HOW TO HAPPY WHEELS? | Happy Wheels – Part 65

HOW TO HAPPY WHEELS? | Happy Wheels – Part 65

*wapoosh* Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to HAPPPPPPPY WHEEEEEEEELS be honest now how many of you did that with me or at least in your heads (I did☺ ) You were like thinking along And you were doing it in your head You did it I know yo- high five! Wapoo! Well, I just clicked le- browse levels And “jacksepticeye spikef” Was right there so we have to do this “if jack plays this then pliz put this in your video i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu SPEEEEEEEED ISSSS KEYYYYYYYYYYYYY” I will put it in the video It’s the first level in the video “too herd?” I’ll see I’ll see *victory sound* So hard…… Do it properly x2 Hwea! Aw shit No *laughs* I I hit the front of the spikes K, out a bit There you go, Stevie St-Stevie, St-Stevie Wonder! So I have to go like way out That’s not even way out, that’s not far enough out That not-! GOOD LORD! Ok, WAY out Wa- is that even way out enough *inaudible* *victory sound* YEAS! Look at the dead Billys at the bottom Oh I love it Scroll down a little bit, there’s a “jacksepticeye poon” Let’s do that then Oh God You’re supposed to give me- OH they took off on their own I didn’t do anything *victory sound* I don’t need to do anything I just let the game play itself Let’s see, I’ll just leave the game on its own Let’s see if it actually works *laughs* It almost got to the end on its own “JackSepTic stuff”? These are all on like, the newest levels this week I just clicked into browse levels and these were all on that page Nice! This is “JackSepTic stuff” OK, I didn’t- I didn’t know What stuff was what *victory sound* But anyway I exploded into a million bits But I still win, yay This level is made by “Spud McWheels” How can I not play a level, by “Spud McWheels”? “This level is for Jacksepticeye He is amazing, if you haven’t watched his video you haven’t lived it’s probably why billy always dies and jack i loved your farcry 4 video with the messed up physics” thank you! drop drop- oh Billys! Billys, clash, death oh yes no, I’m not finished BILLY! YEAH! now I’m finished “BOSS JUICE” ‘Sugar 82%’ ‘Drugs 27%’ ‘Fat 1%’ I’m 0% fat breh let’s go! I don’t- I don’t trust this I don’t trust this what are you trying to get me to do? take me away! haha, I’m being abducted Oh God, Oh God, you didn’t make it you didn’t make it now you’re gonna break all your shit I TOLD YOU !!! die Billys oh it’s good that I get to crush you again me fackin’ face it’s all your fault Billy, you little you little, you little BITCH K, we’ll go past them this time I don’t trust them let’s go into this one this guy seems nicer so much nicer, I like you more OUCH no I don’t CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? stop breaking all of my shit! you’re missing a leg fine you don’t need legs it’s great, it’s grand, it’s perfect let’s go you’re leakin’ a lot of blood there’s a lot of blood comin’ out of ya right now you *laughs* you just floatin’ there, JUMP! there ya go, STEEEVEEE! I’m gonna hand over the reigns to Billy Bobby let’s see of they can do it I’m I’m pretty sure they can they can, Billy! meet your brothers! YES! Fling that Billy Oh God you’re still alive, I didn’t know that I want you to die! we can’t- go, go yes! ye- you’re a wizard! what about this one? can you go in this one? jus- just take me away! please! just ta- actually you know what I don’t think we even need to be in the bike for this go! Go! YES! Oh God you lost your helmet you’re so dead you’re so gonna die we don’t need a bike for this we can go the whole way down through the eyeballs please let there be a victory at the end of this otherwise I sacrificed my bike for nothin’ yes, *victory sound* YES! your- your foot is still there Bobby? Oh yes! “Hello Player Hopefully JSE” that’s my super cool abbreviated name “This R.S. is quite hard so if you don’t make it you’re boss levels will drop severly” how dare you?! “Ctrl c”? get off the bike, get off the bike, see ya later Billy! whoo! I think I was supposed actually to use Billy to do this ah crap you did not grab this well *weird sounds* *IDK* I’m dead Oh God now I grabbed Billy no, grab the rope! grab the rope! go Billy! is he doin’ it? Billy? you alive? I have no idea hwaa! go Billy Billy ya little bitch oh crap x2 that’s it Billy, me and you , together forever oh yes! K, dad you go first hwe *dafuq are these sounds ur making Jack?