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Hey guys! Welcome back. Today we’re gonna go over something pretty cool. Usually you’ll see cars with wheel decals
on them or whitewall tires, so I wanted to cover something pretty simple,
but also very informative. This car, our GTR that we have in today, we’ve done a lot of videos with it, but when I was walking by, I noticed that
the wheel decals are a little dirty. Then I realized, maybe many people didn’t
know how to dress the wheels when there is decals on them as well. You want to avoid getting them into a dirty state, so when you dress the tires, avoid that area. But how do you do it the right way? I’m gonna show you how to clean this part
of the wheel, and then how to dress it. There’s two ways of dressing it, but first
we’re gonna go into the cleaning part. Right now you’ll see that the wheel decal
is pretty dirty. (They are supposed to be white!) So I’m going to use our Nonsense. Nonsense is a great all-purpose cleaner that
you can use on many different surfaces. I just used it before the video to wipe down
my shoes, so that’s pretty funny! But I’m going to use it on the car today. You can use it on different surfaces like
carpet cleaning, stains, on virtually any surface. And there’s no color and no odor, so I’m going to use it to clean the letters
first, and then we’ll go on to dressing the tires. I’m going to spray it onto the towel. I’m using the Workhorse towel, but you can
use any microfiber towel. And then I’ll clean them up… As you can see already, it cleaned it up pretty well. Nonsense is ready to use, so you don’t have to dilute it. If you need or want to you can, but you can
spray it right out of the bottle. As you can see there, that’s already the before
and after, and I really didn’t use as much Nonsense and
it cleaned it up pretty well. So when you go on to dress the tires, most
people would use an applicator pad and liquid dressing, which is fine and you can still use it. Most of the time you want to avoid this area
because it will get dirty again. In this case, you can either do two things: You can dress the tires with a liquid-based
dressing and avoid the wheel decals; Or you can just go straight and used an aerosol-based
dressing. What I’m going to do is finish cleaning these
letters, then I’ll move on to the dressing part. Now they’re looking white again, which is
great! I’m going to show you what happens… unfortunately
I’m going to get them dirty again, but I’m going to show you what happens if
you use a liquid-based dressing, which seems pretty obvious, but just in case
you don’t know… Most of the time we’ll find our dressing, and I just used Silk Shine Dressing on a Wonder Wave Applicator, and you want to go in a direction and start
to work it in. Then you find yourself at the letter and you
forget that that’s there. And now you just went over the letters and
they’re dirty again. What you can do, like I said earlier, is just
use Silk Shine on the areas in between the wheel decals, but we still want to dress this area because
we don’t want it to look undressed. So you can use an aerosol-base, but I’m going
to go back and clean this back up, and then I’ll use the aerosol and how to use
that around the letters. For my aerosol-based dressing, I’m choosing
Nice & Wet Tire Shine coating. It leaves a wet finish, as opposed to a more
“natural” look. So it’s really going to make the tire stand
out in contrast with the white letters. As you can see, with an aerosol-base, I went
right over the letters, and there’s no problem, there’s nothing left behind and they’re still white. If you don’t like it to look too wet, you
can let it sit and dry. If it’s too much, you can always wipe off
the excess, but you can see it stayed white. The good thing about an aerosol-based dressing
on wheels that have decals on them is that it’s not going to affect any of the
adhesive that you used to put those letters on there, so it’ll help them last longer. Like I said, you can do a mixture of both
or just do an aerosol based. For the video we just did, to clean these
up we used Nonsense, and then I used Nice And Wet as an aerosol, or you can use Silk Shine or any dressing of your choice. So that was “Just The Tip With Jen” today! We hope you tune in next time! Make sure to “like” this video, subscribe, and we’ll see you next time! …CUT!

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