How To Clean Car Tires And Wheels Easily Without A Hose Or Free Flowing Water 2018!

How To Clean Car Tires And Wheels Easily Without A Hose Or Free Flowing Water 2018!

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Detailing, the very first thing I want to say is thank you for stopping by
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So I’m gonna show you all here today is how to clean a tire without the use of
free flowing water, and what I mean by that is, we’re not going to use any hoses,
spray bottles, pump sprayers, and so forth. Anything that could cause a lot of water
on the floor. So this is beneficial to be able to do for a number of different
reasons. So maybe your a mobile detailer, you’re out on a job, you don’t have
access to a hose or a water tank, or a pressure washer, or what-have-you. Yet
you still need to get the job done right. Or maybe it’s just simply, that it’s cold
or it’s hot outside, or maybe it’s raining or you know whatever, you know,
the issue is and you just want to bring it into the garage and get the job done.
So I’m gonna show you my process that I use to clean a dirty tire and wheel
without the need for a hose. So let’s take a look at the tire that we’re gonna be
cleaning and kind of give you an idea what we’re working with. So here’s just a little
bit of a close-up view of the the wheel and the tire, and as we can see it is
quite dirty, it it absolutely needs to be cleaned, it hasn’t been cleaned for quite some time.
Just by using a bucket, some cleaning solution, a brush, and a few microfiber
towels we can have this wheel looking really good. And this right here is all
we’re gonna need to get this tire clean. A couple different options you can use, a
detail spray that I have there on the left, now I do have my Meguire’s all-purpose
cleaner diluted to a four to one ratio a few microfiber towels that we don’t care
about because they’re gonna get absolutely trashed after doing this a
good scrub brush and just a simple bucket of water. Alright I’m gonna
bring you guys in here close so that we can see what I’m doing step-by-step. So
the very first thing that I like to do is I like to spray down the entire tire
let it set for just a few moments before we start to scrub. So we’re gonna go
ahead and do that right now. Now the next thing that I like to do is
go ahead and spray my brush just a little bit with a cleaner that we’re
using, just a few sprays will work and just like any other time that you’re cleaning
a tire we need to go ahead and scrub that down. So that’s what we’re gonna go
ahead and do right now. Okay now that we’re done scrubbing the tire we can go
ahead and start removing the product with a microfiber towel. as we can see that towel is getting quite dirty from removing all the dirt and the grime that was on that tire. When your microfiber towel gets to a certain level
of dirtiness then you do want to go ahead flip it inside out or simply turn
it around and go ahead and do the other side So what I like to do from here after
I’ve got two sides of the towel dirty, and the tire does look pretty good, I
like to go ahead and fold it inside out and just go over it again. Just to make
sure I’ve got all that dirt that’s gonna come off Alright and as you can see
there’s not a whole lot of dirt left on that tire. So we’ve done a pretty good
job of getting that clean. From here, as that tire is drying, I like to just go ahead and spray down the actual wheel itself with just some simple detail spray. So here you’ve probably noticed I’m not using the all-purpose cleaner to spray
down the wheel and really I find that most of the time you just really don’t
need much of a cleaner, a lot of times this dust or the road grime will just
come right off with just a simple detail spray. But if you do need to use a
cleaner you can absolutely use an all-purpose cleaner four to one or even
maybe dilute it more to say like a ten to one. Now that this detail spray has had a chance to kind of set and kind of lift
up some of that dirt we’re just gonna come in here with a fresh microfiber
towel and start cleaning the wheel, and just like we did with the actual
tire we want to go ahead and flip the microfiber towel after it gets a little
bit dirty to make sure that we’re not scratching the finish. Alright guys so
we just got done wiping down the wheel itself and for the purpose of this video
I’m just doing the outside. I’m not gonna worry about the inside of the wheel, you
can use the same process, maybe get yourself like a little wheel woolly or a speed brush and get in there deep and just go back over with the microfiber
towels best as you can get that dirt out. Okay so now that we’re done wiping down
the face of the wheel and we’ve cleaned the tire really the only thing left to
do is to apply the tire dressing. So what I like to use for a tire dressing is
Meguire’s hyper dressing diluted down to two to one. This is a water-based
dressing so it’s not gonna be greasy with all those silicones. It’s not gonna
attract dirt or dust as easy as the other stuff with the silicones would.
Now some would say that the the trade-off is that it doesn’t last as
long as the silicone based products because it’s water-based. Now that may be true but this isn’t going to, again, attract dirt or dust as much as the
silicone based ones, it’s gonna help keep the tire looking cleaner for a longer period
of time. But we’re gonna go ahead and apply that. So what I like to do is start
off just by doing two or three squirts in the applicator here and then I will
go ahead and just kind of mist the tire itself. Just give it a few sprays and
then just use the applicator and work that into the tire going back and forth
all the way around the tire. Okay so now that we got the tire
dressing applied there’s a couple of options from here. We can either A) we can
leave it as it is and being that it’s a water-based dressing this will dry to
more of a matte finish and not look so wet like it does right now, or the second
option would be to take a microfiber towel and just go over the tire and
knock down the product. For the purpose of this video that’s what I’m going to
do. Now usually I would just let it dry on the the tire and it dries, I
think, perfectly fine. But we’re just going to go ahead and knock this down a
little bit, kind of speed up the process, and also what I’m gonna go ahead and do is
just remove a little bit of the over-spray that we did. And that’s it
that’s how we clean a tire without using any type of free-flowing water. Just by
using a few microfiber towels, a scrub brush, and some cleaner you can get these
types of results indoors. Alright so I’m gonna bring you guys in a little
closer so we can check out the results. Okay so everything’s looking great, the tire
looks nice and black, the the wheel is shiny, and it’s clean. Again like I said
earlier in the video, aside from the inside part of the the wheel itself, again,
not gonna worry about that here in this video. Maybe later on I’ll show you guys
how to do that but it’s it’s the same process, just a little harder to get to. So I just wanna jump in here real quick before I end the video. I did realize as
I was going through this at the end of it, I didn’t really bring up what the
bucket of water was for. The bucket of water was there for a couple of
different options. The first one would be, after you spray down the tire with the
cleaner you can dip the brush into the bucket of water and then start to scrub
instead of spraying it down with the actual cleaner itself. Now the second
option that you can use the bucket of water for, is once you spray down the
tire with the cleaner, then you scrub it, after you do your first initial pass
wiping off the cleaner then you can go ahead and get
yourself a damp microfiber towel and go over that tire again if you feel like
the residue on the tire is going to be an issue. But honestly really I have never
had an issue with residue from a cleaner being left on the tire, and also
if you think about it, the all-purpose cleaner that I use is the same stuff
that I use to clean the inside of the vehicle. The dash, the vinyl pieces, the
leather, and so forth. Never once have I ever gone over with a damp microfiber
cloth to try to get the residue up. It does not cause problems on the interior
parts of the vehicle even before you apply the dressing. So I’m feeling pretty
confident that it’s not gonna cause you any issues at all if you don’t rinse it
off the tire before you apply the dressing. Alright guys so that’s it,
that’s how you clean the tire and the wheel without creating a big mess on the
ground. Being able to do that indoors is is a huge benefit. Just one more
thing, if anybody here found this useful at all I would absolutely appreciate a
thumbs up and also I do plan to make some more how-to videos on detailing
other parts of the car. So look for those in the future if you’re interested in
those go ahead and hit that subscribe button. This is going to end the video here
today. Thank you again for watching this. Hope everybody has a blessed day.

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  1. Great video! Especially with all the Rinseless wash products out there this is a great way to clean the tires indoors.

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