How to Find Power Steering Leak in Your Car (Hose Replacement)

How to Find Power Steering Leak in Your Car (Hose Replacement)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your power-steering is groaning when you turn
the wheel, and you find that your power steering reservoir is empty, then you’ve
got a power steering leak and you need to fix it, now if the leak is an obvious,
get some of this ultraviolet dye and pour it in the power steering reservoir, just
pour it right in, then start the engine up, turn the steering wheel back and
forth for about three minutes, then put on these funky yellow sunglasses,
and start looking with an ultraviolet light for the dye, so we’ll look around
and there’s the dye, it’s on the top of the power steering hose, the
high-pressure one on top of the power steering pump, so we’ll get a wrench and
then loosen the bolt on the top side first, and with a little twisting it comes right out,
now the other end is on the rack and it’s hard to get to, so we’ll take the
wheel off to access it, as we go inside the wheel well, we’ll see there’s the
bolt right there, we just need to take that off, now the bolts in the power
steering rack are usually on really tight, so get a big cheater bar in a
socket to break it loose, now it’s loose and we can take it off, you have a
drain pan ready to catch all the drips, and out comes the old hose, when you put the
new hose on, make sure it has the rubber sealing ring on the end, this came with a
new one, then bolt the bottom on first, the one that goes on the steering rack,
because that’s the hardest one to line up, then put the stop side in it’s hole, and
tighten it up with a wrench, now power steering pumps can have over 1,500
pounds per square inch pressure, so you want the lines on nice and tight, then
just fill it up with power steering fluid, and then with the car jacked up in the
air, start the engine, and then turn the wheel back and forth, for about two or
three minutes, that will get the air out of the system, and then you’re all done, sure
you might get a little sweaty like me, but you’re going to save a lot of money, and
remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit Scotty Kilmer .com and I’ll
answer them as soon as I get back for this ride!

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  1. as I turn the bolt/line thats connected to the rack the bolt turns and is loose but then it stops cause the whole line wants to spin with the bolt.I put some pressure on the wrench trying to get it loose but again the line is starting to bend and turn with the bolt as I am loosing it. how to stop the line from spinning so I am able to take the whole line and bolt off without breaking the metal line. any tricks or anything I can do besides cutting the line and loosing the bolt.I guess the line is so rusted everything wants to spin? 2001 dodge durango

  2. I drove my car today to my local auto repair,I didn't realize there was a leak until my car's steering wheel got stiffer and harder to turn.the good thing that I drove the car to the auto repair before the power steering system completely breaksdown.Thank You for this video Scotty.

  3. What a bad ass… also really informative. Except I didn't have as much trouble getting to the power-steering rack thankfully.

  4. i recently got the power steering hose in my 99 toyota corolla replaced. there was white smoke coming from under the hood. assuming that this will solve the problem how long will i have to drive to burn off the fluid that leaked?

  5. so i need a new power steering pressure hose on my 2001 saab 93 and the mechanic said it is $215 for the part and $375 labor, is that right b/c that looked like it took 2 minutes?

  6. Scotty I have a 2005 Nissan Altima SE-R my leak it looks like is the line where it connects directly underneath the reservoir is that a fix I can do at home? Or take it to a shop what's a shop charge for that repair you think?

  7. I'm changing out the pressure hose in my 1992 GMC Vandura 5.7 litre for safety sakes. I'm having the dickens of a time getting the 5/8" nut to turn where it connects to the pump. The larger nut, aka control valve assembly is turning. It's such a narrow nut and tight spot I can't get another wrench in there to hold it. Can I remove the control valve and spring and work on this on the bench? Or will I be asking for more headaches trying to reinstall the valve back into the pump? As always, you rock Scotty and Merry Christmas!

  8. Hey Scotty. I have a Hyundai Elantra 03 and there is a power steering fluid leak allegedly at the pressure and suction line. But it's a fortune to fix so I'm wondering if this sort of thing can just be left leaky and refilled regularly. They told me I also have a leak in the steering rack. Please respond!

