How to Fix a Bike Flat without a Patch Kit

How to Fix a Bike Flat without a Patch Kit

How to Fix a Bike Flat without a Patch Kit. You’re miles from home with a flat and reach
for your trusty patch kit, but it’s not there. Don’t panic. Use these in-a-pinch tricks. You will need A sunglass strap and leaves
or grass. Step 1. Turn your bike upside down and remove the
wheel. Then use your hands or a bike handle to separate
one side of the tire from the rim. It’s possible to fix a flat without removing
the wheel, but much more difficult. Step 2. Take out the deflated tube and determine the
location of the hole. Step 3. Wrap the strap from your sunglasses around
the hole in the tube like a tourniquet, tying several knots around and next to the hole
to create an airtight seal. Step 4. Fill the tire with as many leaves as possible
if you don’t have a strap. If there are no leaves available, fill the
tire with grass, molding the grass to the outer part of the tire and working inward. Make sure to fill the tire completely and
evenly with the leaves or grass. Step 5. Put the tire back onto the rim and replace
the wheel. Step 6. Ride directly and slowly home to avoid damaging
your rim. Remove all the leaves or grass before putting
in a new tube. Did you know Cycling has been an Olympic sport
since 1896.

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  1. We rode on the rims because we could not afford tires. They worked fine until you needed to brake of round a turn!

  2. be careful with this, I once tried to tie off a leak with electrical tape, but when I inflated the tube it exploded, going from one that could have later been properly patched to shredded rubber.

  3. @Commando303X he was showing two differnent ways to repair , one with string and one with leaves

  4. @tonboy907 Superglue, or any cyanoacrylate, is not a good adhesive to use for patching a tire because it dries in a brittle state. Over time, the glue will crack and the rubber patch will not be airtight anymore.

  5. @wlexxx naw his seat is too high, he won't be able to get as much air from bunny hopping. But that was a good question, why did he tie his tube lol?

  6. in new york its hard to find leaves or grass but what would i do is wheelie then back to home yea if its front rite flat- nice tips.

  7. I really hate taking public transportation and being driven around by forgetful parents who lost their eyesight and hearing. I want to learn how to ride a bike.

  8. he wrapped the tube to put pressure on it, and then putted grass / leaves to fill in the gap in the tire that was made from the wrapping.
    No? 😛

  9. how long before a full bike tire naturally runs out of air? i'm about to go 70 miles across a 2-day period,will the tires naturally deflate by then?

  10. Yeah but do you put the inner tube back in or leave it out? And if so do you pump the tube back up? It didn't mention any of that.

  11. Translated into understandable English:

    A) Tie a string around your tube's hole to seal it off, then blow the tube up with your mouth


    B) Fill the tire with grass to simulate blowing up the tube

    You're welcome, YouTube.

  12. I think, this tip does not probably work to someone how has pretty weak muscle.
    How can they release external tier with hands?

  13. l did this and worked for what five km , used two hex keys to turniqet the strings . also can ride on it flat putting body over steering if flat in back or lean back if in front . or remove tube and ride on tire, sometimes comes off then place rim in tire and ride with sidewalls outside of rim . or ride on rim if old ok to damage. can always get another from throwaway bike.

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