How to Fix Wobbly Steering Wheel in Your Car

How to Fix Wobbly Steering Wheel in Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel Is your
car steering wheel wobbling while you drive down the road well then today’s
your lucky day because I’m going to show you how to fix it
while wobbling is often a suspension problem with a worn on part so lets
jack it up in the air, then you grab the tire at 3 and 9 o’clock and see if it has any play for worn parts which it doesn’t and then grab it at 6 o’clock
and 12 o’clock and see if it wobbles well it’s not wobbling so there’s no
real worn parts that are badly worn and of course do the same thing on the other
side to make sure it doesn’t have any play and it doesn’t now in my experience
if your steering wheel wobbles when you’re driving and you don’t have an
obviously worn-out front-end part that’s often a bad tire or a bent rim so we’re
going to swap the tires back to front that way we can tell if it’s the front
tires that are making the wobbling, now I’m switching the left side to the left
side and the right side to the right side because many tires are
unidirectional you always want them turning in the same direction we’ll put
this side on and you notice I’m using a cheater behind a socket, but I use
the air gun to take them off, you don’t really want to use an air gun to put
them back on you might get them too tight and then you can’t get them off
later these work great for getting them nice and tight, then once you get them
snug you put the car back down on the ground and then finish them so their nice and tight
don’t come off, then of course do the other side put the
front on the back and the back on the front, on they go, then we let the
jack down then finish tightening them up
then we take it for a spin and voila, no more shaking steering wheel, now since the
steering wheel doesn’t shake anymore and I took it on a highway and the vehicle
goes pretty smooth I’m going to leave this alone but if you wanted to figure
out what actually was making a shake, it’s one of these two tires and as you
can see here this rims been screwed up from hitting curbs and stuff I would
assume the rim is slightly bent because when we go to the other side
this one’s perfectly clean it’s not hit so changing the other rim would
probably fix it perfectly but since the car doesn’t shake I’m leaving it the way
it is and the cat seems to agree so if your car steering wheel is shaking
around while you’re driving it might be as simple as just moving the tires from
the front to the back to fix it and remember if you’ve got any car questions
just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel

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  2. I've been having this problem with my car, I see this video so I decide too watch it, and he's working on the same car that I have. Mindfuck

  3. Is this safe for long term? If the rims are bent, can that damage components in the rear ((suspension, and etc)?

  4. Thanks Scotty. I switched the front and back wheels and my steering wheel's completely stopped wobbling on my Mitsubishi L200. Keep up the good work. Russ.

  5. I'm a big fan of your channel Scotty, but you said you don't use an impact wrench to put the lug nuts on the car because it would make them too tight, but then you say the breaker bar gets them nice and tight. So that negated your previous statement. Instead, you could just invest in some torque limiting sticks so you don't worry about over torquing the nuts. But on top of that, you said to just get the lug nuts nice and tight, which makes sense, but you should also add the caveat that if you over tighten them, you could stretch the stud or warp the rotor, just to prevent people from going crazy with the breaker bar, or tire iron. Heavier people can put more of their weight on those and over torque the crap out of those nuts. I don't mean to be offensive, just something I wanted to point out, like I said, I'm a big fan of your work, and I'm a fellow Texan mechanic hailing from Corpus Christi!

  6. one note to add. it could also be the simple problem of one of the wheels aren't balanced properly. I just rotated my wheels on my odyssey putting the better tires on front. Well then I had a slight wobble and vibration on front so I stopped at true shop and had the front 2 wheels balanced with weights put on for 10 bucks a wheel. and that was the problem. smooth as silk now and the wheels had no balancing weights on them before.

  7. Gotta poke on this one. A real technician immediately knew it's a tire issue at that speed AND seen or felt it. Nice to educate the wannabes on checking all items….but post what you wish. It was a tire!

  8. My car has a problem that I can’t figure out!!!

    Only on the mortar way/highway when I get to around 60/70mph

    If I turn right very slightly the car starts vibrating it at the front end I want to say the right wheel. When I move it left it stops it also gets worse as I slow down but if I accelerate it easies off.

  9. What's your cat's name. You might think about training the cat to fix cars too. Just don't tell your wife, what she doesn't know, can't hurt her, now can it, and life will be really good. Besides, you will make alot more money, more people will subscribe to your YouTube channel to watch the cat fix cars. So if your wife does find out about it, remember, that's your out of trouble card there. LOVE your videos. Hope this made you laugh! God Bless now.

  10. i have slow speed wobble and clunk on driveway turns…. suspension checked by mechanic and it' was ok, tires are new high end michelin tires, what could be my problem?

  11. Recipie for a successful your tube channel, Get straight to the point, known what you are talking about, scottys intros are just the right length, he's gota be making a big paycheck

  12. I enjoy putting red lock tight on my lug nuts and use a 3/4 inch impact at 900 foot pounds. Lots of thieves and they ain't gonna get mine. Also use my impact gun to tighten my oil plug. Works great!


  14. My steering wheel doesn't wobble and i just got new bridgestones. I drive a 2011 civic. My car itself however does wobble a little. What is it?

  15. A wobbly steering wheel is more common when the tires are not balanced and misaligned, doing both things after solves the problem not changing the tires.

  16. Thanks    Scotty Kilmer This was as easy as you said, as a female my husband was very surprise to come home and saw that I actually did it myself. I show him your channel. 5 stars for you.

  17. I'm going to be buying a car that the owner states that the power steering pump will need to be replaced. After watching you replace it, you make it seem so easy and quick, but for me, I don;t think I could do it that easy. For the cost of one pump and labor, what would you say is the honest amount it should cost me? It's a 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara

  18. Need help my car wobbles just a little bit when driving at 5 to 10 mph anything over that car runs fine what could it be?

  19. I’ll try my best to explain my issue. I have an 05 Tahoe that I believe needs an alignment since I have to hold my steering wheel at 10 or 2 depending on what lane I’m in. If I center my steering wheel I vier off the road pretty fast. Anyway I have an error come up on the dash 3 days ago. Said Service Stability control. The message disappeared the next day. On day 3 my suv now has a pretty substantial sway from left to right like a boat rocking but only when coasting or driving under 10mph max. After I get over 10-15 there’s no wobble but there is vibrating in pretty much everything. Any ideas what it could be?

  20. Don't use an air gun to put them back on, some of the best advice that can ever be given, wish all the tire shops would listen to you

  21. My girlfriend's car has steering shaking like this but she won't take it to a shop to have it checked, and doesn't have the tools for one of us to fix it. How damaging or dangerous is it to leave like that?

  22. You’re right Scotty. Your could have a bad rim. But I encourage one to have the tires placed on a hi-speed spin balancer because it also could be a broke belt in one or more of your tires.

  23. I switched the front tire to the back and this stoped the shake and hard pull to the left..Thank you Scotty..God bless ya brother…

  24. If my car is FWD, and the wheel wobbles, does it have to be a front rim or tire that's damaged or is it just more likely?

  25. how can i tell the difference between the rim and the hub cap cover? one of my hub cap covers has a small crack

  26. Hi Scotty I just picked up my 2006 Cadillac DTS from the shop. I had new rotors, pads and tires installed for $1200 and I went to drive my car and when I drive passed 40 my car wheel shakes back and fourth do you think it’s a balancing issue? I never had this problem before, only with my old brakes when I would drive and highway speeds and stop hard.

  27. I used to live in the houston area – expect to be covered in sweat the minute you step out of the ac . Crazy high humidity and temps.

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