How to clean and polish your car wheels

Pro tips from Barry’s Auto Body, 4301 Amboy
Rd, Staten Island New York’s only eco-friendly full service auto body and mechanical repair
facility. We accept all insurance companies. This video is about how to wash and clean
your wheels. See the wheels after the car was actually washed on the outside. We did
a basic wash. That’s the end product. These are products that we select, which is actually
part of Car Brite’s equipment line. All our detail products which we actually use all
environmentally safe detail products, which happen to be the best on the market also,
because the environmental products is where all the new technology goes to. You see the
dirt that Jimmy actually has on his fingers right now from the wheel, and this is after
the car was washed. That’s what still gets stuck on the wheels even after a regular car
wash. If you’re looking to get that deep shine, that basically comes out of a professional
repair shop, I’ll show you how to do it. When you’re cleaning the wheel, first off
you want to make sure the entire wheel is saturated. You can definitely miss spots,
but you can’t put too much on, so the more that you spray on, the better. We have two
products that are a cleaner and also a degreaser. One of them is a cleaner to get rid of regular
dirt, and the other one is a degreaser to get rid of grease. You see how how he cleaned
his brush also before he started, and now he’s getting into all of the little crevices
and everything. It’s not just about the exterior of the wheel, it’s also about all the holes
and everything on the inside of spokes, or whatever kind of wheel that you have. Then
kind of get into all of the crevices the grooves. You see how he keeps cleaning the brush. That’s
one of the most important things of cleaning your wheels or really cleaning anything on
your car, is to make sure whatever you’re using to clean it is very clean. You also
want to make sure, you see how he’s cleaning the wheels, he’s also cleaning the top of
the tires. He’s going over the entire wheel. Even when he’s going into the grooves, he
always sticks his fingers inside of each groove of the wheel that he finds. If available.
you can even stick your hand behind the spoke and kind of wrap your fingers around the backside
if you’re able to. just be careful not to cut your hands back there. After we’re done cleaning the wheels, we always
put a coat of polish on there. To polish the wheel is actually very good. It will bring
the shine out and help protect them a little but more. And you see when he polishes, he’s
not just polishing the outside surface, he’s getting his fingers all in the inside of the
wheels and grooves. When he wipes the polish off, you wipe it off, and also as you’re wiping
it off, you’re going to want to buff it to increase the shine. One little tip that i
would recommend when you clean the wheels; any Armor All that you’re going to put, make
sure that you do it after the wheel is clean. You don’t want to start cleaning your wheel
after you’ve Armor Alled it, because you can have all wax and goo and everything on the
wheel. You want to make sure that the Armor All is the last thing that you do. Your Armor
All is one product that wouldn’t really be environmentally safe. It would have like a
oil base to it. You see how basically on the wheel itself, any spillage that’s left over
from the Armor All you can clean with a regular rag. You can see the difference with the way
wheel shines. It’s basically how it is when you wax the wheel after you’re done. One of the most important tips that I like
to give on cleaning the wheels is; if anything falls to the floor; if you have a brush, you
have a rag, or any wax pad that you’re using to clean the wheel, make sure that you clean
it off. There’s nothing that will scratch a wheel or paint on a car also easier than
a rag or a brush or any product that fell on the floor and you tried to pick it up and
use it again. Very important to make sure that if it does fall or even when you’re just
picking it up and starting, that you clean it very good. It’s one of the best tips I
can give you. For Barry’s Auto Body, we are a full service
shop also. We actually do a little bit more than what a normal shop would do. We actually
have processes that DA compound waxing and tire outside of the car. If you would like
to find out, give us a call. Telephone number is 718-948-8585. The address is 4301 Amboy
Road, Staten Island, NY 10312. We’re located right next to Shop & Stop on Amboy Road It’s
a block down from Richmond Avenue and we’re on the corner of Amboy Rd and Armstrong Avenue.

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