How To Fix A Broken Off Bolt

How To Fix A Broken Off Bolt

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show you how to fix a
common problem when you’re putting sway bar bushings in, sometimes these blind
bolts just break off, as you can see, there’s two bolts that hold the collar
on, this one’s okay, but this one here has broken off inside, and unfortunately, it’s
what’s called a blind bolt, it goes into a nut that’s welded inside the frame, and
there’s no way you can get inside the frame, so here’s a trick anyone can do,
the first thing we do is go to the good sides that still that’s two good bolts,
and get those bolts nice and tight, then we go to the other side of the vehicle
for the other side of the torsion bar, and we tighten up the one good one
that’s there, now that still leaves the bad one here that’s broken, it’s almost
impossible to ever drill them out on these old things, because it’s a welded
not on the inside, so we’re just going to weld this side of the bracket onto the
frame, the first thing you do is brush off all the paint and crud where you’re
welding, then disconnect the battery because we’re doing electric welding, we
don’t want to short anything out, then start welding, and don’t forget to wear
your welding hat, then when your done the other side’s welded on and it won’t
come off, and remember when you’re done spray all the weld area with paint, so
it doesn’t rust, so if you broken off a bolt while working on your vehicle, now
you know how to fix it, remember if you’ve got any car questions
visit the Scotty Kilmer channel and I’ll answer them as soon as I get back
from my Shack.

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  1. Hmmmm just weld the bolt up and weld a nut on it and take it out. Been working on heavy equipment since 87 had many bolts break in main frame of dozers, took the welder and carefully built up the bolt till i could either get a nut welded on, or grip it with a vise grip. The heat from the welding usually breaks the rust loose

  2. If you are going to weld something, why not weld another bolt to the existing one that is stuck. First the heat from the weld will crack the rust and second with the welded on bolt you could simply unscrew the old one.. No need for a tap, no need for waisted time.

  3. coming out the woodwork! yes a tap method is much more practical. id be pissed if done to mine this way. all that sloppy slag. and a spray painted new bushing.
    a quick fix just not practical..
    make sure the kids know for the metal to cool before painting..later gearheads😁

  4. i bet every one who has a better idea on this thread of comments are having a wet dream that they no what they are doing

  5. quick question i have a 2000 honda civic lx that is missing the bolts to the hose that connects to power steering i need to know the size of them can you help

  6. Quick Fix. Id have first tried using an easy out if that didnt work woulda just welding a nut on the end of the broken stud. Ohh well bigger fish to fry that sway mounts on an old pickup 🙂

  7. if done very carefully, you can use a torch to slowly wash the bolt out without damaging the threads. if the threads get damaged, just retap the nut. 30 minutes to fix. just let the frame cool down before tapping.

  8. I like your videos but as a fellow welder i feel that this is a bad solution. Removing a stuck bolt isnt that hard unless you live somewhere with road salt. Also i might be wrong but it looked like you used 6010/11? That weld will crack. You gotta use 7018 for welds that will see lots of vibration, its more ductile.

    And you should have put a c clamp on the bracket to hold it tight to the frame. Or alternatively weld a new nut onto the remaing bolt. They come right out when you do that.

  9. Nope. Not doing this to my car, or to anyone else's car either. The heat from welding damaged the new sway bush anyway…….

  10. All of you "mechanics" need to shut up, the truck is old and drilling out the bolt isn't worth it. When it needs to be changed again, just grind it or use leverage….

  11. Why waste effort welding on a vehicle with torsion beam suspension? You'd be better off just telling the customer to buy a different car.

  12. That is not the proper way of fixing a broken bolt. You might want to change the title and be specific, not to confuse the audience.

  13. that door sounds old. im learning how to fix cars and I had a couple of bad placed bolts break off. thanks for the tip!!

  14. All depends on one's definition of "fix a broken off bolt." My definition of "fix" means to replace to it's original state or a close proximity of. This "solution" does not meet that criteria.

  15. The very BEST way to do this, is to take a nut smaller then the broken bolt. Place it on top of the broken bolt so the hole of the nut aligns with the broken bolt, then weld the inside of the nut to the top of the broken bolt. You can then proceed to turn the nut to get the broken bolt off.

  16. I always drill and tap in this case. It takes almost as long to set up and weld as it does to drill out and tap. When you "hack weld" you screw the next guy… and that next guy might just be you again.

  17. What you also could do is dril a hole in the broken bolt, smaller in diameter than the bolt, not drilling in to the threads, and drill it a couple of milimeters deep. Then you take a slightly bigger (wider) torxsocket and you hammer it in, then connect it to a ratchet and most of the time the bolt comes right out by turning it. This wont hurt your torx most of the time because it's made from harder steel. To remove the torx just put the bolt in a vice and wiggle the socket back and forth and it will come out. This way you don't have to retap the whole and you can fix it more neat. If you have trouble getting the socket out you can use some pliers or even a hammer and a rod to hit the edge of the socket. To do a perfect job you could quickly run a tap through.

