How to Fix Car that Clacks When You Turn (CV Joint and Axle)

How to Fix Car that Clacks When You Turn (CV Joint and Axle)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your car is make a clacking noise when you accelerate and corner at the same time,
like this, then odds are you need to a new CV joint and axle because it’s probably
broken, so we’ll jack it up to find out, and when we crawl under and look inside the
tire, there it is, the CV boot is ripped, the grease has come out, now the joints
worn out, now in the olden days we used to take it apart put it on the CV joint
on, but with these brand new axles that are made overseas, it’s cheaper just
buying the whole assembly than it is trying to fix it, and really then you get
both CV ends, all new boots and new axles, so it should last a long time,
so take the wheel off, then take the nut off that holds it in place, now being a
mechanic, I got an airgun and an impact wrench, if you don’t have that, you can
use one of these long cheater bars and pull on that to get it off, while someone
else sits in the car with their foot jammed on the brake to keep the wheel
from turning, that works good too, then we take the nut, loosen it off
the tie rod arm, and here’s a trick, then you just screw it on a little way, then get a
big hammer and hit the bottom to pop it out of place, as you can see, now it comes
out of the way, then we take the bolts that hold the strut into the hub off, and
then the whole hub slides off the axle, there it is, and now comes the fun part,
the other end of the axles snaps into the transmission, we have to pry this off
of some type of pry bar, so here I am with a little pry bar and a hammer, I’m
going to try to tap it out, well here goes, came out, and don’t be like me and forget
to put a drain pan under there to catch the fluid that drips out of the
transmission, I didn’t make too much of a mess, just remember to put the pan there
before you pop the axle out, some cars drip fluid when you pull them out, some
won’t, so always stick a pan under there first,
so if it does drip you’ll be able to catch all the fluid to put it back in,
and before you put the new axle in, here’s a trick I learned years ago, you
get some thick grease and then put it around the end of the axle that goes
into the transmission, because it’s got a little pin in here that snaps in place,
and if you put the grease in, it’ll stay here, if you don’t it might flop down and
then jam in and you’ll never get it to snap in right, I’ve had that happen and
it’s no fun, then you slide the axle into the transmission, and you hold it up and tap it with a hammer to snap it in place, and then the end slips into the
hole, and slides into the hub, then you put the nuts and bolts back on that hold the
strut to the assembly, put them on nice and tight, then put the tie rod back in, and get a new cotter pin and stick that
in the hole that fits through and bend it back, so it doesn’t fall off, and get the
axle nut on nice and tight, and stick a new cotter pin in there too, and
bend it back over so it doesn’t fall out, put the tire back on and the lug nuts,
then of course take out the transmission dipstick and put fluid back in that leaked
out, so the next time one of your CV axles breaks and starts clacking, why not
fix it yourself, and remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit the
scotty kilmer channel

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  1. Things I used in this video:
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    2. Sledge Hammer:
    3. Brake and Caliper Grease:
    4. Metal Oil Pan:
    5. Sledge Hammer:
    6. Ratchet and socket set:
    7. Mechanic’s Tool Set:
    8. Disposable Gloves:
    9. Steel Jack:
    10. Jack Stand:
    11. Common Sense
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  2. Scotty.. I have a 1999 chevy Silverado.. Its making a loud screechy sound when I turn left .. Doesnt dound ps pump related .. Its driving me nuts it sounds serious

  3. Hello Scotty, love your videos. I have a question. I just had my rack and pinion replaced on my Mercedes sprinter, but I noticed I get a popping noise when I’m backing in to a parking spot while turning the wheel. Did they not do the job right or is it something else?

  4. I owns Hyundai i 20…i fount that there is clicking sound coming from steering wheel while turning….so whats d problem?

  5. Hey Scotty – My daughter's 2005 Hyundai Elantra (man trans) front passenger wheel is clicking when turning in reverse. Seemed like a classic case of "replace the CV axle" which we did today. The noise is still there – what else could cause this?

  6. Looking at the color of the trans fluid, it needs to be replaced. I did learn one thing from what Scotty shows and that is to put grease on the end of the axle before putting it in the transmission. I have been fixing cars for 30 some years. First things major that I did was make a new wiring harness for the engine on a 64 chevy after the thing caught fire due to carburetor problems. The float was stuck, and flooded the engine and poured fuel all over the top of the engine. There are few things that I can't fix, but just as Scotty said in his videos about mistakes that he has done in the past. I have done the same thing and that is taking on jobs that are not worth my time, and I would be better off rejecting them (or as a former boss said don't say no just quote a high enough price to make it worth your trouble.)

