How to Inflate a Flat Tire on Your Car (Tire Inflator)

How to Inflate a Flat Tire on Your Car (Tire Inflator)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel okay it’s happening to all of us, you come
out to your car, only to find a tire flat as a pancake, and there’s nothing your
cat can do about it, she doesn’t care, but if you’re prepared like me, with my
ViAir compressor, you’re not going to care you’re just going to fill it up and drive
away, you just plug it into your cigarette lighter, and as it says on the
plug, your engine must be running when using this compressor, but don’t worry,
because the pump has a built-in fuse, so won’t do any damage to the electronics
of your car, and with the extra long cord it’ll fit any of your tires, you just
screw it onto the tire stem, and then turn it on,
then just wait until the gauge is where you want it, in this case about 32 psi,
which in this case isn’t going to take all that long it took about 2 minutes
for it to get there, now of course there are many tire
inflator is out there, so you might wonder why am i using this one, well
here’s why, now the slime inflator costs about 25 bucks, where this cost about $50,
and as the saying goes you get what you pay for,
or at least you do if you’re smart like me, this is all metal, all these parts are
metal, this thing can last for years, and years, and years, well a slime compressor
is all plastic on the outside, and on the inside, the actual compressor part is
just an arm, with a little plastic piston, that goes up and down to compress the
air, while the Viacom presser, not only is it all metal, but it’s got actual head
bolts and a head gasket inside just like a regular engine, so you’re going to get
a lot more life out of one of these and of course their duty cycle, how long you
can use them before cooling them down, it’s three or four times what that
plastic thing is, it’ll melt down long before this thing will, and really which,
one sounds stronger to you, this thing, for the ViAir, me I’ll take the smooth humm of the
metal ViAir versus the rattly plastic sound of the slime any day, and of course,
the handy for blowing up kids beach toys or in this case, my life’s exercise ball,
and if you’re real serious about air pressure, check out this ViAir, it’s so
strong you have to hook it up to the battery directly, just clamp on, hook up
the giant air hose it comes with, and away you go, I know Guys that use these on
big rigs to fill up their 18-wheeler tires, and if you want to learn more about
air compressors, just go to ViAir Corp dot com, and you can check it all out on their
website, so if you need compressed air why not I try ViAir and be like me, get
rid of that plastic crap and get something made out of metal, that’s going to
be dependable, and remember if your car has any problems just visit the Scotty
Kilmer channel, before it’s too late

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  1. Hey, how are you? I have a question to ask if you don't mind. We have a 1998 Ford Explorer and the a/c keeps knocking out…like makes a thump noise and it goes hot and stays hot and I was wondering if you know what I can do to help it?

  2. Dnt forget to let the people know that you still gotta drive to a tire shop or lucky for me drive to work and repair the tire or replace. Sponsor shoulda told u that.

  3. I think your engine should be on because filling all 4 wheels will drain the battery, at least thats what happened to my dad.

  4. Kind of funny though, go watch his video what to have in your car for emergencies .. he says he keeps a cheap plastic husky compressor in alll of his cars lol

  5. I have that same exact compressor, its a little beast, used it to air up my tires on my dually during winter, worked great. Does get REALLY hot though (metal parts), so careful not to burn yourself

  6. I had a better Slime compressor. I say had because it's motor, NOT THE PLASTIC HOUSING, snapped!

    I was only using it for a touch up. Wound up buying a bike footpump because it was cheap and small. Sure it takes a while to fill the tire up, but I've got some rocking calves now!

  7. How is there 95 dislikes. 

    How can you argue a metal made air compressor is better than plastic. 

    Then on top of providing helpful advice.

  8. Regardless if Scotty is paid by VIAIR or they just gave it to him for free to demonstrate. 

    It's a Quality Product. So why the complaint. Do you ever see him steer anyone wrong on this channel with dishonest advice. ANSWER = NO!

    Shut your mouths and be grateful you have a guy with expertise that does these videos.

    Because the Day he quits you'll be looking for new videos. 

     (not everything in this world is free, and if the guy makes a few bucks then good for him. What are you doing on You Tube to help people more than he is.)

  9. Scotty you rock! I love your videos and they are all super helpful. Just got a car, Mazda 626 from 1998 and I'm doing all your maintainance tips, changing the sparkplugs, airfilter, oil & filter.. It's all super fun, I've almost never touched a engine before 😀 
    Now I only need to find the darn FFC ID-box in my car so I can order a replacement remote…

  10. This is cool. learn something new every day. this looks great and well built. would like to own one for my car 😀

  11. Also check the tire after it gets refilled to find out the cause of the flat. Could be a simple as a nail or as complex as a warped rim or a slash on the tire. But it's always a good idea to keep a pump with you. At least it'll get you to a service station on those long road trips. 🙂

  12. I don't see anything wrong with endorsing a quality product.  It's the people endorsing snake oil you have to watch out for.

  13. Part of my job is maintaining a company fleet of 60+ vehicles.  We have one of those cheap Slime brand air compressors, and have pumped up dozens upon dozens of low tires for over a year now with it in wet, dry, and cold conditions.  It looks and feels cheap, but is more than suitable to keep in your vehicle for emergencies.  If it fails tomorrow, it was still well worth the $25. I may consider the better, more expensive metal one then, since we pump up tires more often than someone just keeping one for emergencies or the occasional fill.

  14. I  bought a cheap plastic compressor on harbor freight for emergencies. It took about half an hour to inflate a flat tire and the compressor felt like it was overheating. Some time later, bought a VIAIR compressor. This was  long before I saw this video and got this brand due to positive reviews on amazon. The VIAIR compressor was able to inflate a flat tire in less than 3 minutes.

