How to Fix a Wobbly Steering Wheel (Idler Arm Replacement)

How to Fix a Wobbly Steering Wheel (Idler Arm Replacement)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your car steering wheel is really
wobbling while you drive down the road, then stay tuned, because I’m going to show you
how to fix a car that has the wobbling wheel blues, now I jacked this car up in the air and
when I pulled on the wheel, man it wobbles like mad, so we know something’s really
messed under there, we’ll pull off the wheel and see what’s broken, when we pull
off the wheel and look inside, you can see, this part right here is just going up
and down, and up and down, it’s called the idler arm, and it’s not supposed to move at
all, so today I’m going to show you how to put a idler arm on your car when it’s worn
out, now the first thing to do is to get a pair of pliers, and pull off the cotter
pin that holds the nut in place, then you remove the nut off the end, then get a
big hammer and one of these tie rod separators, to hit it off, with you put
the separator right where the rubber is, and you hit it with a big hammer, sometimes you got to hit it really hard, then it tends to come off better, and now that
it’s off, you can see how worn out it is, then you just bolt on the end that bolts
onto the frame, and off it comes, and luckily for us, the replacement one is
the same shape as the original one, it’s a good idea to have the same piece, then
you slip the arm on, put the bolt on and tighten it, you want a nice and snug,
so won’t come off, and if you look closely inside here, there’s a nylon
washer built-in that locks this in place so it doesn’t slip off, then you just get
the bottom assembly here, and it slips into the hole, you might have to wiggle a
little bit because it can be hard, there it goes,
then you just put the castle nut on the bottom here and tighten it up, get that
nice and tight too, and don’t forget to put the little cotter pin back in, so it
doesn’t slip off, it just slips in the hole here, then you bend the other side
down so it doesn’t fall out, clipper pliers are real handy for that, and you
can whack it out, so it doesn’t come out, and voila,
no more wiggling when you pull it, it’s fixed,
so next time your car’s steering starts wobbling, why not try fixing it yourself,
and remember if you’ve got any car questions visit Scotty

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  1. hey Scott I got a 2001 dodge Durango 4.7 4X4 and I replace my upper and lower ball joints outer tie rod ends hubs steering shaft and there is still some play what should I do I also did a wheel alignment

  2. hey Scott I got a 2001 dodge Durango 4.7 4X4 and I replace my upper and lower ball joints outer tie rod ends hubs steering shaft and there is still some play what should I do I also did a wheel alignment

  3. when its wiggling just hit it hard or real hard and itll come off😂😂😂 then put it in the hole and wack it with pliers😂😂😂😂.. scotty u too funny!!!

  4. Mr.Scotty,
    Hope you are doing well Sir.
    I just bought a 2011 Crown Victoria police interceptor. When I drive it's shakes a little bit.
    What I suppose to do, please help.

  5. I have a steering problem that I have been chasing for a few weeks . I remove both side of the tied rod on my e46 BMW. I'm having a small movement on my driver side steering rack . The passenger side is solid , if it's just a straight shaft through that connect both side of the tied rod . Why am I getting only play on one side and not the other ? Nobody can answer that yet

  6. I've been around mechanics all my life and a truck driver for almost 20 years and Scotty is the most knowledgeable mechanic I've seen.

  7. Scotty, my cars got a very small amount of play on the steering at highway speeds and I can feel vibrations through the steering wheel, the two front wheels do not has play side to side up or down and I've inspected the ball joints etc they seem to be ok, my car also makes quite a lot of clunking noises though not when turning particularly just in general any clues on where to start? I've been told the struts need to be replaced they are 19 year old originals

  8. Sir, my car Nissan Xtrail-2011 shakes at 70-100 KMh speed range while accelarationg, above 100kmph vibration stops, evevn at lower speed i dont feel any vibration, kindly suggest any repair.

  9. This wobble/vibration problem on my 2008 F150 turned out to be a loose clamp holding the tire pressure sensor unit on the rim of one tire! Have the shop remove the tire from the wheel and check this. And then prevent it by shimming the unit with electrical tape or wire on each side to keep it from sliding around and around the rim.

  10. Quick question my two rear tires only seem to wobble left and right whenever I’m in a bumpy road what could be the cause of that? My dad said it needs an alignment?