  7. My BMW E60 2 issues.

    1. There is a single clunk/clank sound that happens 1x each time I turn down or up a steep driveway. I can feel this in the steering wheel, it sounds like it's coming from the front end. I don't notice anything else.

    2. There is a wobble that feels like you're driving on a flat tire or wavy road which you can feel at only 1-20mph. When car is going fast it's not noticeable. There is no pull when driving. I fear something is wrong that will affect other parts so I want this fixed ASAP.

    I just got my rims re-surfaced, so they are 100% flawless, got 4 brand new Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires, balanced and alignment done. The car's suspension was inspected and the mechanics said there were no problems….. any ideas?

  8. Scotty please help, my 2000 Dodge Neon ( Manual Transmission, Rear Drums) is making that same noise but is coming from the rear passenger side, My Cv axles were swaped a year ago as well as the 4 shocks, i noticed my exhaust hangers need replacement could that be the problem ?

  9. Do you then need to worry about alignment or anything? I am having this repair done as we speak and they did NOT mention needing to get alignment soon after this repair!

  10. Hii Scotty
    I need help

    My car did a wierd noise
    And they said it was the transmission

    And the noise might go away

    Does it needs a fluid change? Or a flush fluid?

    Please help me
    What is better

    I have a chrysler 300c

  11. i have a toyota camry…. After an accident ..The steering of the car is tilted and to keep the car driving straight…I have to keep the steering half tilted…even the axle also sounds to be loose when the car crosses a bump or an uneven road…Plaese tell what to do??

  12. THERE'S CAR'S THAT DON'T CLUNCK????????!!!???!!!
    THAT'S A miracle of GOD. Hell they come from the factory making noise. That's the reason they call then clunkers.
    I just get used to it. Then when a tierod comes off , I pray to GOD I'm not killed.

  13. O hell I drive them cv jounts till they start auto stearing. That's normal stuff on imports. U wast money doing mantance on cars. I don't even change oil. I DRAIN IT OUT!!!.
    I never put air in my tires. I never look under the hud.
    I never carry it to a dealership Becouse they won't u to by anouther junker. And mechanics won't to eat and pay their bills. I'm for starving them to death. Hell evory one knows the oners of the company have nothing to do with car bills. It's that pitiful old mechanic working in 130 degree heat and freezing in the winter that's to blame. Why hell I thought mechanics lived in mansions and eat nothing but caviar . Let's put the blame on them mechanics who have boils on their body's from staff infection. And we all know people pressure wash their engines to a sterile germ free hospital inviorment.
    Hell I thought working in a coil mind was like going on a crouse ship ride. I wounder what in hell do people think mechanics do for a liveing. Some people think we live in mansions and drink 1280 wines.

  14. You actually have three videos explaining the same thing, but in each one there are small nuggets that add up to one extra serving of auto-wisdom! 😀

  15. Thank you Scotty. You made this look so easy! Your video helped me tackle this myself and as a woman the only thing I didn't have was some of that elbow grease RUGH!
    The only extra tip I would say is leave the nut on when hammering the new axle into the transmission. Otherwise you risk damaging the threads.

  16. Hi scotty, if i put grease on the end of the axle that gose in the transmission, wouldent grease get in the transmission and if it dose is that good for the transmission???

  17. Amazing videos my friend, I replaced my 2 front axles on my 2006 MDX my friend is a mechanic he put it up and looked at it and said I did it properly it ran fine for a few days but now when I turn the wheel left or right I have that popping again what could be making these brand new ones bad is there something that is continuously breaking them? I have no leaks or brakes in the boots either any help would be amazing thank you!!

  18. My car makes a scrachy rattleling sound when I turn anywhere but straight what can it be I Already changed the rototors and break ? Help

  19. hello sir….got a question for you..after replacing both cv or drive axel on ..The car still making the cracking noise …What up with that sir….I got 2001 bmwx5.

  20. My driver side cv axle is torn. Should i ziptie a trash bag over the torn cv boot? Its not crackling yet, but i cannot afford another axle right meow.

