How To Fit 35″ Tires on Your 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

How To Fit 35″ Tires on Your 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

I’m Ryan from and in this
video, we’re gonna be doing a basic build on this Jeep behind me. This is a four-door 2018 JL. And in the process of doing that build, we’re
going to show you what size tire you can fit on this Jeep in stock trim without a lift
kit installed on it, what issues you may or you may not run into with that larger size
tire, and then go ahead and install a lift and show you what the big benefits to having
a lift kit installed on your Jeep are when you’re running that bigger set of tires. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel,
that way you can check out some detailed product review videos of all of the different items
that we’re going to be installing on this Jeep and all of our other great 2018 JL content. So, the Jeep that we’re gonna be working on
today is a four-door 2018 JL Sport. And why that matters is that the Rubicons
are going to come with a couple different parts on them. A Rubicon’s gonna come with the set of 33-inch
tires and they are also going to be a mud terrain tire out of the factory. And it’s also going to have a higher clearance
fender on it, meaning that the fender is moved up a little bit. So, larger tire, more clearance right out
of the factory. We’re not going to be talking about that. We’re going to be building the Sport here. So, the fenders are going to be a little bit
lower and this has a 32-inch tire on it right out of the factory and they’re obviously not
a mud terrain. So, you are going to be able to go off-road,
you’re gonna be able to drive on-road. You’re not going to have any clearance issues. Of course, you would expect that coming right
out of the factory. The suspension is designed to handle the sized
tire that’s installed on the Jeep. If you do wanna go up to a slightly larger
tire, a 33, you’re probably not gonna run into a ton of issues. If you’re going to be installing a 35-inch
tire, you’re gonna be getting a little bit closer to where you may or may not have some
rubbing issues, and if you install a 37-inch tire without a lift kit, chances are you’re
going to have a lot of rubbing issues. But we are going to show you that in just
a second. So, if your goal is to run a 35-inch tire
and you’re just staying on the road, you can usually get away with that without installing
a lift on your Jeep. So, for now, let’s go ahead and bolt a set
of 35s up to this Jeep, flex it a little bit and take it for a drive just to see if we
have any sort of rubbing. So, as you can see, these 35 12.50 by 17s
are significantly larger than the 32s that came off of this Jeep. They’re going to be a taller tire. They’re also gonna be a wider tire. And this is a mud terrain. This is Nitto’s Trail Grappler. So, as you can see, it’s gonna have a really
large lug here with lots of space in between which is going to help the tire clean itself
out when you’re off-road. If it gets completely caked in mud it becomes
a slick, you have no traction. So again, these large openings here are designed
to clean out the tire, give you your grip back. All of the large lugs do have some siping
in there that allows the tire to contour around any obstacles that you might be driving over. Again, just giving you maximum traction. So, this is going to be a very good off-road
tire. The downside if you wanna call it that of
a mud terrain tire on the road, is that it is going to make a little bit more noise and
it is going to wear a little bit quicker than a all-terrain or a highway-style tire. So, do keep that in mind. So, we are gonna get this Jeep down on the
ground. We’re gonna turn lock-to-lock. We’re gonna see if we have any clearance issues
with this bigger, wider tire and also check the clearance between the fender flare and
the top of the tire. My first impression is I really like it. I like the look of a big tire and a small
lift, especially if the suspension is set up for a lot of down travel. Now, as you can see there is not a lot of
clearance here between the bottom of the fender and the tire. There is also not going to be a lot of clearance
between the bumper and the control arm when you have a big wheel and tire on the Jeep
like this. So, this is where you can get into some trouble
if you’re gonna try and take the Jeep off-road and do any sort of articulating. On the road, you’re probably gonna be just
fine and we’re gonna take this out on the street and just check it out, but you’re not
really gonna get this much travel. We shouldn’t have any issues. So, we’re obviously not in an off-road situation
here, but well we are simulating is one. So, if you were to go off-road with this Jeep
in stock trim except for the larger 35-inch tires, this is something that you could possibly
come across. Now, this is really a maximum articulation,