  11. Hi Scott, I just bought an used 2013 Toyota Corolla which barely ran for 18000 miles and it has been good except for a little vibrating steering wheel. It's quite weird as I could feel more vibrations day by day although it doesn't pull to either side. Also, I don't seem to get decent fuel economy out of it. My fuel economy is close to 20 mpg which is quite bad. Any idea what's wrong with it? Thank you, you are doing a great job here on Youtube.

  12. Things I used in this video:
    1. Tie Rod Seperator:
    2. Sledge Hammer:
    3. Diagonal Cutting Plier:
    4. Ratchet and socket set:
    5. Mechanic’s Tool Set:
    6. Wrench Set:
    7. Shop Towels:
    8. Disposable Gloves:
    9. Flashlight:
    10. Steel Jack:
    11. Jack Stand:
    12. Common Sense
    13. Full HD Camera:
    14. My computer for editing / uploading:
    15. Video editing software:
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  13. My 96 Dodge ram van has play in the steering wheel and I replaced the driver's side idler arm so should I replace the passenger side to ?

  14. Quick and to the point… Only thing is, I have been watching several of Scotty's videos and not once did I see him use a torque wrench. And I know the specs aren't the same on every car, but If there are torque specs, it would be nice to know what they are cause snug or tight to him might not be the same for others, and I assume manufacturers use torque specs for a reason…

  15. I’ve got a question, when i turn to the left my steering wheel turns but the wheels don’t, but only to the left and only when i am manoeuvring, what do you think the problem is?

  16. I own a Chevy Cruze 2011, its steering wheel vibrates a bit at lower speeds but becomes smooth at high speeds.All the tires are brand new,No alloy bent could you please guide me what's the issue.

  17. you know scotty i been watching your vids for a l ong time i have a vw berrien buggy its all vw with the beetle front end that is knowed in vw world as the vw shimmy well i never had anyone tell me what in the hell causes it on a vw front end ? i have a friend that makes videos called bug me video , he worked for vw for lots of years decades and we are friend the only thing he told me about that subject was that vw had problems with that front end ,,,but no fix that i know of ,,now i am 64 worked on police cars in the past as a young man and shops in the 70s and beyond but i did not stay as a professional beyond the 90;s but always kept it up as a hobby or help out friends and such ,,,i figured you out of all people would probably would have as good of an answer as anyone else cause i trust your work i know a mechanic when i see one ,now with that said we all know that any loose parts in the front end is a no no now i checked for that i ts not it ,,,new tires , balanced at wall mart with their new machine the mechanic knows his machine he says i talked with him ,,i have machinist cut empi allluminum wheels they are straight as could be not out of round either the ball joints dont wobble when you take the tire and pull back and forth , i even jacked the car one side and checked it that way also i was thought that in automotive school ,,nothing loose there ! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS CAUSING THIS VW WOBBLE Scotty ,,,,please give me your input ,,,,thanks for sharing with us ,,,,dont stop we all love you

  18. One of the best mechanics I ever seen. He has helped me realize of many car problems, now the mechanics where I live cannot trick me that easily. Thanks Mr.Kilmer

  19. Scotty i just subscribed to tour channel. I've always taken my car to a mechanic since I'm afraid to touch it. Hopefully with this little knowledge I can start fixing my car. Thanks.

  20. Hi i have an 05 altima 3.5 when I go around half circle on exiting the freeway or entering the freeway the rear end of my car sways and wants to break loose what do you think that is

  21. I have a 99 f150 feels like when I turn left orv right under low speed the entire weight of the front end shifts. Could that be this I hear click and clunking but this truck has 296k on it and always made funny noises so ive never worried about it have had it 6 years with 202k when i got it she runs well drives great 99% of the time but that scares me when I turn and the weight shifts lol

  22. i got a question, my steering is loose, i called dodge looking for an idler arm, they sounded confuse, do u know if its called something differnt for dodges

  23. Mechanic work is easy u just got to be inclined and pay good attetion to all the parts of the car to see wear and tear

  24. Love the semi sarcastic humor going🙂 You are the best automotive repair/help channel on YT, or any media platform really!

  25. Is that Richard Dawkins? I heard he was a remainer, but this is totally different to pre-referendum Richard… get well soon.