  21. My truck mKe that noise when I’m turning or going straight it’s worser when going straight when I accelerate it goes away some but when I let off the accelerator it get louder I wonder what could it be

  22. Should test for transmission fluid in with the car running to see how far you are and then with the car warm add your fluid in and then retest!!! Right?

  23. Scotty, good overview video on doing this job. What's your opinion on applying anti-seize to the wheel-end splines of the axles? I did that when I did a brake job on my 4X4 2008 Chevy Colorado last year, and it was a godsend when I had to replace the original CV axles earlier this year.

  24. Got a 2004 Chevy impala 3.4 liter my drivers side clicks when am driving slow and it shakes and Wobbles about 35 to 45 miles an hour then it quits. Is it a bad cv axle? Need help here please thank you love the videos your a lot of help. Thanks Scotty

  25. Thats not made overseas. Its made right here in the USA at NTN Driveshaft in Columbus Indiana. I work there lol

  26. 0:22 That's OUR car! lol not the exact one but we have an '06 Hyundai Elantra that looks almost exactly the same. Not a bad car…

  27. I did this and when you bang it with a hammer you risk stripping the end of the axel where the nut goes back on. So now I can't get the nut back on. I need a m22 die but can't find one. So ya, I don't recommend banging it metal on metal. I didn't bang it hard. I think I just caught the end of it.

  28. I have sounds coming out of front- passager-side wheel. Sounds are most noticeable when turning left at slow speed. But there is nothing leaking and CV joint rubber mount is in good shape. They charge $70 to $120 locally just to look at it.

  29. my car actually maruti alto started sounding cranky while turning and accelarating after replacing its old boots and fixing its cv joints. Why it does so. Anyone?

  30. So i got a question on. BMW 2009 x5 4.8i it make a poping sound on the front right when turn the wheel I thinking it might be wheel carrier bearing

  31. my saturn has been doing this for the last 5 years and nothing has happened yet. should I be worried?

  32. I have a 07 nitro and theres a grinding noise when i let off gas. Gets louder when i push on the brake. Cant figure out what it is. Ive changed the brake pads and rotors. And nothing has changed.

  33. You know I really wish you would make the noise again and for more than just 1 sec, now i have to keep replaying that part..Gezz

  34. Hey Scotty Kilmer how much do you think this repair would run me? I dont really have the tools or the time to make the repairs myself most of the time, but ive been watching your videoes for about a year now and i love how informative your videos have been. I don't want some mechanic to over charge me

  35. Scotty just replaced cv axle, brakes and rotors on my wife's 2013 Camry hearing scrubbing noises and the passengers side not clicking but making a bumping noise, any suggestions

  36. @1:06 – Scotty, you don't need to have someone in the car holding on the brakes. Just stick a screwdriver in the rotor vent. It will press up against the brake caliper to stop the axle from turning.

  37. No link for where to buy the old chevy pick up used at the end?
    Before my truck 100% shits the bed I gotta buy one & faaaast.

  38. I cant find my issue…. mine only makes one “pop” and only when i turn it all the way, you know in those low speed under 5mph turns like pulling out of a garage

  39. Scotty I wish I lived close to you so I can bring my van in for you to fix!! You are clear informative!! Learned so much on your videos!!!!

  40. Hey Scotty I did that but still have that same exact same sound in my 94 civic, its the first time happened to me with a brand new cv axel installed do think the new axel could be defective.

  41. Morning Scotty, I have a 2017 Nissan Murono SV. It only has 38,000 miles. It makes clinking noises while moving the steering wheel. It does it with the vehicle in park to, while moving the steering wheel. It's kinda a clanking noise. It's not constant like in this video. The boot looks new, and is in tack, not ripped or leaking. Looks brand new. Any ideas? I'm going to make an appointment with the Nissan dealer today. It's getting worse. I thought I'd see if I could get an answer from you. It happens, so far, while making left turns, at slow speeds. Thank you for your time scotty.

  42. After watching this video I opened up a home business replacing cv axles. I'm making so much money under the table I'm thinking of watching all of Scotty's videos and expanding my services…Thanks Scotty!

  43. Scotty, I dunno if you'll reply but- Is the procedure for just changing the outer boot the same as this just without removing the entire shaft? I want to just remove the outer joint that has a torn boot and then clean and re grease everything. Can't afford a new axle and I've already got the boot.

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