How To Clean And Protect Filthy Wheels – Lotus Evora – Chemical Guys Best Wheel, Rim And Tire Kit

How To Clean And Protect Filthy Wheels – Lotus Evora – Chemical Guys Best Wheel, Rim And Tire Kit

Today we’re going to be cleaning and protecting
these wheels with the Best Wheel, Rim And Tire Kit. Now this is a great kit that contains everything
you need to clean and protect the wheels from this nasty brake dust. If there is one thing you hate getting all
over your wheels is all this dirt, grime, debris and brake dust that ruins the shine
of your wheels that can actually damage and degrade the wheel finish. This kit contains all the cleaners you need,
the brushes and even a pot of Max Coat Wheel Guard to create a barrier to protect your
wheel finish against any nasty brake dust that might get on them. So to get started I need to dilute my Diablo
Wheel Gel, this comes full strength so to make it easier to spray from a sprayer bottle
I want to mix a 3:1 dilution ratio. These Professional Sprayer Bottles come with
a dilution chart on the side. So I’m going to fill it up to the 3:1 line
with the Diablo Wheel Gel first. Then I’ll fill up the rest with water. It is right at 3:1. So once you fill the water up to the line
on the bottle it is ready to be mixed up. Reattach your sprayer top, give the solution
a quick shake and now you have a ready to use solution of Diablo Wheel Cleaner. First thing I’m going to do is rinse down
any of the loose dirt and grime on the face of the wheel. I always start any of my car details or car
washes by cleaning the wheels first that way I don’t have any water staying on top of the
paintwork that can potentially spot or stain if I’m washing the car outside in the sun. Now I’ll take my Diablo Wheel Cleaner and
mist a light coat all over the face of this wheel. The Diablo Wheel Cleaner is very gentle and
very safe to use on any type of wheel finish whether you’re working on a custom wheel finish,
painted, anodized or even carbon fiber wheels it is safe to use on anything. The kit also comes with some Signature Series
Wheel Cleaner. So if you have extra abrasive or extra thick
dirt and grime all over the wheel or any undercarriage parts you can add some Signature Series Wheel
Cleaner for some extra grunt when you’re taking on this intense brake dust. Now I’m going to start by cleaning inside
the barrel of the wheel. I hate looking inside of the wheel and seeing
brake dust all the way through, I want the wheel to be clean all the way through so that
when I look at the wheel I see wheel not brake dust. I’ll go ahead and spray down my wheel and
rim detailing brush. This is the Show Car Wheel And Rim Detailing
Brush. I’ll even lubricate this brush with a little
bit of Diablo Wheel Gel. I’ll go ahead and clean the inside of the
barrel of the wheel. You can see the extra soft bristles are great
for agitating all this dirt and grime creating a nice foaming action with the Diablo Wheel Gel. This brush easily slips into the barrel to
clean the inside of the wheel so I can get around these spokes and deep inside the wheel here. It’s actually a very low profile brush that
gets in and around all these parts. I’m going to give the brush a quick rinse. If you have a wheel cleaning bucket you can
also rinse off the brush with some water and continue on with cleaning the inside of the
wheel. This brush even has a rubber guard so it protects
my knuckles from hitting any spokes of the rim and it also helps protect the wheel against
any part of the brush or hand causing any scratches. I’ll set the brush aside and I’m also going
to use this Soft Flagged Tip Brush that is extra soft so it is safe to use on any sort
of custom wheel finish or even on paintwork around the car but I’m going to use this one
just for wheels. I’m going to clean the face of the spokes
and even the tire to get rid of any brake dust from the face of the wheel. I’ll rinse this brush down. I’ll also add some Wheel Gel as well. Now I can scrub down the face of the wheel. I’m even going to clean the face of the tire
to remove any old dressing and road grime so my new coat of V.R.P. is going to stick
better to the rubber making it look better and last longer protecting the rubber from
the harsh UV sunlight and any sort of road grime the wheels will pick up. There we go, now that the wheel and tire are
clean I’ll rinse down all the loose dirt and soap. Now that the wheel is rinsed off it looks
nice and clean. All the brown brake dust and road grime is
gone and we are left with a clean wheel that looks great. So now it’s time to dry off the wheel and
tire before I go on to any other steps to protect them. This kit ships with some Workhorse Microfiber
Towels. I’m using the gray color for wheels and tires
only that way I don’t mix them and get abrasive brake dust on the paint causing swirls and
scratches. All these towels have a nice tag on them so
you know they are brand new but go ahead and tear that off before you get to work with
them so you don’t cause any scratches with the hard paper tag. I’ll take the towel and fold it in fours and
wipe off all this water. There we go, now the wheel and tire are nice
and dry. I’m going to go on to the finally step for
protecting the metal part of the wheel. I’m going to take some Max Coat Wheel Guard
and spread it out over the surface. This is going to create a protective barrier
against any of the abrasive road grime or brake dust that is going to stick to the wheel. It’s going to make it harder for those particles
to stick on the metal, it’s going to make it easier to clean and it’s going to make
the wheel shinier and more beautiful. I’m going to a Workhorse Applicator Pad and
dip it into the Max Coat Wheel Guard. Just this little bit is more than enough to
protect this entire wheel. I’m going to start by dabbing out some Max
Coat over the spokes with a little bit on the rim. I’ll spread it out so I get an even coat over
the whole surface. Now, Wheel Guard normally has a fifteen minute
cure time but I’m going to buff this off so I can move on to the last step in this demo. Take a clean microfiber towel and buff off
any residue. You only need a thin even coat of any wax
on your car or any sealant like Wheel Guard on your wheels. If you can still see the color of the product
you’re probably using too much and it’s going to waste and it’s not bonding to the part
that you’re protecting but it’s bonding on layers of the product underneath it. So if you leave it on too thick you’re just
wasting product that’s not giving you any extra protection. A thin even coat is all you need. It’s very easy to apply with the Workhorse
Applicator Pad. For the final step, I’ll add a coat of dressing
to the face of the tire to make it look nice and new, make it look shiny and protect it
against the environment. I’m going to use some V.R.P. water-based dressing. This is a high shine dressing that is going
to look fantastic on this Lotus wheel. I’m going to spread out a quick line on this
Wonder Wave Applicator Pad. I’m gently spreading it over the surface. Now many people ask us if any of our dressings
sling off the tire as they drive. As long as you spread the dressing on the
applicator pad and work it into the tire you are going to have a very low chance of any
tire sling or having any dressing fling all over the side of your car. Massage the tire dressing in the face of the
rubber by first spreading out the dressing on your applicator pad rather than spraying
it or smearing it on the face and have it pooling up in the treads and you get it all
over the side of the car. To even out the shine go ahead and take your
microfiber towel and give it a quick pass over the face of the rubber to take off any
excess dressing or high spots. Now it looks great with an even shine all
the way around. So now you’ve seen how easy it is to clean,
shine and protect your wheels. The best part is all these products are available
in one convenient kit, the Chemical Guys Best Wheel, Rim And Tire Kit. You’ve got a nice car, lets keep it clean
with Chemical Guys.