  15. Hey, I have that same exact plastic one.. lol.. Works fine for me and was cheap.. I like the auto cutoff for the tire pressure you choose.. But that Viair one looks way better

  16. My cheap $5 compressor is still going strong and I've had it at least 5 years. The beauty of a cheaper one is you can throw it around until it dies where as an expensive one you wouldn't wanna get a scratch on it

  17. Hey Scotty. I have the one you're not recommending and boy that thing has been a workhorse I have inflated SUV tires and it has never failed me yet I think I have it for three years now. In fact that thing is so reliable I keep it in the trunk of my car.

  18. so if its flat you just fill it up and forget about why it lost pressure? Ive tried a viair before. It worked once, then the second time it blew the fuse, as stated in several, several online reviews. It's still costly and durable, but Id recommend using the direct battery connection vs. cig lighter

  19. Great video. Would this be okay to run off of the cigarette lighter of a 2013 Audi A6? I'm assuming that it's 15 amps. I'm not sure of the output on the car and don't want to hurt the electrical system of the vehicle. Any advice? I would probably be fine but I wanted to ask anyway. Thanks!

  20. What can you tell me about nitrogen filled tires? Some people tell me it's not woth the money for such small difference compared to air since it helps retain pressure more than anything else.

  21. Is it safety to use it on hybrid car ?
    what method would be better for hybrid car's? plug it in cigarettes lighter or connect the +ve & -ve cable with battery ?
    would suggest any advice about it ?

  22. I plugged in my new compressor into the cigarette lighter and blew the fuse for the cigarette lighter, should have used the accessory socket which are 20 amps instead of 15 amps. lesson learned!

  23. I got the basic… its 6 YEARS.. HAVEN'T BREAK on me… never CHANGE THE BRUSH INSIDE OF IT2…… but now I'm grown out of it.. I need more cfm– 4 my bobcat!! ;))

  24. The worst compressors are the ones built into the Jump starter packs. I've gone through 4 of them, due to the cheap plastic construction. I tried a few different units, but got the same result…..thing grenades and all you can hear is the little motor free spinning inside. The hardest thing I was doing was trying to bring a tire from around 25 psi to 40 psi. Admittedly 1 of the times I let the unit run longer than the 5 min they were limited to. The others they just crapped out after 3 min or so. Might give one of these expensive units a look.

  25. I can attest that plastic crap bounces all over the ground and I ended up holding it in my hand first time I used it, while bent to make sure the hose reached. I just wish the big boys would also use LCD screens where you could set it to cut off at a certain PSI. That's the only thing I like about the plastic models. TireTek also makes a nice one but I'm not sure what tech it uses inside of it.

  26. Thankfully, rarely get flat tires. The last time I had one, I was not lucky enough to find it that way in the driveway. Sometimes these things happen on the road. Even if the pump doesn't have its own fuse, the sockets often have them. Look in the fuse box for it. I find that if the engine is not running the pump fuse blows easily. That is unfortunate since you only get one or two spare fuses but at least they are very commonly available parts.

  27. I agree that cheap plastic compressors are not meant to last. They are still better than nothing. I would rather have that cheap plastic one than no compressor at all but that one you reviewed does seem like a good one. Many of those small compressors that are not direct drive are gear driven like the Slime branded one, there is no chance that the little motors used in those things would ever work without being geared so low.

  28. I have one of those plastic compressors and they've been holding up for nearly four years now, probably paid like $15 for it..

  29. hi Scotty, just wanted to let you know we really love your videos. Question for ya, how do we inquire buying a tire inflator machine. it's a machine that inflates used tires to determine if they are good, which checks for leaks and bubbles.

  30. my Chines one will probably take about an hour and you are supposed to give it a rest every 5 minutes!

  31. Thanks Scotty. I bought one at home depot. It works so much better than the cheap plastic one that i had. Keep making these videos. I like to know something is good before i buy it. Don't pay any attention to the hatters out there. I have bought several items that you have made videos about. Keep them coming.

  32. I really appreciate this video because it shows how crappy some of these ac are. Metal is superior to plastic. Thanks Scotty.

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  34. Scotty, what is your thought on inflating tires with pure nitrogen as opposed to regular air? I know of two tire stores near me that offer nitrogen whenever you buy tires from them. I do have a local mechanic that I go to, and his thought on them is that they are just a gimmick.

  35. I have a plastic Slime compressor, and it's done me fine lately, probably cause I only use it to fill low tires. When my tire is actually flat, I use my full size spare tire! And the Viair sounds just like my breathing machine I had 15 years ago when I had asthma!

  36. I tried one of these on my F-150 a few years ago when I had a flat, it pumped up the tire only 1/2 way and took a week.

  37. Viair makes a good portable 12 v compressor but be sure to read the owner's manual to see what the duty cycle is, and not to exceed it. I'd also suggest touching the fins on the cylinder to see how hot they are getting. If they start to get painfully hot – you've reached the end of the duty cycle; give it a rest to allow it to cool off. I have a similar model as the one you show and I figure it will top up 4 tires or totally fill up one tire, before it needs to rest and cool off.

  38. This is cool, thanks Scotty! You have a fun, cool personality- you remind me of my Uncle Fred Homberg. RIP Uncle Fred.

  39. Thankyou Scotty. I've been researching portable car air compressors for 2 days. I researched the Air Hawk, Air Dragon, and a few other popular portable compressors. All were Junk. This one seems the best. Good Job.

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