How to choose a Good Bicycle | Basics of Bicycle | Buy Best Bicycle in INDIA

How to choose a Good Bicycle | Basics of Bicycle | Buy Best Bicycle in INDIA

Are you thinking about buying a New Bicycle? And are unable to figure out which one to Buy? Then keep watching this video till the End. Hello Friends, My Name Is Ankit and you are watching Awesome Buyers Last Year, I bought a Bicycle; and It took around 7 Months to select that Bicycle. And today In this Video I will share my knowledge which I understood about a bicycle in those 6-7 months So Let’s start this video. So a Bicycle is made up of some Basic Parts, in which the first one is frame, then tires, Then there are brakes then after that we have drive train in which there is chainset and in drive train there is front and rear derailleur then handlebar in which there are shifters and brake levers and after that there is another part known as Fork or suspension fork. which connect our bicycle front tire to Frame. so these are some basic parts. And if we make some changes to these basic parts, there different types of bicycles are formed. Like MTB – Mountain Bicycle So these are the types of bicycle whose frame is lighter and strong. Tires are thick and there are suspension which are used to absorb Shocks. Generally Most of the time, people are buying MTB’s because such type of Bicycles together with Road, are good for off-roading too. The Second type of bicycle is “Road Bicycle” As the name suggests, these are typically for Cities or Plain Roads. The specialization is High Speed Its tires are too thin, and the design is Aerodynamic. which will give you a lot of Speed. But the only downside about them is that, the comfort level which is compromised because of the sitting aero position. which will create some kind of problem. But Racers use these Bicycles. The third type of bicycle is Hybrid Bicycle. So a Hybrid bicycle comes with some MTB’s and Road cycle features. There are almost every part. But the Frame, Will match to the Road Bicycle. and the suspension are not too good Generally, such type of bicycle is used for cities and little bit offroading. The fourth type of bicycle which is being popular is Electric Bicycle. In this, an electric motor is attached to the Rear wheel or hub of an MTB or a Hybrid Bicycle. Together with a Battery. Which gives you a push of 25Km/hr According to Indian Norms. So this bicycle is also a good choice. Now there is another kind of Bicycle, which is weird; That is a Folding Bicycle. Now it is created for the people who love to commute everywhere with their bicycle. Who wants to transport their bicycle in a car and other public Transport means. So in this bicycle, The frame folds. altogether with the handlebar. It is basically for those who love the portability. Now there are subcategories in these Bicycles Like in MTB’s you have heard about “Cross Country” Downhill. there are a lot more types, and let me tell you that most of the MTB’s you purchase are Cross country only. Now let’s understand about the Basic Parts of Bicycle. The frame of a bicycle is the most important part. Which decides the strength and weight of your bicycle. Generally Bicycle Frames, are either made up of Steel Alloy, Aluminium Alloy, Titanium Alloy, And Carbon Fiber also. Up to 12 Thousand Indian Rupee, bicycle, you will find Steel as a frame But from mid-range to top end, Aluminium alloy is being used. Basically Steel is Strong But, because of its weight, It is not used in in MTB’s or costly bicycles. But as Aluminium is light-weight, but its strength is lower than Steel But because of Aluminium’s Strength to weight Ratio is Overall in simple words, Aluminium can withstand forces because of its light weight. And I have read in a website that Aluminium can dampen 50% of vibrations than steel. And in most of the Bicycles Aluminium alloy is used. And It is rustproof. Now the next is Titanium Alloy The pros are 50% much lighter than Steel. But it is costlier so it is less used. Only in Folding Cycles. But at the Top End, Carbon Fiber which you had been heard a lot of time, is used in MTB’s and Road Bicycles, which is the lightest one and the Strongest one. And Generally Carbon Fiber is used in Aerospace Industry So this was about Bicycle Frame Material, So the frames are available in different – different sizes, such as 15″, 16″, 17.5″ ,18″ and more. So you must select the right Bicycle frame according to your Height. So you can follow this small guide for choosing the right frame size. And you will come to know whether the bicycle is good for your height or not. And if you choose wrong size then you might face problems like me ๐Ÿ˜› However, in my bicycle, the Saddle does not go down ๐Ÿ™ so otherwise, it would have been OK. So our next component is Tyres. there are different types of tires but, mainly you will hear about Tubeless and Tubed tires. In tubed tires, you will find a tube which is filled with air, And in the tubeless system, not only tire but rim must be tubeless ready. Like a lot of bicycles, companies shows that their bicycle’s tire is Tubeless Ready. It simply denotes that the rim supports tubeless system. whenever you will get that bicycle from Factory, You will get a tubed tire, as like my Firefox Stravaro. And if you want to make it tubeless, then you have to buy a tubeless tire and in that tubeless tire system, a sealant is used which seals the punctures. so overall tubeless tire are lighter than Tubed ones, and better. And if you do a lot of offroading then you can use this Tubeless System. But in a tubed system, you can easily repair if a puncture is caused. Tires are available in different Sizes such as 26″, 27″ 28″ 29″ and Fat tires. So these are used in MTB’s Whenever you will look into the categories of Road Bicycle or Hybrid Cycle, you will see 700C tyre size which is approximately to the 27 or 28 Inch There are two types of system of filling air in a bicycle. One is Presta valve and another is Schrader Valve, Schrader valve is known as car valve, which is used generally in a lot of bicycles. But there are few top end bicycles which need high pressurized air Presta valve is used. And in a bicycle pump, you get both the options. With tires you will find specifications about Rim And you will find Single wall rim and double wall rim. These are just a type of rims which are single and double walled