maximum flex situation with the front and rear sway bar still connected. And as you can see out back here, we have
not just rubbing, but heavy contact between the big 35 and the fender flare. And if I poke my head underneath the Jeep,
I can see that there’s still a good bit of space between the bottom of the jounce bumper
and the bump stop pad on the axle which means there’s nothing to keep this tire from traveling
even further up into the fender which can cause damage to the fender flare, the fender
itself, the tire. It can really cause a lot of different issues. So, this is certainly something you’re going
to wanna keep in mind if you do decide to take your Jeep off-road with 35s, but in otherwise
stock suspension, you will have some rubbing issues especially in the back here. You want to possibly look into some bump stop
extensions to keep this from happening. Now, let’s swing around to the front of the
Jeep, and obviously you can see that there’s still space here. We are not making contact between fender and
tire. And if you poke your head under the Jeep in
the front, there’s actually much less space between the bottom of the jounce bumper and
that jounce plate. So, this may travel up just a little bit more
as that jounce bumper compresses and you may end up with some light rubbing here, but I
don’t think it’s going to be nearly as severe as in the back. So, upfront here, you could get away with
running a large set of 35-inch tires off-road without adding a bunch of bump stop extension
with an otherwise factory suspension system. Now, what we’re gonna do is take the Jeep
for a ride and see if we have any clearance issues. All right. Now, that we got the Jeep on the road here,
I’m gonna do just a couple of low speed turns here in the parking lot and really not feeling
any rubbing. We didn’t see any when we had the Jeep inside,
so I wasn’t expecting to have any major differences out here. If you have a little bit more backspacing
on the wheel, if you’re running a 13/50 or 14/50, a wider tire, you may have some rubbing
if you’re going with a wider wheel. You may have some rubbing. So, this setup that we have now, 17 by 9 four
and a half-inch backspacing, twelve and a half-inch tire, no rubbing when we turn lock-to-lock
at low speed. So, we’ll take this thing for a quick spin
around the road here and just make sure we don’t have any rubbing. So, I did get the wheel hard over to the lock
there, going with a little bit of speed while…when I whipped around there. No rubbing at all with this setup. If you’re going off-road and you’re trying
to flex the thing out, you are going to have some clearance issues. You are going to wanna modify the suspension,
even if it’s just adding bump stop extensions. But driving on the road, I wasn’t expecting
to have any sort of up and down rubbing of the tire on the fender, and so far, no real
clearance issues with this setup in a stock system. So, we did install a set of 37-inch tires
on this Jeep in stock trim and obviously this is not going to work for you. Even if you’re just driving on the road, a
normal bump is going to take up this much space. You are gonna put the tire into the fender. That’s just not going to work. Let alone all the other clearance issues you
are going to rub when you turn lock-to-lock, you’re probably going to rub on a factory
front bumper. Thirty-sevens are just not going to work on
a stock Jeep. So, we’ve seen what this stock Jeep looks
like on 35s and 37s even under some articulation. Now, let’s throw a lift kit on it and give
it a little bit more room big tires [SP]. So, the lift kit we decided to install to
give some more room for some big tires is the SkyJacker three and a half to 4-inch lift
kit with dual rate coils and the M95 monotube shocks. This is going to be an inexpensive and fairly
basic lift kit, doesn’t include a ton of components in it. However, they are going to be some pretty
decent components and they are going to allow us to run a bigger tire on the Jeep. SkyJacker says you can run a 37 with this
lift kit, but we’re gonna go ahead and test both 35s and 37s. So, you’re going to get all four new coil
springs and these are going to be SkyJacker’s dual rate springs, so you’re going to have
a stiffer rate and a lighter rate all within the same spring, that’s going to help the
spring from fully compressing. This kit does come with bump stop extensions,
that’s also very important in keeping the springs from going into coil bind. When the coils actually touch, that can damage
the spring. So, those bump stop extensions that come in
the kit are very important. You’re gonna have those for both the front
and the rear. Again, these are the M95 shocks. So, these are a little bit of a nicer shock
than the other ones that you can get with this kit. This is going to be a monotube, so you’re
going to get a little bit more of a comfortable ride out of this shock as supposed to the
twin tube or the dual tube, especially when the shocks are really moving, when you’re