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  1. is it normal for wheel guard to have watery substance in it ? Cannot get it to mix together it stays seperated

  2. wow, perfect job , chemicalguys , do you ship internationally to saudi arabia ? i liked lots of products from your car care products collection.. i would like to order some of them, kindly let me know.

  3. Works really good to reach in the wheel to get the part we all see but can never reach. I however found out that on rims that will compress the bristles DON'T USE THIS I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS BRUSH, unless you are ok with being COMPLETELY speckled with dirty brake dust soap water all over you. There is no way to avoid it unless you stand behind a full shield with a glove attached hand hole.

  4. I know this was just for show and not a dirty rim but you excluded cleaning the sides of the spokes. You may have wiped it off when you dried but you just risked moving around a bunch of dirt to clean paint.

    In the future make sure you recommend a wheel and spoke brush, or a small microfiber wash mit or tool.

  5. hey guys great job on the vids and awsome products, just an FYI I use the silk shine on my tires.i spray it on and wait till I'm done with the wheels before wiping of the excess, no tire sling and always a new shine.

  6. I like this guy. He's a good communicator and good at articulating the knowledge he knows. I'm sure the other Chemical Guys are knowledgeable but they just aren't good in front of a camera. They're awkward and can cause confusion in their speech.

  7. I've got some nicer aluminum rims on my 01 Ford Expedition and when I decide to really get in there and clean them they shine even from a distance and look great. But fuck is it ever hard to keep them clean. I don't understand how you can take your finger and wipe the grime off literately with no effort from your finger but how does a high pressure washer not even budge it? I do need to take the rimes off one at a time and clean them from the inside. Wondering how well steam will work. Most of the time I just use LA Awesome and scrub with a brush. Then really get in there with a wet soapy rag and clean every nook and cranny. Once it's dry I wipe it down with a microfiber and it shines on it's own. Every now and then I will take a polish to the rims. But there is alot of effort into keeping this vehicle clean and waxed for the size so I do find myself neglecting it sometimes and it only takes longer.

  8. I like my chemical guys product as much as the next guy but you'll be sorry if you buy the brush at 2:40 and after the first time using it the handle breaks off. Ask anyone whos got the brush and 9 outta 10 will say the handle broke off

  9. thanks for the videos.. i live in toronto canada and looking for a pro the polish and wax my car.. and it black so need a pro no bs . Do u know anyone in my area??? thanks

  10. i purchased grime reaper from yous guys and it came in a spray cap form instead of just a regular cap. does that mean its ready to use or is it still super concentrated??

  11. Do not understand why you would use 2 wheel cleaners. If one wheel cleaner is stronger than the other why wouldn't you just use that one

  12. Chemichal guys. How to i clean the actually brushes that I use after I'm done with my wheels? Is there a special product to get all the grim out of my brushes for the next time I clean. I used my brushes once and they are black from cleaning the wheels. Can't get my brushes clean. Tried soap, all clean, and bug tar remover you sell. Please advise. Thanks

  13. Just ordered one today with some watermelon snow foam. I'm super pumped, because I'm gonna start detailing cars on my own now. Also this guy has a 99 percent chance of stealing your girl😂

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