  26. Please help me: I have a Peugeot 206 2005 it pulls to the left when I accelerate hard or change gears… what could be the problem?

  27. I have a 1998 Dodge Durango I need to know what size bolts to mount the steering gear box to frame not even dodge can tell me
    Thanks in advance

  28. Mr. Kilmer, do you have a Twitter account so I can message you (with pics)? I have an issue with the pivot bracket and idler arm on my 1999 Z71 Silverado.

  29. I am going to get one of this fancy separator tools, never knew about those. Great video and fixing components is not so bad…not after you see Mr. Kilmer do it. Wow, great video. Thank you.

  30. Hi Scotty!, I have a wobbly steering wheel and acceleration is reduce and a burning metal smell happen when I go at high speed. I had the axel replace, bearing replaced, brake checked, and tie rod end replaced. However the problem is still happening, what could be the problem. The mechanic had me do all the above replacement for an expensive amount but the problem still there.

  31. Let the damn thing come off. U try to suggest replacing that thing ,your going to catch hell from costumer. They think u like working on car and are trying to rip them off . After 35 years I thought I had to be insane. NOBODY WORKS ON CARS FAR A LIVING NOWADAYS! !!.

  32. Helooo
    My car Subaru Tribeca 2011, The steering wobbles when I jump potholes and humps. But the wheels are solid unlike in the video. What do you think is the problem?

  33. Hey dude. I love your videos they are quick, concise and very to the point. i like the fact that you also encourage people to do it there self. Thanks

  34. It won’t always be a pitman arm unfortunately. Inner tie rod, outer tie rod, pitman or idler arms, bad rack and or pinion, steering gearbox or even steering rack bushings. Liked the video but can be misleading for those who have this symptom and are looking for a pitman arm and may not even have one. This is more so related to earlier model vehicles and trucks.

  35. I have a 2007 chevy silverado extended cab that vibrates when I break
    and at very low speeds. I replaced the outer tie rod that was lose and
    replaced the stabilizer link. I also replaced all rotors and drums and
    all breaks but problem is still there. truck vibrates at very low speeds
    when I break at low speeds but not when i break hard. Any advice would
    be appreciated thanks. My steering wheel does not shake or vibrate just truck and break pedal.

  36. My truck. A 2002 nissan frontier has the same. Issue. Failed inspection because the front end was everywhere. They told me they thought it was tie rods or A arms. But after looking closely found my ildler arm had a little clunk to it. So i went to Napa and got a new one. When i opened it. On the packaging it had this big warning label on it stating that a professional should do it and not having one do it could cause death blah blah blah. And that i need to get an alignment done once its replaced. Which i knew. What do u think. Is that label for insurance purposes on the manufacturer's part. Or should i have a shop do it?

  37. When driving it vibrates through the steering wheel I have had front wheels balanced and the correct presher my car is a x 3 b,m.w thanks

  38. Question I jacked my car up and put a jack stand on the lower arm control. Now my car wobbles at low speed. My car is a toyota camry 2009. I think the lower arm control is bent.

  39. I need this guy. Most mechanics take advantage of me 😭 I have spent over $2k and none of the 8 mechanics have fix the problem!

  40. So I just recently changed the struts and shocks of my car. But after changing the front struts, it started to wobble. The steering wheel doesnt shake. The car wobbles. I jacked up the car and noticed the the CV axle seems loose. One side of the boot is leaking. But not the other side. Passenger side axle is the one that seems loose. Could this be the problem or a suggestion for me to check?

  41. I got an 86 c10. Inner/outter tie rods new. Pitman arm new. Gear box new. But steering wheel has play like the intro of vid. Also, wheels dont move as he demonstrated. Any advice?

  42. If I change the idler arm do I have e to change the pitman arm and tie rods just that the idler arm doesn't get worn out prematurely

  43. Would i need an alighnment after replacing this piece? I just had an alighnment and found at after i need an idler arm

  44. Best "do it yourself" auto repair channel on YouTube. Your videos have helped me troubleshoot and fix all kinds of problems on my own vehicle as well as friends of mine. My girlfriend even took my advice about watching your channel and she cant get enough of it. Thanks for all the help and giving the straight answers to so many technical and mechanical issues!

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