How to choose a Good Bicycle | Basics of Bicycle | Buy Best Bicycle in INDIA

How to choose a Good Bicycle | Basics of Bicycle | Buy Best Bicycle in INDIA

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  1. So generally I have talked about MTBs and some basics. And I left about Saddle, There are 2 Types of Saddle. A saddle with quick adjustment lever and another with Dropper post. While you will get dropper post on the Premium bicycles but adjustable seat post are in most of the mid to upper range bicycles. If you find any misinformation in this video please make sure to correct me in comments as this not only will help me but also other people out here to know a bicycle better. Thank You!

  2. Great job ,as a young youtuber the knowledge you have is awesome.I want to see more of your bicycle reviews and rides,and also the beauty of Srinagar hills.

    All the best bro.

  3. hey dude nice content
    i want u to ask a question
    that i m buying Fittrip snyper 221 29er and you tell me is it a good mtb under 11000..? pls answer my question 😇👍🏻

  4. Please make a video on hero sprint genex gear cycle plz. As i will buy this in one month. Please make a highlighted video for this cycle plz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. I am amazed that despite spending 6 months on selecting you chose an average bike, you could have opted for better bike with much less value than what Firefox is offering. Rockrider 540/GT Avalach are much better option with almost 5-10k lower in price whilst offering better equipment and frame/cable design.

  6. Mein Gorakhpur mei ho kaun sa cycle Accha hai gear or gearless please bhi tell me Bhut pershan ho

  7. Could you please let me know the name of cycle that was demonstrated at time line 5:39 ?

  8. Bhai video to mst he but 30000 ke undar yeshi best MTB konshi aayegi please new video nikalo sirf MTB user ke liye

  9. Pls suggest me a bike
    My requirements

    1. Daily 1-2 km riding
    2. My height 5.1 inch
    3. Only for city commute and occasional long ride
    4. Budget 20k-22k
    5. Prefer front suspension, ( do i really want it?)
    6. Rear suspension not required
    7. Mechanical disc brakes is must
    8. Having comfortable riding position
    9. Give me 3/ 4 options

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