How to Glue Traxxas Wheels and Tires

How to Glue Traxxas Wheels and Tires

Traxxas wheels and tires give you
endless options for customizing your model, with many finishes and tread
patterns to suit your environment and driving style. Traxxas offers a full line
of wheels and tires in pre-glued sets. However you may want to customize your
model by gluing your own tires and wheels with the many combinations
available. It is important to seat and glue the tires properly to ensure that
the tires stay sealed and balanced. If you ever find that your tire has separated
from the wheel, use these techniques to re-seal it. Along with your new wheels and
tires you will just need a bottle of Traxxas ultra premium tire glue, a
pair of safety glasses for eye protection, and a mild dishwashing
detergent or glass cleaner. The glue bonds quickly so consider the
appropriate clothing and workspace when performing the assembly. Some tires are
directional so make note of the direction of rotation and ensure the rim
faces the outside of the tire. Some wheels are specified for the front or back so make note of any indications on the wheels. Apply the cleaner to the
wheels and tires, giving particular attention to the tire bead to remove any
chemicals or oils that can keep the glue from bonding. Allow the wheels and tires
to fully dry. Gradually work the wheels into the tires. This process can take
some time, but be patient and allow the foam and rubber to conform to the rim. Go around the wheel and seat the bead of the tire into the rim on both sides. Pull
back on the tire and apply the glue as you work your way around the wheel. Apply the glue at several points around
the tire until it is secured to the wheel. Allow the first side to dry for a
few minutes prior to applying glue to the other side. Allow the glue to dry overnight before
running the vehicle. If one of your original wheels is showing signs of
separation, use the same technique to re-glue the tire. Clean any dirt or debris
from the separated area and re-glue. Find your model on and click on ‘Accessories’ to see all available wheels and tires for your model. For more
tips and tricks, be sure to subscribe to Traxxas Support here on Youtube.

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  1. This is nice and all, but you guys need to use 2.2's not 2.8's. 2.8's are a pain to glue with the horizontal bead and there are nowhere near as many options with 2.8's as there are for 2.2's.

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