How to Hook Up a Gooseneck Trailer

How to Hook Up a Gooseneck Trailer

hi my name is Judd with PJ trailers just doing a quick video to teach you how to hook up a gooseneck
trailer before you back your truck up make sure to raise your gooseneck coupler
above the ball in the bed of the truck all of PJ gooseneck trailers use a 2 5/16″ ball coupler now you can safely back up your truck
making sure to align the coupler directly above the ball before you start to lower the trailer
make sure the couplers unlatched and in the open position start to lower the trailer onto the ball this is a good time to secure the jack handle now that the load is of the jacks you
can raise the jack foot into the upper position by releasing the pin climb into the bed to connect the
breakaway cable it’s important to connect this directly
to a secure point on the hitch system next you want to attach both the safety
chains to either the u-bolts or D-Rings on
your gooseneck hitch now you can close the coupler and latch the safety pin find your recpticle to hook up a seven-way plug a lot a truck models have the receptacle
mounted in a side of the bed if this is not the case just hang the
cable over the tailgate to reach all the way under the bumper now you can
close the tailgate perform a safety inspection by walking around your trailer to check
the marker lights brake lights and turn signals if everything checks out your ready to start pulling your new PJ gooseneck trailer

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  1. That’s how you do it you’re broke. If you have a good job, you toggle your rear camera to the chmsl camera and flip the bird to your friend trying to back you up. But then follow the rest of this guys process 🙂

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