How to fit big wheels and tires WITHOUT hacking the sh*t out of your truck!

How to fit big wheels and tires WITHOUT hacking the sh*t out of your truck!

– Hey guys. Fuller again with Custom Offsets. Custom Offsets TV on the youtube. We have another episode of stuff
I never knew/How to for ya. We’re doin’ another NorCal video. But this is a little different. ‘Cuz every time we post a NorCal video, some keyboard warrior goes in
the comments and says like, “That’s not how you do it. “You shouldn’t take a
hammer to that truck. “You’re just beating the metal. “Why don’t you get it done the right way?” Well here we go. We’re doin’ it the right way. ♪We got them mean trucks, decked out, ♪ ♪ Rollin through the woods
and they flexed out. ♪ ♪ Rims so big and the windows black ♪ ♪ Got the light bar lit
double chromed out stacks ♪ ♪ Yeah we love to get ’em
dirty, but still they so clean ♪ ♪ Custom offsets, team
stance is the team. ♪ ♪ We on top of it now, we
ain’t ever gonna fade ♪ ♪ So ya better be ready
we takin over the game. ♪ (jazz lounge music) (grinding) (hammering and flame sparking) All right guys, so here
at Dreher Collision Center in Appleton. You guys always get mad when
we do the NorCal videos. So this one rubbed real bad, so we decided you know what, let’s take it. And we’ll get this done professionally and show you guys how
involved this process is. So if you bring the camera in
here, I’ll kinda show you … This isn’t going to be a step by step, but it will just show you
all the work that’s involved. So, this entire panel … The inner fender liners are removed so you can see all this …
Entire panel has to be cut out. This entire section comes out. Then, we’re takin’ the fender, and then this piece,
which actually starts off about an inch and three quarters, gets cut out of the fender here if you picture that in there. So that’s cut out as a pie cut. And then you’re pushing all this back and then you’re re welding it and then working this corner
to match the same shape obviously as the rest of your fender. The bottom is still done
just like a regular NorCal. Where this piece is folded up and hit back and you just smash it
in there with a hammer. You guys are gonna get mad,
but that’s how you do it. Behind this panel, there’s
structure also for the fender and the pinch weld. So you have to cut the pinch weld, hammer it over. Then also take out some of
the structure that holds this fender in place when
all this gets pushed back. So overall, this is back nearly two inches by the time you get everything back and then put those fender liners back in. And again, this is the
giant piece of metal that you’re cutting out of your fender. So this is not really a
do-it-yourself in the garage kinda situation here. We’ll take you to the
other side and show you the clearance then. So on this side of the truck, we’ll kinda show you the clearance. Now this a 2010 Suburban 2500. So this is gonna be similar
to your Silverado 2500 HD. And as far as fitment goes this is a 22 by 12 negative 44 wheel wrapped in a 35 inch tire. And that’s a negative
44 offset on that wheel. So usually this set up would rub for days and because this vehicle was
in an accident previously it was really bad … So now you can see he’s
got at least a two inch gap at full lock. So you have no problem getting
in and out of driveways with this thing, or if you
want to take it off road you’re not going to smash everything up. But again, this bottom piece
from the fender is folded over. The fender itself was pie
cut and then pushed back. And this whole inner
liner had to be cut out. You sink it back there. Move that structure behind the fender and then weld it all back in place. And then this still has to go to paint. So, overall, it’s a pretty expensive project to do. Best case scenario you can get some of the finish work done here for right around that 6,7,$800 range depending on how involved
it’s going to be. And how much your truck is rubbing. And then you still need paint. So on a white or black vehicle,
it’s going to be easier because you don’t have to
blend it quite so much. You can just paint the fender. But if you gotta blend the doors, if you’ve got a different color truck or something like that, depending on how old it is,
if there’s any fade going on. The paint work can easily run
you at least another thousand. So you’re talking right around the 1800
to 2000 and up range. And this is something that
a regular collision center might not do for you. So you have to find somebody
that’s experienced in it and understands what they’re doing. Because this is a pretty
expensive modification. But hopefully that helps and
it makes you understand why we do the simple NorCal,
where you just get in there, hit some stuff back, cover
it with the fender liner, run some self-tappers in. Because that’s what most people
are doin’ in their garage and we want to show you how to do that if you want to do it yourself. If you want the SEMA quality show truck, then this is something that
you’re gonna have to do. Spend that money to get this done. So hopefully that explains it. If you guys have any other
questions regarding trimming, or want to see other videos, just let us know in the comments. And make sure you like us on Facebook and subscribe on youtube. (record scratching)

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  1. Shit I wouldn’t wanna see my truck go through that pain just to fit some bigger tires. I was cringing through the beginning of the video

  2. I wasn't to crazy about what the nor cal did to your truck fuck doing all that cutting and welding. Bet someone will post that's not the right way to do it.

  3. Get em' Fuller! Call those keyboard warriors out haha. Well explained for real though. I agree the NorCal's you guys do I think is most practical and gets the job done (especially with retaining the inner finder liners, keeps everything looking clean). Another great video keep them coming.

  4. I have a 2006 hummer h3 with 2 1/2" leveling kit with 22×14 on 35 and i rub a lot what can i do to help it not rub? It rubs in the same place like this video? CAN U PLEASE HELP OUT!!!!!…… i live way to far from u guys or i would take it to u guys for sure!!!! CAN U Please give me a advice?

  5. Shoot we had to do almost this exact same thing on my obs Chevy Silverado to fit my 22×16 on 40s gave it a full 3 inch of space at full crank

  6. Bout to do this to a 01 yukon to fit the 20×12 with 35 12.50 with a 6 in lift .. very helpful vid ,thanks 👍👍👍

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