only. And double wall gives more strength. and you will see 36h or 32 h number with rim specs, It simply denotes that the bicycle tire has a large number of Spokes and you can easily true that tire with large H number easily. So bigger H number is Better. Now it’s time to talk about the Brakes. Generally in most of the MTBs you will find Disk Brakes. But in road cycles or Hybrid cycles, you will find V Brakes. in simple words “Rim Brakes” Disk Brakes are of Two types. Hydraulic and Mechanical. In a mechanical disk brake, The Brake shoe is operated by a Mechanical wire which is attached to the brake lever. And in hydraulic, a fluid is used to operate the Disk Pad. In simple words, the mechanical system is cheap, low maintenance but less responsive. whereas Hydraulic Disk brakes are more responsive and require less power. so you can prefer disk brakes, however, it will require a change of Oil. And V brakes are normal which are easily set. But in disk brake, if the alignment is wrong, then it can rub to the shoe while riding So Now let’s talk about Bicycle Drive Train. in which there is Crank Set, Front and Rear derailleur So the crankset is the component from which you deliver the power with pedals. And there are crankset chain wheel Generally there are 3 crankset chain wheel in 50-60 Thousand INR bicycle. And you will see teeth mentioned in their specifications. Like 22/32/44 so you will know that there are 3 Crank set chain wheel. and if you buy a more expensive bicycle you will find only 2 crank chain wheel. And in top end bicycle there is only one Crankset chain wheel. which end the hassle of front gears. And most of the time you will see bottom Bracket So it connects the Pedal arms, so they can move freely So when that is in a sealed system, then it is known as Sealed Bottom Bracket. Now let’s talk about Rear cogset. There are two types, A freewheel and Cassette So freewheel is OLD tech might be used in cheap bicycles. But cassette is used nowadays. Both have the same work, but there are mechanical Differences. Thus cassette is easier to repair in case of damage. And you will find 11-34 Teeth in its specification. Now let’s talk about derailleur which are Front and Rear derailleur And because of those bicycle chain simply goes up or down. so you can determine the quality of derailleur from this chart. So this was the drivetrain, and we also have a chain in it. Which is manufactured by KMC Sometimes steel chains. Now let talk about handle bar. so there will be some Specifications mentioned. such as handlebar material, handlebar length, Back sweep angle etc. and most of the Country bicycles have 600-700mm Handle bar. which is wide with good controllability And back sweep angle is mentioned, which denotes how much a Bicycle handle is bent towards the saddle. Now you have to look about a headset, which must be threadless one and you can recognize it by these Pinch Bolts. Now it’s time for suspension. There are front and Rear suspension in a bicycle. But I will simply talk about Front Suspension. Because if you are getting a cheap rear suspension cycle then it will not be great in quality. as rear suspension bicycles are of high cost. And only Expert riders who ride heavy trails buy them. Most of the time you will get a Hydraulic lockout suspension in Indian Market. In which a lever is provided to lock the suspension. A lot of bicycles have air suspension. Which is used in Rebound adjustment side and air pressure is used to operate it. And in lot more cycles there is a facility of Remote lockout In which a lever is provided at the handle bar to lock or unlock your suspension fork. So these were the basics of a bicycle which I understood While purchasing new Bicycle, you must focus on few things, Such as you have to look for Threadless headset over 15000 Rupee bicycle. Which you can recognize with pinch bolts. So you must find out quick release lever which will make tire repairs easy without any tools. Third look for the derailleur hanger on a bicycle. which is designed to break in an accident so that you derailleur will have no effect. And if you are purchasing an expensive bicycle over 60 Thousand Rupee then look for the bolts on the Crank Set. Which will prevent the whole replacement of Crankset if in case a chain wheel is damaged. so these were few basics of Bicycle which I learned. so if you know more about a bicycle and found that there is error in this information then please, Share the correct information in comments as it will help me and other people to know a bicycle better. If after this video, you are able to understand the specifications of a bicycle then give a like ๐Ÿ™‚ so that’s all for this video ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for Watching and Goodbye!

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  1. So generally I have talked about MTBs and some basics. And I left about Saddle, There are 2 Types of Saddle. A saddle with quick adjustment lever and another with Dropper post. While you will get dropper post on the Premium bicycles but adjustable seat post are in most of the mid to upper range bicycles. If you find any misinformation in this video please make sure to correct me in comments as this not only will help me but also other people out here to know a bicycle better. Thank You!

  2. Great job ,as a young youtuber the knowledge you have is awesome.I want to see more of your bicycle reviews and rides,and also the beauty of Srinagar hills.

    All the best bro.

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  5. I am amazed that despite spending 6 months on selecting you chose an average bike, you could have opted for better bike with much less value than what Firefox is offering. Rockrider 540/GT Avalach are much better option with almost 5-10k lower in price whilst offering better equipment and frame/cable design.

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  9. Pls suggest me a bike
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    1. Daily 1-2 km riding
    2. My height 5.1 inch
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    4. Budget 20k-22k
    5. Prefer front suspension, ( do i really want it?)
    6. Rear suspension not required
    7. Mechanical disc brakes is must
    8. Having comfortable riding position
    9. Give me 3/ 4 options

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