* hwe! ey, hwea you’re doin’ it! x2 oh yes! yes! no! naaao! hahaha it was right there I saw the coin I could smell the victory smells like pineapples, actually hwe, yes now you got it now you’re Peter Parker’in oh, fuckin’ balls “jacksepticeye rage” well thanks wait, what do I even do? dodge, dodge, dodge everything dodge everything- why do I have to play as Indie? I never play as him “Hi Im here to make you scream well good luck” god damnit dudes Oh no, Oh no, Indie, Indie! shit, SHIT! gotta time it well, you gotta ti- time it perfectly time it perfectly and go over there and then you come back, and then YES! I’m gone! *victory sound* yay! can’t beat me rage. I never rage! (well, how about Super Mario Maker?) *laughs* “jacksepticeye spi”- Willy! what’d you do to my back? K, I’m gonna do it anyway I’m gonna do it- Oh God- SEE! Willy messed me up and I was all like fuckin’ backwards yoga training positions Willy no, NO! god damnit Willy *crush* God damnit Willy OK, back it up, aw there we go Steve, could you fix your face? and your body and everything Willy, Willy I wanna kill your face aw, that’s not far enough *crush* aw god god god god god god *crush* like that, just like that perfect! *victory sound* OH YEAH! you know, when you finish a level it’s great when you die, not so great when you finish a level and die that’s just perfect that’s like all the planets aligning together perfectly “jacksepticeye flies’? *sound of the boosty thingy* ohhh I’m flyin’ easy, ea- easy, EASY STEVIE! I’m flyin’! get off, get off the segway ♪I believe I can fly♪ OH! there’s actually an end! what did I get? “Getting a little better” NOT TODAY! that’s not good you lost your legs that’s it! you’re more aerodynamic now actually. “Getting a little better” same one and JUMP! yes! that’s much further Good job Steve we’re all very proud of ya “Keep trying” Larry, I always liked you for these you’re always- OK, I was gonna say that you were great at these he’s- he’s got the position he’s got the will *victory sound* YEAAA! *victory sounds* *claps* Larry is the best and now I’m deaf oh this, grab th-, grab the van! grab the van, YES! YES! *victory sounds* oh did you- did you hear? listen to that for a second just listen to this, Oh God, grab it, grab it aw me fuckin’ arms grab it, grab it, YES! here we go here we go *victory sound* OH look at them all “jacksepticeye jump” is this, like the same as the flying one? I think it might be no it’s not x3 I failed, I didn’t fail I’m awesome spike fall FUCK! OK, so you gotta go over “gumdrop mountain” yes, then you gotta slow down *gasp* those are mines, I did NOT see them “THIS WAAAAAY SLOOOOW DOOOWN SPIKE FAAAALL!!!” OK OK, aa- fuck too far x4 huop! that’s shit, shit, over the mines, over the mines, yes! perfect, slow it on down Stevie boy easy Stevie lemon squeezy yes, yes, yes, *victory sound* YEESSS! I love it “Kill Billy” OK, Billy, you wanna- you wanna fall off the edge? No? could I crush your face? OOHHH YEEAAAHHH! oh that’s it, I don’t even need to play the level the best has happened there’s a secret finish back there bill- BiIly’s body parts? yep *laughs* good job Billy, you’re useful for somethin’ secret finish? *victory sound* yay! I’m not all about that easy life oh yes Yes Oh crap What the fu- what the- WHAT THE?! No! Bitch! No more Mr. Nice, Steve OW! Me face OK, get Billy out of the way, see ya later Billy Se- see ya later Billy’s parts Oh God there’s jets everywhere Now, up over! Too far. Too- too far Too- OW, OW, Steve, you ca- you can still do it buddy We believe in you steve x5 son of a bitch that’s not far enough that’s no, YES! Steve, Steve what are ya doing? no Steve come back Steve come back Stevie come back ♪you can blame it all on me that’s fuckin’ imposible and I’m back to where I started Billy hi! *laughs* crush Billy’s head- no, that’s a bad start already that’s a bad start *dramatic gasp oh! I almost did it! jus- just off, jus- just slightly off slightly of- slightly *closed mouth scream* you guys do it, you guys do it for me I’ll give you guys a little nudge you guys hold your up key right now K, OK, go OK, good, good start good start, great start come on guys good one, good one! oh, OOHH NO! YES! hahaha keep- keep on-a bouncin’, keep on-a bouncin’ Steve no when you do that, you die, watch! watch! death! “jacksepticeye 99.999% possible you- you really think so? you think so? cuz I don’t watch! watch me do fuck it uh! oh shit PEEE- ouish! yes, there ya- there ya- there ya go Pete there ya go, you have to trick this poon trick the poon! Oh yes! where did that one come out of? Oh, missed me by a whisker! hwa! no x6 *victory sound* YEAAAAA! shut up! Mike what are you doin’? you just- you just, hangin’ out back there ooohh crap ooooohhhhh crap that’s the one, there ya go *victory sound* YES! this level is called “jacksepticeye killer” wait till you get to see what I do hoho, yes oh Larry Oh Larry Oh Larry!!! oh god this is killing my computer its killing my computer slowly oh God and the level froze oh God exit out of that, exit out of that before it kills my whole… room oh! I get to select the game! “Spike