How to Fix Bicycle Tires : How to Change a Flat Tire on a Bicycle

How to Fix Bicycle Tires : How to Change a Flat Tire on a Bicycle

I’m here on behalf of Expert Village to show
you how to fix a flat tire. What we do is we begin with taking the wheel off of the
bicycle. How that works is first thing you need to disengage the braking system. How
we do it is we simply squeeze the brakes together and remove the cable from its little holder.
At that point, we use the quick release. How the quick release works it holds the wheel
in place. We start by flipping the lever open, unthreading it until it clears the tabs on
the fork and the wheel comes right off. So we have our wheel and the worse that has happened
is we’ve got a flat tire. We let all the air out to show you kind of how this works. Now
when fixing a flat tire we are going to need a couple of tools. First and most importantly,
our tire levers. They are designed to take the tire on and off of the rim. How they work
is they have a shovel end on one side, its hooked and designed to take the tire off of
the rim and two little tabs on the backside. I’ll show you what they are for in just a
second. So we begin taking all the excess air out of the tire. Then what we are going
to do is we are going to take the tire lever, shovel hook side down and we are actually
going to hook the tire, flip it over. Now what the tabs are on the backside is they
actually hook onto the spoke and hold it into place. What you are going to do now is take
your second tire lever, couple of inches away and repeat. Now take the first one out, move
a couple of inches away still and over again. After 2 or 3 times of this, it is fairly easy
to just push the tire lever around the circumference of the tire and it takes it right off the
rim. We are going to remove the flat inner tube from the inside of the tire and either
replace it with a new inner tube or patch it. The most important part of fixing a flat
is checking to see what might have caused your flat. So starting at the label, we are
going to run our fingers along the inside of the tire. What we are looking for are any
sharp objects or any slice in the tire that might have caused the flat. Now what you want
to do as you are inspecting with your fingers, you want to keep your eye on a point of about
3 or 4 inches ahead of your fingers because you don’t necessarily want to catch your finger
on something very sharp because then you have a flat tire and you are bleeding. We’ve gone
all the way around, found the object and back at the labels. What we are going to do is
reinstall the tire onto the rim. How that works is we simply put one side of the tire
onto the rim. You will see it is somewhat on there, cavity is still open. We take our
new inner tube or patched inner tube and put a little bit of air into it. I’m going to
do that but you can use any sort of pump that you might have, whether it be a floor pump,
hand pump, foot pump or CO2 inflater. Giving it just enough air, give it shape, we start
with the valve. Put the valve through the valve hole and begin feeding the inner tube
into the tire. Once we have the inner tube into the tire, we just start working that
tire back onto the rim. You always want to use your hands for this. Don’t use the tire
lever once again because they can pinch the inner tube and give you another flat. With
the palm of your hand, simply roll the tire back onto the rim. There we go; its back in place. Now what we
are going to do is put air back into the tire. In this case, I am going to use the CO2 inflater.
These things are super cool. All you need to do is there is a charge C02 cannister and
the inflater, put it on, press it on and its full. We are done.

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  1. Amateurish video production. Close ups and cutaways are badly needed in several steps. Camerman forgot to tilt down at the end of the video. Not a good idea to use your fingers to find a hidden sharp object! Use your eyes first! Don't forget to remove the object, which the instructor forgets to mention!

  2. 2:50 or so he says that you should use your eyes first. You should use your eyes first and watch the video.

  3. Try performance bike on the web or Bike Nashbar (same company as performance) or a local bike shop. Price differs on the model. They are not expensive and worth every penny.

  4. Very informative video, thanks for this.

    A tip — before separating the tyre from the wheel, put mark on the tyre where the valve is using chalk or crayon.

    That way, once you have found the puncture in the tube, you can align it with the tyre to find the part of the tyre that had the sharp object in it — and may still have it in there. Better than feeling for thorns with your fingers!

  5. hey a couple things. there are many tricks to take tread off rims therefore levers are not required. Also if you begin by removing the tread from the opposite side as the valve there is less tension making it easier to remove.

    overall good vid rookie 😉

  6. this guy takes 5mins to do this it just takes me 2 mins this guy is an idiot by using that long ass way -_- …just take a wrench do what he did but push the wrench tell the tire comes off that takes at least 30 seconds -_-

  7. thank you very much first time changing a tire ever, on a road bike, and step by step it was perfect, took me a few tries but nothing like changing a tire on a saturday night! gotta get up early and get a ride in! thanks!