  18. I'd only do this if the car was old and not worth much, and if the part was going to last the rest of the life of the car.

  19. You can cut and weld a smaller size bolt onto that broken one and then apply some rust penetrating spray before removing it.

  20. I would just spray the broken bolt with WD40, put a little amount of super adhesive glue on the middle, and stick a good bolt on it. After it dries, it works just like an extension, rather than welding it altogether that would probably made the situation worse.

  21. yes it works, but,i would heat broken stud up to soften metal then drill out…maybe hit with a die grinder first so bit would not get caught and snap…then just replace with a bolt and lock washer and nut….

  22. i followed your advice and now i have welded 80% of the cars engine bolts and ancillary bolts, it runs really good my ancillery belt pulley broke so i just welded it, it grinds alot but its strong, loads of smoke but its strong. I lost my hood screw for the tensioner bracket so i just welded it shut, works a treat really

  23. Not a big deal.. The next guy can simply use a cutting wheel and off it comes.. That would be 20-30 years down the road… This was not fixing any bolt BTY.

  24. You guys seem to overlook that he said you can't tap it because there is a nut welded on the inside of that beam, so welding was the only option really, unless you want to get into big cash to fix it.

  25. If you would ask me id say this is as good if not better then the other alternative I've seen many techs do (Drill the center and use a self tapper)

  26. Dont slam Him for His fix.If you decided to do all the drilling tapping ezout and left hand drilling and it didnt work this will get you by.He got everyone talking about it didnt he.

  27. Things I used in this video:
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    3. Common Sense
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  28. Scotty, I've loved watching your tips for years but on this one, I'm just hoping you're trolling the masses. I must disagree with this method. Of course, this may be a good way to get repeat business when you need to work on the sway bar again and the truck owner comes to you since you welded it on.

  29. How to fix a broken bolt. Don't. Just weld it together.

    Honestly , I had to recently drill out a stuck bolt for my rear sway bar. My car is a cheap junky honda , I had very little money and junky tools and had to lay down on my gravel driveway to do it. But i still did it the right way , even though I could have half assed it. Scotty you shouldn't do worse repairs than me , I shouldn't be any sort of standard to live up to. I'm typically doing every single thing the wrong way. But you shouldn't . At least do it off camera. That way you can argue "do as i say not as i do" which i firmly believe in.

  30. How do you get a broken bolt out of the top part of the motor where the thermostat housing sits. On a 1990 Dodge pickup truck. Both bolts are broke off one is barely sticking out the other one broke off below the top of the surface.

  31. You absolutely never ever weld directly on to the frame! Ever! This changes the chemical composition of the frame thus making it more brittle

  32. Wow I actuly had a shocked face when you said weld it to the frame that would fail a inspection where I'm from and there are other ways drill it and re tap, drill it out and use a riv nut and the last would be to cut the frame and remove the captive nut

  33. My instructor would s*** bricks if anyone in his class did that. Extractor set and a small drill bit extract the bolt clean the threads then insert new bolt.

  34. Why does everyone have their panties in a twit? This is some old beat up Truck. What do you think the owner o the vehicle wants? Scotty to fix it quick, or Scotty wasting an hour, $150 in labor, doing it "right"?

    Weld away Scotty.

  35. I have to agree, it's only a "temp fix" . You Arc welded it but, suggested using Oxy/Acetylene welding.

  36. terrible advice, never do this. the weld could break, you can melt your bushing etc. don't be lazy! do it right the first time.

  37. Weld a small washer to the old broken off bolt, then weld a nut to the washer. Wait for it to cool down, take a torch to the area around the bolt to expand it (don't torch the bolt itself). and then take an impact gun to it.

    Drilling out the bolt and re-tapping the hole isn't the end of the world either, it takes 5 minutes

  38. I need to know how to totally remove a broken off bolt. Also, they broke my alternator off from the frame and broke where the bottom bolt holds the alternator onto the engine. Is it possible to weld the piece that broke off the car so that they can reinstall my alternator?

  39. If YouTube had a disbar feature, you'd deserve it for this one. Do it right or don't do it at all. This would make 99/100 mechanics cuss you out if you did it on a car they had to work on later. Even a failed drill job and a self tapping bolt would have been a better fix.

  40. Scotty this must be the most disappointing video you made, and when I really needed some help with a broken bolt too

  41. Seriously? What a joke. I guess I’ll just weld my VTC solenoid bracket to the lower plenum… shouldn’t ever need to take that off again over the life of the car, right? 🙄

  42. Dude, no disrespect to your 49 years of experience but you did not show how to fix a broken bolt, you just cheated and welded. Worthless video!

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