  9. may i ask ? my camry on the passages side i can see the boot break some oil leaks over the boot do i need to change the whole piece ? camry 2004 . thank you.

  10. Scottie I have a 1987 Mercedes Benz 560SL two questions can the ball joints be replaced in the Rt and Lt upper and lower control arms or do I have to buy the complete arms ? Does the power steering pump on this model has the reservoir on the pump?

  11. Hi Scotty, How long did it take you to do this? Also, what do you think a shop would charge for something like this. Thanks again.

  12. I have a 2007 Toyota Camry XLE V6 and the power steering return hose is held by clamps. Any video on how to change this out? Thanks!

  13. hey Scotty. great vids. just replaced the power steering belt for my 06 Elantra (was squeeling). it was good for a week but now the squeel has returned. retightened but to no avail. not loosing fluid but wondering if air in the lines could be an issue. there is plenty of fluid residue on the PS fluid reservoir and lines but no obvious leak. Failing pump? belt possibly too tight? thanks buddy!

  14. scotty my cars windshield wiper fluid reservoir kept emptying in 1 day –

    i took it to get diagnosed, they told me the little plastic "motor" piece is causing the leak.

    that makes no sense because the fluid keeps leaking from the reservoir, id assume the plastic motor piece isnt whats keeping the reservoir sealed?

    what do you think scotty? thanks

  15. i heard you have to use the MB fluid only , then i saw where a service notice said you can use ATF . this is a question asked by Thousands . so unless in way off in the Dark Web , Red is ATF , MB is a clear fluid . i know the ATF is way cheaper and i noticed the fluid Scotty used was Red lol stated he often uses other Bottles to store his fluids . my MB is a clear fluid 1998 E320 . my opinion is if whats in the system is red id use the red ATF if it is clear just use the MB CF . not sure what can go wrong if there mixed anyone else have any info to add id be interested .

  16. trying to see if you can make a video for a 2001 GT convertible mustang manual transmission, I am changing my rack pinion

  17. Great video for the MB, I'm replacing my steering pressure hose on my 98 BMW e38, I have the hose off but can't get the New one on, do you have a EZ way of doing this?

  18. scot my Mercedes ml55 amg i change the pump and after that i left the truck up without starting the engine and turn the will 30 times. after that i drove for like 10 minutes and the new pump started whiny at 2000 rmp or when turn the wheel. so i check the fluid and it was full what should i do thanks

  19. Thanks Scotty ! I have the same exact car and same exact PS leak location in the high pressure hose. I am about to replace the hose. Good tip on getting at the bottom end from the side through the fender well. Just saved me some head scratching !!! Outstanding. I did notice that you were putting standard PS fluid in this Mercedes. I bought some of that high priced Pentosin for my job, Should I take it back?

  20. I'm sure there is a torque spec (you failed to mention). check your service manual, don't just ugh! And when you are turning the wheel to burp the air out, make sure you leave the reservoir cap off (obviously) Thanks Scotty…

  21. ⬇️Things used in this video:
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  22. I have a Ford 200 Mustang and I can't reach the bottom hose to unscrew it. This car keeps kicking my butt on these simple little things.

  23. What if no leak but power steering makes noise only sometimes when turning but if I step on the brakes the noise stops.

  24. So it's not just the rubber seal / o ring ? Need to replace the entire line ? I found it leaking where it connects into the pump looks just like the one u fixed. A bolt holding the line into the pump.

  25. Maybe tightening would stop it ? I might try that first. Just had a used engine put in to replace old burned out one. The mechanic might not have tightened it enough ?