  8. use a shifter and loosen the bolts and then pull it out. if u dont have the things he has just use the bacj of a fork thts wat i do. it has to be flat but

  9. I watched a bunch of the how to videos on tube repair and this is the best. Too bad the video quality is so poor, though!

  10. awesome video, very thorough , thanks. its been awhile since i rode a bike and im getting back into it triathalon, doing a tri after hanging my cycling shoes up 10 yrs ago.

  11. wait, no outer tread. just inner tube. my road bike has an outer tread and it is a pain trying to take that off and put it back on. the inner tube is easy.

  12. @lightbrightdarklight Dude relax! If you don't give a shit about my triathlon then don't f#%£in read it. And speak for yourself , nobody else seems to be bothered by it. Maybe you should tale some midol for your cramps!

  13. @lightbrightdarklight surely you could figure that one out. The "L" is next to the "K"
    hmmmm TAKE perhaps? good job sherlock. midol : look the medication up, its for girls with PMS (should i spell that out for you too?)

  14. @lightbrightdarklight did you reply to your self so that @drdkulla wouldnt say anything to you anymore?

  15. Would have liked to see a few close-ups, but all-in-all a very helpful video. I'd also suggest in the future mentioning that not all bikes have quick releases. Thanks!

  16. I had two sets of those tire levers and didn't know it. Instead I used a butter knife and flat-head screw driver.

  17. i wonder if you would get out a 2.5 tire that easy,for tis tire you used,you didn't need leviers,or how they're called,you could use the hand,i want a video for removing a 2.5 tire,good luck

  18. Thanks a lot. Any recommendations for a good quality bike pump. Most of the ones I have seen are cheap plastic models.

  19. What a great help all these videos are. I did not have a flat but after the movers delivered my goods and bicycle I had a problem with the tire valves. This saved me 45€ and much stress doing it myself. I actually used my imagination as I did not have tire levers. Thank you internet and youtube.

  20. @cigneska lol no chicago it was at sum bike store the dude said he would change 4 bike tires and tubes for 150 i told him fcuck off and jus went to walmart

  21. Man this stupid "EXPERTVILLAGE" videos are starting to piss me off….I apreciate they trying to help…but please get a better camera and do better close ups of the steps. If you seen any of the other videos they have on different topics such as fixing a car you will know they are absolutely useless to the point that its funny.

  22. @chronicweedchibaganj $150 to fix a flat tire? Damn, even the store I go to on Long Island isn't that much!

  23. Ok, so what about the back tire? Can I do it w/o taking the rim off? I have a 27 speed and there is NO WAY I'm taking off the whole rim. I'd NEVER get it back on.

  24. …thanks, I thought I was the only one out there who didn't know how to change a flat tire………liked the part where this guy says: then you will have a flat tire and you will be bleeding……….LOL

  25. Thank you so much, realize now what my problem was. Is there anything that expertvillage can't explain? Remember how they help me then I was learning how to play saxophone 🙂

  26. @zhangjiaming go with plastic. if you put too much force on plastic ones, you're out a set of tire levers. if you put too much force on metal ones, you're left with a bent rim. which one would you rather have to replace?

  27. simply roll the tire back on to the rim….riiiiiight! this hardly ever works for me! gah! ugh he makes it look so easy. I'm covered head to toe in grease trying to get that damn tire back on the wheel LOL

  28. the tires not back on the frame yet and what about rear tire replacement…de-railers can be a bitch to get right

  29. Thanks for the video. Could you explain how you know that you're done after using the CO2? How do you know what the pressure is? I'm a newbie here, haven't changed a flat tyre in over a decade so any advice would be appreciated!

  30. Good tips, especially the one at the end where you roll the tire back onto the rim–a lot easier than using a flat head screw driver to prop it back in.

  31. i watched this video… at home i took 10 minutes to do it… 3 moths later for changing both tubes it took me 1hour… fuck.,

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