How To Clean The Dirtiest Wheels! – Chemical Guys

How To Clean The Dirtiest Wheels! – Chemical Guys

Welcome back to the Detail Garage! So a common question we get here is how do
you get rid of brake dust from chrome rims, painted rims and OEM rims. So over here we’ve got two vehicles that have
caked on brake dust, road grime and anything else you can throw at it and where going to
clean them both comparing two different brushes. We have the new Show Car Premium Detailing
Brush which is intended for heavy duty brake dust like you have on this Mitsubishi. We also have our New Easy Reach Wheel Brush
which is for your painted and delicate wheels like this Mustang. Now, this is a 2005 Mustang it is black and
you can see it has been through a lot. It looks like its been off-roading you can
see there is dirt and mud and sorts of stuff caked up on the wheel. So we are using our soft bristle brush it
has the same design the Show Car Brush but it is not as aggressive. It’s very soft so you can use it on your painted
rims or areas with sensitive paintwork. You can use it on grilles, exhaust tips and
anything you want to get that nasty filth off of a sensitive surface. Over here, I have a bucket set up with Diablo
Wheel Gel and this is going to help clean by emulsifying the brake dust and dirt while
adding lubrication as we wash. I’ve also placed a Dirt Trap in the bucket
to prevent more of the dirt from coming back on to the vehicle. So now as you can see just by rinsing it off
it has knocked off a lot of the loose dirt and debris but there is still some brake dust
and embedded contaminants that we’re going to get off using the Easy Reach Wheel Brushes. So using a lot of foam we’ll start at the
top and work our way around the wheel and this way we don’t bring any of the filth and
contamination on top of areas we already cleaned. What’s great about this brush is it reaches
all the way down the barrel of the rim this way we get as much of the contaminants off
because as you can see this wheel has large spoke openings and as you look at it you can
see all the way to the back of the wheel and it would look kinda funky if you could still
see brake dust and grime inside. So this brush has taken off all the filth
without scratching the surface because it is super soft and the bristles trap foam that
acts as lubrication. But it didn’t cover the entire face of the
wheel so now we’re going to move on to a more intricate brush. This is the Goat Boar’s Hair Brush and this
is for areas like the lug nuts or in here where it gets pretty tight with the spokes. Just get some foam on here and start working
it in. Now over here you might notice that I have
the DeCon, it looked like this rim was really contaminated but after rinsing it off and
some light scrubbing you can see the grime comes off fairly easily. The Mitsubishi on the other hand, that thing
looks really bad and I know it’s going to need DeCon and a lot of scrubbing so we’ll
save that for when we move to that car. As you can see the Boar’s Hair Brush got in
really nicely to the spokes, lug nuts, valve stem and calipers. The design of it takes off all the grime and
contaminants without scratching. Since it has this plastic design you don’t
have to worry if you bang it against the rim. As a last step I’m going to move on to the
face of the rim, using this Soft Green Flagged Tip Brush we’ll get it nice a foamy. We’ll just hit all the spokes one last time
to knock off anything that was sitting or left behind residue. As you can see it’s a night and day difference
from how it looked earlier. That brush took care of all the brake dust,
road grime and mud that slug all over the wheel. It looks really good but this was a cake walk,
it was pretty simple to clean but on the other hand this Mitsubishi is going to be a real
challenge. It has all this caked up brake dust and road
grime that has embedded the surface and you can actually feel it but we are going to try
our best to get all of that out of there. Now, when you leave brake dust on your rims,
it is corrosive so it starts to eat away at the finish creating pits as it embeds into
the surface. It’s not going to be a 100% correction but
it is going to look a lot better than it does right now. Look it’s clean. All done! So by rinsing off the rim this is helping
take off as much of the loose brake dust and filth as I can. It’s going to make it easier to clean and
it is going to prevent scratching. Over here, lets load up our bucket using some
Diablo Wheel Gel. Just add about an ounce. Diablo Wheel Gel is safe for any chrome, painted
and OEM wheels, it’s going to create this foaming action which is going to get deep
within the pores and it’s also going to prevent scratching due to all the lubrication it is