  26. Frist well done Mr Kilmer on moving your content to a personal site other then you tube. I am a first time viewer & at first glance I blew you off as just some one making videos for likes. But after viewing a dozen or so I now see you have the "knowledge" both as a professional & as a what I call a sensible "shade tree" mechanic, witch I see would have the most importance with older Cars. All the years of tricks & tips that you have & work with , most will not get that from there "professional " because shops find them self's able to bill more for replacing part(s) Thank You. Be well Ride safe.

  27. Hey Scotty I have leak I found it’s coming from the steering rack itself and I am wondering if any of the “stop leak” additives can actually work to stop the leak at least for a while till I can find time to replace rack and pinion???

  28. I had a leak in a chevy cavalier. I could not get that sucker off. I just put a hose clamp and a piece of rubber on it. It was the lower pressure return side. Not recommended but it worked.

  29. Hi Scotty, I'm installing P/S on my 88 mustang but I can't find any instructions that say which plugged hole on the rack is the high pressure line (process of elimination for the low pressure line)… Can you help, I'm really stuck and don't know who else I can turn to 🙁 (Jamie from UK)

  30. My 02 buick century has been leaking out power steering fluid but now the whole pump is empty and the fluid is on the ground i saw that two lines were wet but i have no idea where the leak is coming from ive tried stop leaks also and nothing works

  31. 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5 L whining noise when excelerating, when turning it’s stiff up to point than loosens up?

  32. WOW this my favorite car video of all time lol my pressure line hose went bad in my E320 so I was looking for a video to help and not only was this enjoyable it was helpful

  33. Thank u 4 saving me 200 bucks with the video! I was ready to spend 245 bucks on a mechanic who might have his "way" with the bill, if u know what I'm talking about.

  34. Scotty For President ! No Billionaires, No politicians ! CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT HE'D DO IN HIS 1ST YEAR TO THE BELTWAY !! ?

  35. Do you always have to replace the hose? or can you replace the rubber washer, or just tighten the hose down tighter and stop a leek? thanx

  36. Hey man, I have a Pontiac Grand Am V6 and I went to precision for an oil change because I was needed one and I asked if they could change the power steering as well because it was beginning to stiffen. Probably about two weeks later I felt the same thing reoccurring so I checked to see if they put fluid in it and they did so I thought I was good. Then the next day it was empty so I bought some power steering and put in my car and proceeded to turn the wheel to help the oil pass and it just drained right out the reservoir. It’s didn’t seem to get on the ground but it was slight moisture but I need some advice if you can offer some.

  37. Sweaty? I wish! My Camry started leaking PS fluid just in time for a Wisconsin deep freeze, it's not even supposed to get about zero for at least a week. PS – should I try some stop leak, or is that a waste of time and money, and can it hurt the seals in the rack? Also, how likely is it a hose versus a seal?

  38. Hey Scotty do you have any experience with the W163 Mercedes? I have a slow power steering leak and wanted to know the first thing I should check. Thanks.

  39. Hi Scotty, i have a 2010 Dodge grand caravan thats keep on blowing the high pressure hose specially during wintet, i live in winnipeg by the way, somebody gave me an advise of changing the hose to a higher psi, will it do any good? Will it not cause problem to my power steering pump? Thanks for your reply.

  40. Thanks Scotty, great video- will go have a look at my golf mk4 now and see if we can find the leak! keep up the good work!

  41. hey @Scooty Kilmer, my mechanics says that i need a new rack and pinion assembly for my '96 honda city he says that theres a leak on both sides of front wheels… should I replace it? I don't have much money since im still as tudent but i need my car to be ready for any emegency situations so I may need to fix it ASAP… Thank you

  42. I have a problem with my hummer h3 it keeps leaking I took it to a mechanic and they replaced it with a brand new pump it worked for a day but the next day it started leaking again what should I do to find where is the leaking problem

  43. How's it going Scotty hey when I pop the hood and reach for the power steering hose is it supposed to be lose at the bottom? I can pull it in and out ..thx need help

  44. You're my freaking favorite from the simple steps to the goofy intro to the thorough explanation I love you!

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