How to Choose Mountain Bike Tires – Simple 6 Step Guide

How to Choose Mountain Bike Tires – Simple 6 Step Guide

Hi Groovers, Chris here from The right tires make a huge difference
to the way you ride, how you apply your skills and how much
fun you have on the trails. Using this simple six step Guide you’ll learn how to choose the right tires for you with
confidence. Remember: Knowledge is Power. At the end of this video click ‘like’ for me, then click the
Complete Guide on screen or in the video description. The complete guide includes lots of
helpful tips about tire selection that I’ve learned from the last 27 years of mountain biking. BUT! You can learn it all in a matter of minutes. You’ll discover how particular features, tire types, tread patterns, widths, rubber compounds, TPIs and
other specifics can enhance and inhibit your performance on different types of terrain. I’ve made it so easy for you! With this Guide you’re going to love choosing tires. And part of choosing tires is deciding how much to spend. So I asked around to see who could help
out with the special discount on tires just for the MTBtips Community. You’ll
find that special deal and the discount code you need at the Complete Guide. It’s for a limited time, so be quick! Let’s choose your tires. Steps 1 and 2 are easy, so I’ll make them short and sweet. Step 1. Diameter. Identify your current tire size. The first number is the rim diameter in inches, when measured at the bead. And the second number, after the X, is the tire width in inches. Your new tires
must have the same diameter but you can choose a different width,
which we’ll do shortly. Today I’m shopping for a tire for my 27.5 inch wheeled trail bike. Step 2. Tubed or Tubeless, in all its forms. Identify which of the tire systems you currently ride. I’m a big fan of a Tubeless setup for
three reasons: 1. there’s no risk of pinch flatting the tube, because there is no tube. 2. You can run lower tire pressures, enhancing grip and rolling efficiency over rough terrain and, 3. Small punctures are sealed by the sealant inside the tire. If you’re not on Tubeless, maybe it’s
time to switch. Which may mean converting your current rims using a quick and easy tubeless conversion kit. Check the Guide for more information. I’ve added ‘tubeless’ to my list. Step
3: Riding Style. Really have a think about what type of riding it is that you do. Downhill shuttle runs and nothing else? Perhaps you ride groomed cross-country trails with a monthly XC marathon race? Maybe it’s a mix of
hardcore Enduro and technical cross-country riding. If you’re a mix of styles on the one bike choose your most dominant style as a starting point for tire selection. Add that to your list. I’ve added Enduro and cross country to mine. Step 4: Terrain. What type of terrain will you be riding? Don’t just choose the tires your mate rides! He may have chosen wrongly. Is it loose and rocky, sandy, loamy or hard-pack? Muddy, wet, hilly, and on it goes… Is the terrain technical, or not? A combination of several types, or just one? Add that to your list. My list now includes: Loose or loose over hard-pack technical terrain. Steep, rocky climbs. Step 5: Width. How does tire width affect your ride? Use the Tire Width Comparison Guide the
Complete Guide to decide which width is best for you. Step 6: Choose your advantages. What do you want your new tires to do the best? In what ways do you want that new tire
to enhance your riding? From the Features and Benefits List at the Complete Guide at Step 6, determine the Top 3 to 5 most
important things your new tire must be capable of. Time to prioritize. Check Step 6 at the Complete Guide. Add your 3 to 5 most important benefits that you’re looking for to your list and ‘Hey Presto!’ Now you’ve got a list
that tells you exactly the type of tire you’re looking for and you can be confident it’ll be the right tire for you. Please click
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  1. i am trying to figure out what a clincher tire is. i bought new rims and it says for clincher tires? does a regular tire work on this rim? can someone please enlighten me?

  2. Great video with the tips they give but it's all based around the complete guide and the link is broken so it isn't as helpful as it could be. Either way, still helped me out!

  3. But what if you're looking for a tire that's going to last you for a long time I travel 10 miles a day on my bike on a desert Terrain and on payment to so I need one that will last for a long time and on desert terrain there's everything from Sand gravel 2 sharp objects

  4. hey, can I upgrade my 26×1.95 on my hardtail to a 26×2.5? btw i have a beiou t800 17" hardtail frame unibody carbon.

  5. My tire is currently 29×1.95 and i want to buy a new one. I have a question. Is it okay if i buy a 29×2.50 or 29×3.50? Please reply fast. Thanks 😘

  6. I'm happy with tubed. I haven't got a puncture yet in 4 months 'touch wood' and I do alot of rockriding

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