How to Fix Hole in a Tire EASY?

How to Fix Hole in a Tire EASY?

What’s up? Everybody welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority Have you ever got nail inside of your tiles? I have plenty of times and just now in my side by side as well I just never have fixed that kind of problem before so this is going to be my first time And at the same time if you have this kid in the car with this little air compressor You will be able to fix your tire within 15 minutes. Anywhere! Well lets see what it’s all about and lets fix my tire. Quickly, we will do a little unboxing. Complete tire repair and maintenance in any case. We got here two plus plug kit. PsI measure, whatever you call it and there is a bunch of 48 plugs This is what I’m mostly using this for you can also plug the Tube tire, but that’s a lot harder I don’t know how to do that, and that here is a rubber cement What’s more important to me is to blast I keyed these two tools and the plugs first of all we’re going to fill up this style and Figured out what the leak is said now. It’s empty I Filled it up to 15 PSI and now I actually can hear sizzling noise air coming out from the tire So let just fine it was coming from I found it that here You hear that? They are coming out of this and they all got started Then came out first of all we’re going to get this tool and actually make the hole a little bit bigger like here’s the hole We’re just going to make it actually bigger. Go to a couple times like this Next we’re going to get one of these things Go and pull it out Smush it in out here, and then we’re going to stick it to like this And we’re going to put it halfway boom that’s about halfway, then we’re going to go up one of this and Put it right in a hole and plug it up Public have to twist it boom you see had one Halfway in the big Deeper They go, and now all I have to do is just pull it out Just twist it and out Boom you see here It’s actually opens and that way it let go of these two things Good one of these box cutters and just cut it off The rest of the plaque you don’t have to but that’s what I’ve seen everybody on internet doing anyway, and This once we’re going to derive is actually going to Expand even more So now which is going to inflate the tire and see what happens hopefully it works All right guys Let’s pretty much it as you can see it was very Easy to set it up and never have big style before I have zero knowledge all I had to do is follow the direction There is learner instruction, and there is four steps. That’s it also You can probably research it how to use it on a cell phone on the internet There’s plenty of videos how to use it well and my tire is good to go I don’t have to take off my tire and take it to the shop for somebody else to fix it It’s a lot more time-consuming to do it yourself and a lot cheaper. This kit is only $12 well guys that’s pretty much it. Let me know in comments below. What do you think by the way only three days left? For limited edition crazier Shin. Hye Kyo Logo links in description Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time

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  1. Hi taras i am a very big fan of yours. I regularly follow your videos. I will be the most happiest person when you get 10M subscribers. Good luck. We will celebrate this moment together. The day is very close.

  2. To find the hole u can use soap water, just pour the water over the tyre the place where the hole is situated bubbles will come from there, like if u agree 😊

  3. I've used these things two times and so far, I've been able to drive many years with those in the tyres. Only problem they provide is that they break some of the steel belt wires from the tyre, when you clean up the hole with the drill tool, so then the wheel might start to shake a bit on higher speeds.

  4. Не совсем правильно. Вставил, повернул на 180 градусов и резким движением вытащил:)

  5. I delivered pizzas and always carried one of those just in case. Actually needed it couple of times. The rasper roughs up the hole a bit as well for better grip for the rubber cement and plug. I never cut off the extra, it was gone by the end of the night.

  6. You can put windex or chemical cleaning stuff on the tire and look for where it’s bubbling on the tire for the hole

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