How to Fill Up a Gas Tank

How to Fill Up a Gas Tank

How to Fill Up a Gas Tank. We all have to fill up our gas tanks to keep
us getting where we want to go. Get your fill on the proper way to fill up
your gas tank at the gas pump. You will need Vehicle Owner’s manual and patience. Step 1. Check to see what side of your car the gas
tank is on and pull up to the gas pump accordingly. Step 2. Place the car in park and turn off your car. Step 3. Pay at the pump with a credit card or pay
the attendant inside the station. Step 4. Open the door to your gas tank and unscrew
the cap. Lift up the gas nozzle and select the octane
level you want for your gas. Look in your owner’s manual for the recommended
octane rating to use for your car. Step 5. Squeeze the nozzle and fill up your tank on
slow mode. Turn your head away so as to not breathe in
the fumes. Many pumps have a locking mechanism so that
you can let go the handle while it continues pumping until the tank is full. Step 6. Remove the nozzle from the gas spout and place
it back into position once the tank is full. Do not keep pumping after it automatically
shuts off. Step 7. Screw the gas cap back on and shut the door. Fill up your gas tank once it gets to about
half empty and make sure your tires are fully inflated to help increase your gas mileage. Did you know As of 2008, $4 per gallon was
the highest inflation-adjusted price for gasoline in the United States since 1918.

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  1. Serious question: how do you you know if your gas tank is full? Like how does the pump know when to stop pumping?

    I'm only 16 and learning to drive soon, getting my first level license (G1) soon.

  2. Wtf? You guys seriously made a video about this?
    "Oh no, I'm a complete moron, and I don't know how to put gas in my car! I think I'll check the internet!"
    Though, I wouldn't be surprised if some people actually do that…

  3. Half empty? Doesn't that mean you have low self esteem? JK
    Okay, i guess, but why on low setting. Anyways, good video

  4. you know, even though it sounds like a useless video to most of us, this video might be for people who really dont know anything about cars…

  5. Another serious question though: what do I do if I accidentally over pump and fill up my tank to the brim, like it's spilling?

  6. @MultiTalanted oregon and another state you legally need a attendant to fuel your car so maybe some people might benefit from this but its rely not that hard

  7. i'm 17 and my dad refuses to let my fill my car up with gas. he always insists on doing it. believe it or not this was kinda help full. i really don't think my dad will be filling up my tank when i'm 40

  8. next week: how to breathe did you know? howcast thinks people are really retarded when actually they are WRONG!!!

  9. I have trouble with this all the time. I shouldn't use personal information to you guys on the internet,but I have a very special card with a night shot of Sleeping Beauty's castle on it. I use it to pay for gas on the way down to Southern California.

  10. As far as I know if you pay too much you can just go back in and they will give you change! It is very hard for it too overflow… because when the tank is full it will push back on the nozzle and it will click and stop pumping… if it overflows tell them!! Ps im from Ireland not US so I dont really know cos we dont prepay!!

  11. Some people may think this video is unecessary but it's actually a very useful and practical tutorial. Thanks for this, Howcast!

  12. If you pay inside the station, do they tell you witch pump to use? Are they unlocking it from inside somehow? If you don't pay first, the pump isn't going to work right?

  13. Don't leave or get back into your vehicle while pumping the gas. Any accidents, theft or overfill is yours to pay for. Read the disclaimers on the dispensers.

  14. Hey so let's say you say I need 20 dollars on pump 6 and you fill up and you do 20.01? Does it automatically shut off at 20 dollars or what?

  15. In England it's the other way round. You fill up and then pay the clerk. Also the pumps only work when you squeeze the trigger. They cut out when you release it, provided you reach the minimum delivery.

  16. Two VERY important rules to follow:
    1, Don't keep pumping, even if you want it at that $40.00 even mark. Most cars have very expensive emission systems and overflowing your tank will cause the gas to overflow into those systems, and they are expensive
    2, Don't let it run empty. Electric fuel pumps are lubricated by fuel, if it goes empty and you keep trying to drive it you will burn up the pump and they range in price from 300-600 dollars for just the pump, add in labor and it can easily be a 1000 dollar job because you have to drop the tank on most vehicles.

  17. if i am going to pay using money, what can i say to the casheer? like, i want to fill the thank but i dont know how much it will cost?

  18. How do you know how much it’s going to cost to completely fill the tank before you’ve even filled it? What if you pay too much and the tank is full before you get your money’s worth? Gasoline is definitely something to pay for AFTER we have pumped the gas.

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