Upward”? What? Ohhh It’s a spikefall but upside down! Oh no, oh OH! Uh, where do I g- where do I go? I- I’m gonna choose, door no. 2 Jimmy Oh NO! OK, Crap, I made bottle run by mistake So, go over the spike fall We’re comin’ down onto the bottle run I’m not gonna be able to do this with Steve I can’t do bottle runs with Steve I CAN’T DO BOTTLE RUNS WITH STEVE! Oh! Hush my whore mouth K, we’ll try the normal spikefall first Because it’s right here, it’s right here, we could do it really quick Really quick,lickity split Or not! There you go x2 *victory sound* there ya go! Spikefall, magician! Just gotta pick the right one Pick the right one, that’s it This is the one right here *sniff* cam you smell it? *sniff* Still pineapples, you know why, because victory is near! Go Steve… I forgot which one I chose, just choose this Is this victory, is this win? *BOSS language* It’s right there Between these Between a rock and a hard place Between two ferns, go! YESSS! Tactical insertion Do you ever notice that sometimes I like, wanna say something really cool So I just say the first thing that pops to my head But then it sounds shit Yeah, that’s my youtube channel in a nutsheel “Jacksepticeye secret”? What’s the secret- oh FUCK Get away from those bastards Oh, bottle run spike fall What is happening? Ahh I’m dead Ahh shit, shit SHIT! How- how am I supposed to? How am I supposed to get over the bottle run And do the spikefall at the same time? You don’t use Steve that’s why You use Billy and Bobby Cuz they can just do this They can just do this Die? No, no! You’re still alive You’re still alive, there’s still a bit of wiggin’ in ya *jacks own made up victory sound* Ok, I guess he wasn’t alive Ok, front flip- front flip watch this! Haha! See ya later Billy! Daddy is *victory sound* goin’ home! “Hey Player!! (Hopefully Jacksepticeye) This is a Challenge Run That i made for you Thanks for all the videos that you make and Keep up the good work LIKE A BOSS!!!” Thank you guys, for all the amazing levels And for watching, even Poon run, OK Fuck, fuck! Lota poons That is failure OK, now I know what to expect Poon this bitch! Ah fuck! We need a runin’ start *weird scream* Right on my head really? For dayz Flips for dayz Aw! It almost worked! Oh, you can’t catch me I’m the- fuckin gingerbread man Yes, YES! nope, nope, I’m not stoppin’ ah! come on, that harpoon came out of nowhere! OK this looks kinda hard there’s- there’s mines all underneath these spikes K, flip- flip your way to victory flip- arrows? fuck it! come on! get to the end x2, did I win? x2 *victory sound* YAY! Oh Christ K well does it for this episode of Happy Wheels I think I’m loosin’ my touch on some of these levels I couldn’t even pass some of them, after ages of tryin’! I need to ge- I need to get into some more practice I need to like, do a montage of me training in Happy Wheels and then get much better at it again but thank you guys so much for watching this episode If you LIKED it PUNCH that like button, in the FACE LIKE A BOSS!!! and high fives all around *W’PSH!* *W’PSH!* But THANK YOU GUYS, and I will see all you dudes… IN THE NEXT VIDEO! Outro Song by “Teknoaxe” called “I’m everywhere” I’m so tired, I did that all by myself no joke *audio playing from other Happy Wheels vid* Outro Song by “Teknoaxe” called “I’m everywhere” spit, everywhere! do I have to cover my stuff in like, cling film? or bring in a towel?

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  1. I.. did.. it.. with.. jack. HAAAAAAAAAA-and doesn't stop until a year later-(a year later)AAAAAAAPPPYYY WhEeLs

  2. I always do it with him
    "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPY WHEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  3. Here are the video highlights…

    3:02 – "There ya go–" (Head pops off.) "STEEEEEEEEEEEEEE–!!!"

    6:05 – "Easy Stevie!" (Steve's head flips around!)

    11:35 – (Ded on spikes.) "YYYEPANAYAAAAAH!!!" (That's Bossatronian for "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?")

  4. 1:00 I thought it said jacksepticeye porn I'm just sitting here like uuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm wtf😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶 then I realized when he said it oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh jacksepticeye poon😮😮😮😮😮😮😮☺😊😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Top of the morinin’ to ya ladies, my name is Jacksepticeye
    My name is jacksepticeye
    My name is jacksepticeye ( ugh)
    My name is jacksepticeye
    Jack jack jack!
    ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  6. Thank you for making me laugh everyday when I watch you because I watch you every single day and they get funnier and funnier every time

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