How To: Give Your Tires a Deep, Black Shine That Lasts

How To: Give Your Tires a Deep, Black Shine That Lasts

We’re moving right along with this detail. I’ve already finished the undercarriage and
now I’m moving on to these big ass tires. They have already been cleaned so now there
is a clean surface for the dressing to stick to. We want to give it some shine so it’ll stand
out a little bit, this is Clear Liquid Extreme Shine. Just work it in like a regular dressing. Spray it on the applicator and spread it out
evenly so you won’t have to clean up over spray. If you’re wondering why I’m only spraying
it into the applicator that is because this is an oil based dressing and if I spray it
directly on the surface it’ll either get stuck in the treads where it’ll sling off or we’ll
cleaning off a lot of over spray. After letting the Clear Liquid Extreme Shine
sit for about five minutes I’m going to buff off the excess. The reason for this is if there is a high
spot or a pocket of dressing it will sling off when you drive away. It also gives it more of a natural look if
you buff off the excess. So now this tire looks good, I’m going to
move on to the other four tires. I put a tape line on the spare tire so I can
show you guys the difference between the dry side and the protected and dressed side. Alrighty guys the undercarriage and the wheels
are finally done. It wasn’t pretty but now the undercarriage
is all dressed and looking its best. The tires have a nice protective layer on
it which will keep it from cracking or discoloring. It is basically ready to hit the road again. So if you like this truck or this video be
sure to give it a thumbs up. Check out our website, we have almost nine
hundred videos showing you how to do just about anything. We’ll see you next time right here in the
Detail Garage.

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  1. I've never seen you guys do any tire dressings that come out looking shiny. Do you guys just prefer a natural look? I love a shiny tire I think it make the car pop.

  2. hey friends! I made 4 cars with your product so 16 tires! I take advantage of it to also put on the wheel arches as well as the bumper … You give him how long in durability in France ds a cold and rainy ?????????

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