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  1. ….if you dont know this already please stop collecting…M2 throws out cool cars wit garbage quality..

  2. Mostly correct, however I have an m2 hauler, secret chase! The number on the package doesnt reflect it's being a chase! To be exact it's a pink pez hauler with clear tires! But it's not usual. Most of the time you can easily detect a chase but in this case it was missing some of the tell tale, typical giveaways! The clear tires are a dead giveaway though !

  3. You forgot to mention the more rare super chase cars with production numbers of 250 or less. They have the so called RAWs with no paint and the golden cars.

  4. awesome!….thanks for the info. First time today that I saw M2 diecast at Walmart so I was wondering if I could start collecting M2. I saw some really cool Coca-Cola trucks….unfortunately that I didn't see any cars with limited edition stickers.

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