട്ടോമൊബൈൽ technical അറിവുകൾ reviews troubleshooting എല്ലാം മലയാളത്തിൽ അറിയുവാൻ AUTO TTR channel subscribe ചെയ്യൂ

  26. Chris: I've been looking to see if I could find your handheld gauge (@1:59), as this seems to be the only device with separate sections for the individual tires, but no such luck…. Could you please share the brand/model of the one you're using in this video….?
    And: Keep up your good work man!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  27. Hey chris i clicked the link for your pressure gauge and it had bad ratings saying it was giving inaccurate results and i want to know if that happened to you or if it is accurate like you said hopefully you reply to me

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