doing some higher speed off-road. The kit is also going to come with a track
bar bracket for the rear and an adjustable track bar for the front and some brake line
extension brackets for both front and rear, that way you’re not going to pull a brake
line taut when you are in an off-road flexing situation. So, we’re going to get it sitting on the ground
on 35s, take a look at it and see what we think. So, we got the Jeep back on the ground after
finishing up the lift kit and have a set of 35s on it. And it looks pretty good. There is a good bit of gap here. Again, SkyJacker says you can run a 37-inch
tire with this three and a half to 4-inch lift kit. We have 35s on it just to see how it looks,
just to see what kind of clearance we get. And as you can see there is plenty of clearance. We took it outside, we flexed it in the same
spot that we did when the Jeep was stock on 35s and we had zero clearance issues. Absolutely fine. There’s definitely enough room for a bigger
tire. So, let’s go ahead and through that on there. So, like I said, SkyJacker does recommend
the set of 37-inch tires with this size lift kit. So, that’s what we threw on there. And as you can see it looks really good. It actually looks more proportionate than
the 35s with the stock suspension. The stance is really nice in my opinion. Everything is a little bit bigger, a little
bit beefier, a little meaner looking and it should perform really, really well for us. As you can see there’s still plenty of clearance
between the top of the tire and the fender, even on this non-Rubicon Jeep. There’s some clearance to the back of the
fender flare here. You’re not gonna have any rubbing issues. Even with a factory front bumper it looks
like you have plenty of clearance. It’s not rubbing on the frame, on the control
arm. It seems that lock-to-lock and in a flat or
driving scenario, 37s are going to fit just fine. But it is a little bit close in some places,
so I what I wanna do is take it back out on the hill, flex it out and see what it looks
like in an off-road situation. So, we’re definitely gonna have a lot more
clearance now that we installed the lift over when we had the 37s installed in stock trim. And as you can see, things are still pretty
tight. SkyJacker got it right, but just barely. There is a little bit of clearance here. You’re not gonna rub too badly on the fender
flare. There’s still a little bit of space between
the bump stop extension and the jounce bumper, so there’s a little bit more room for that
tire to travel up. So, there is still a chance that the tire
is gonna make contact here. But in a slow speed off-road situation, are
you going to do some damage? Probably not. So, let’s take a look at the front right and
see how much clearance we have up there. As I suspected, there is a little bit more
room up in the front here than there is in the back. Again, I took a look at that jounce bumper
to bump stop extension clearance. There is a little bit more space, but as you
can see the tire is allowed to move up further and still not hit anything. This was just a little bit of a test in the
parking lot here. What I’m gonna do now is actually take this
thing out on a trail, flex it out a little bit more and see how it feels. So, here we are out on the trail. We’re not gonna do any serious wheeling today. We’re not disconnecting sway bars or airing
down tires, anything like that. I just wanted to give the suspension a little
bit more of a flex test than we can do in the parking lot on that little bit of a hill. So, we’ll see if we can’t get the suspension
twisted up a little bit, see how much clearance we have and just get an overall feel for how
the suspension handles off-road. Just driving around here on this little fire
trail going, you know, pretty slow between five and ten miles an hour. We’re bouncing around a little bit. There’s some rocks, there’s some roots, but
no issues. None of that tell-tale rubbing sound that
you might expect to here when running a set of 37 inch tires on a Jeep. This three and a half to 4-inch lift from
SkyJacker does provide plenty of clearance for these tires and you don’t have to worry
about any sort of rubbing. So, that’s gonna do it for this video. We took a stock four-door JL, showed you what
it looks like with 35s and 37s on it, then installed a pretty big lift kit from SkyJacker,
this three and a half to 4-inch kit, and threw 35s and 37s back on it. This kit is really well set up for a set of
37s, gives the Jeep an awesome look and some awesome functionality without being too tight
and ending up with some rubbing. So, make sure you comment below. Let me know what your ideal setup would be
for your JL, what lift size, what tire size you wanna be running. And also, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube
channel, that way you can check out some detailed videos on all the parts that we talked about

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