creating. Now that I have my bucket loaded up with a
mountain of foam and all my brushes are ready to go, I’m going to spray down the wheel using
DeCon. DeCon is an iron removing wheel cleaner, it
creates a reaction that helps emulsify and pulls it out of the rim. I’ll spray a generous amount on the rim because
as you can see it has a lot of brake duct and contamination on there and we really need
to cut through there to get to the bare surface. I’m going to let this sit for a couple minutes
and in the meantime I’m going to load up my brushes with foam. The foam is going to help add some lubrication
which prevents scratching but it also makes it easier to clean because the foaming action
is getting all that brake dust emulsified and helps pull it off. As I mentioned earlier this is our new Show
Car Premium Detailing Brush, it’s the more aggressive version of the brush that we used
on the Mustang. This one is going to help cut through all
this brake dust and get down to the deep embedded junk to get this rim looking right. The DeCon is doing its thing, it’s reacting
with the iron causing that purple color making it easy to clean and reveal that high shine. Just like I did with the other rim I’m going
to start at the highest point and work my way around so that I don’t get that dirt on
areas that I’ve already cleaned. This is gross. Just like on the Mustang the last step I want
to do is clean the face of the wheel. I’ll be using the Green Soft Flagged Tip Brush,
this is a soft brush that collects a lot of foam and isn’t going to scratch the surface
but it is going to pull off any last residue. Alright guys both cars are finally done. Starting with the Mustang we were using the
Easy Reach Wheel Brush, this is a soft bristle brush that got in between the spokes took care of any road grime and brake dust without scratching. To help me clean I was using Diablo Wheel
Gel which creates a lot of foam that lubricates so we don’t scratch. Then to get in the smaller areas I used the
Boar’s Hair Brush to clean the caliper, the lug nuts and around the valve stem. To get the face of the wheel I used the Green
Flagged Tip Brush that removes any type of surface debris without scratching. Moving over to the Mitsubishi, this car was
pretty challenging that’s why we used our Show Car Premium Detailing Brush. It’s a more aggressive bristle brush that
can get in between the spokes to pull off the contamination and grime that’s stuck in
there without actually scratching the surface. To help me clean I used DeCon which is an
iron remover as you saw this wheel was covered in brake dust, the DeCon cut through that
to help remove it. I also used the Boar’s Hair Brush to get in
the small areas like the lug nuts, valve stem and in these smaller more intricate areas. To clean the face of the rim I used the Green
Flagged Tip Brush which is a super soft bristle brush that took care of anything that was
sitting on the face of the wheel. It took care of any brake dust, road grime
and residue that was left behind. You guys probably notice that there is still
some small areas with a little bit of brake dust left behind that is because the wheel
is already starting to pit. Brake dust is very corrosive so it gets into
the surface and starts to deteriorating the finish. You can use a clay bar to get more of the
contamination out of there to make it look at least 80% better and then it is ready for
a polish. So if you guys want to learn more about these products, check it out on our website If you like this video be sure to give it
a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.

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  2. Great information, I use most of your products and they makes a big difference how my car looks. It's time for a new order.

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  7. Here's an interesting question for you I have a BMW with 18 inch Atterra 6-spoke Wheels with air filler inside the center caps. All chrome wheels and after the first year I made the mistake of running them all winter because the winter was very warm and I don't think it even snowed. But by doing so I think the roads are salted in the salt got on my wheels and really made these big huge cancerous spots where the Chrome is just chipped away is there any way that I can salvage these wheels by redipping them or is there a spray paint type Chrome surface repair that I can put on them or something some other method?

  8. I love using the cans of foaming tire spray to clean off my rims. It is amazing how it eats through all of the grease and grime that stick to the rims. Usually, I give it a good spray before going through a car wash. It's the easiest and most mess-free way of cleaning the tires!

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