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– Wheels and tires can
become extremely dirty with abrasive particles of
brake dust and road grime. In today’s video, we’re
taking an in depth look at why it’s so important to
clear your wheels routinely on this 2018 Jeep Grand
Cherokee Trackhawk. (intense music) Now the owner of this car likes to test the Jeep’s performance
and push it to its limits and that’s why these big brakes have kicked up so much
brake dust and road debris. And also you can see that’s
flung up onto the body here, that’s what this brownish effect is because the owner bought
this car about six months ago and it hasn’t been washed since. So he drives it daily and recently he came back from a trip from Las Vegas and you see that it’s just got a whole slew of all kinds of debris on it. It’s got brake dust, it’s
got dead bugs all over it. So today we’re gonna start with the first part of detailing, and that’s the most dirty part
of the vehicle, the wheels. Now brake dust is extremely corrosive and can start pitting and deteriorating the finish of your painted wheels, your chrome wheels, or
any kind of plated wheels and if you don’t catch it soon enough, it’s what’s gonna start
peeling off that finish. So what we’re gonna do today is start by rinsing off the wheel and that’s gonna remove
the heavier loose debris and then we’re gonna use some Decon with some Diablo Wheel Gel to help us assist with the detailing process. And what that’s gonna do, is it’s gonna help lift
up any iron deposits as well as help safely
glide it off the surface using that combination. So to get started we’ll just rinse it down and then we’ll move on to
our brush assembly over here. Just using a jet stream nozzle, we’re gonna rinse from top to bottom. (water spraying) And at the same time you’re
rinsing down your wheel, you can also rinse down
the wheel well liner. This will help you kind
of clean that as well. And now we’re gonna grab
our first product here. Diablo, which we’ve diluted three to one in our Ducky Professional Foam Sprayer. And what this is gonna
do is as you spray it, it creates a foaming
action to help aerate it. And again, this is gonna
help you safely glide any abrasive particles off of the surface. Just spray here into these spokes and into the crevasse as well
as the back of the barrel. It’s okay if you get this on
your paint or on your calipers. And it’s gonna help you safely remove anything that’s on the surface because it’s encapsulating
the abrasive particles of iron or any kind of road mess. This way we can safely agitate it and brush it off the surface. You can also spray it on your tires as well as the inner wheel well. And to also help us clean, we’re gonna use a little bit of Decon. This attracts any iron particles. And again, you simply spray
it directly onto the surface. And this is gonna help you get down to the stubborn brake dust. You can see it’s already
turning purple on the rotor. This works well for any
kind of wheel finish so guys who have big brake kits that tend to stain their wheels or it can kind of give you that
brown effect on your wheels, this is a great way to safely remove it without having to scrub too
hard, which can cause scratches. So we’re gonna give this a second and then we’ll start scrubbing. After giving the combination of Decon and Diablo Wheel Gel a
moment to start doing its job, you can see it’s got this purple runoff, and that’s the Decon attracting
itself to any iron deposits. And even, you can see
it on the paint here. This is a great way to
remove embedded iron deposits that are caused by brake dust or rail dust or pretty much anything that can collect on the surface of your vehicle. And now we’re gonna start scrubbing to help agitate the cleaner even further, to remove anything that’s
sitting on the surface. So over here we have a
various assortment of brushes. And I’ve chosen to use the Wheel Gerbils which are a very soft material brush that can help us reach all the
way to the back of the barrel and I’ll just start here at the top. And it goes all the way back. This way as you look
through the wheel here, you’re just gonna see completely
detailed, clean surface rather than seeing just a clean face and then seeing brown
effect on the inside. Now in the bucket I’ve also added a little bit of Diablo Wheel Gel. This is just to help kinda
loosen up the bristles of the brushes as well as
adds some more foaming. Which is also some cleaning power. This is gonna help us safely
glide across the surface without causing any scratches. Because on surfaces that are painted, like this, which is a black finish, you definitely don’t
want to have scratches because one, it’s just gonna take away from the overall
look of the vehicle but over time brake dust will start collecting in those scratches and that’s what starts
that permanent staining. So just gently clean the
wheel, going our way around. You can clockwise or counter-clockwise. Just working from the top to the bottom. This way you’re not bringing dirt into areas you’ve already cleaned. And then we’re gonna come back and do the caliper because
you can see it’s got this, it’s supposed to be
yellow but it’s very brown and just kinda nasty all over, so we’ll come back and
do that in a minute. Spraying a little bit of Diablo Wheel Gel into the awl in the details brush. This is the largest of the set and since we have these
large opening on the spokes this is just gonna be real easy to work with and maneuver around. If this was a smaller wheel
or it had tight crevasses, this would be a little harder to do but that’s why you have
an assortment of brushes rather than having one brush to do it all. Just work it gently into the surface here. This is lifting off any kind of, again, abrasive particles or
miles and miles of road debris. So again, you’re gonna have
the best finish overall. And you can also use this
brush to clean the lug nuts. Again, we’re gonna spray
some of this on there. Just work it around. Getting as much of the
filth and debris off to reveal a factory fresh finish. (laid back music) And now as a last step
I’m gonna do the tire. A lot of people start with the tire. It doesn’t really make a difference. But for me personally, I like to leave the tire for the last bit because I feel like if the cleaner sits there and dries on there, it gives it more of a brownish effect and that’s harder to, you
know, scrub away or dry off. So as a last step we’ll
do this and rinse it down. (laid back music) Now as a final step, we don’t want to let this dry on the surface obviously so we’re gonna rinse it down and then we’re gonna
repeat the same process on the remaining three tires. But in the mean time, you guys
can check these products out on our website,, or head over to your local detail garage to get some product advice. Now if you liked this car or this video, please give it a thumbs up and drop some comments down below on things you guys want to see or any questions you may have and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the detail garage. (laid back music) (hopeful music)

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