How To Enhance And Restore Tires And Trim – Jeep Renegade – Chemical Guys Tire Kicker

How To Enhance And Restore Tires And Trim – Jeep Renegade – Chemical Guys Tire Kicker

Hey guys welcome back to the
Detail Garage. So today I’m introducing a new amazing product
from Chemical Guys. This is our Tire Kicker Tire Dressing. This is safe for your trim pieces and rubber
pieces and what it is going to do is give it that deep rich black look but more importantly
it’s going to give it UVA/UVB ray protection so over the years it isn’t going to crack
or discolor. All you need to do is clean the surface and
that will prep it. I’ve already cleaned the tire and trim pieces
which removed any previous dressings or road grime that has been sitting on there. Now using our applicator I’ll spray a little
into it and I’ll do half the tire to show you guys the difference between a dressed
side and a non dressed side. I also mentioned this is safe for your trim
pieces. I’ll just grab a new applicator and same operation
we’ll spray a little bit into the applicator and gently work it into the surface. Already you can see it has a deeper black
shine and more importantly it’s protected against harsh elements and UV rays from fading
or discoloring which causes premature failure on these plastic pieces. So Tire Kicker is a water based dressing that
is safe for your rubber pieces, vinyl pieces and plastic pieces for the interior and exterior. It is going to penetrate the plastic and rubber
pieces and then it will dry so it won’t have a greasy shine and it will also have this
nice finish. So I’m going to finish off the other three
tires and the rest of the trim. If you want to learn more about these products
check them out on our website If you like this video be sure to give it
a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.

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  1. Wow that's awesome after I'm done washing my favourite part is the tire shine man that product looks sick man. Also curious if there is any sling with it when you apply it on the tire or did you wipe it down with a towel after to prevent that cause I hate tire sling

  2. I like to use these products and simply spray the inner wheel wells…the final touch. And separates the pro's from the amateurs.

  3. Just used this product for the first time and it worked great. One question, it rained about 12 hours after I put this on some of my black trim pieces and now there is runoff from the product down my paint. I assume that is not normal, right? What did I do wrong?

  4. Im so glad that the Walmart i work at just got this in. And for a great price. I love that this company is based in LA and made here. I work in so cal so it’s convenience at its best. Great stuff my auto manager would like to talk to someone about carrying more products at our specific store many customers are buying and it’s selling pretty often I work in the auto center at Walmart. Great review I’m late by a couple years but im ok with.

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