How to Check If Tire Is Worn | Bicycle Repair

How to Check If Tire Is Worn | Bicycle Repair

Okay, so today we are going to learn about
how you know when your tire is worn out. This is a big problem we see all the time
in the shop. People come in with tires that are very worn
out and that can be very dangerous because you could be going down a hill and your tire
can blow out and then you can lose control. So there are a couple different ways to see
if your tire is really worn out. At first you’ll see with this tire the tread
is almost completely gone so this tire definitely needs to be replaced. Also a lot of tires you’ll see in the city,
because the city is so hard on bicycles with the weather and just all the grit and grime
everywhere, is you’ll see cracks in the sidewall or even cracks along the tread. Which basically a lot of people call it dry
rot and basically the rubber just dries out and it’s rotting and can blow out. So these tires need to be replaced and we’ll
talk about how you replace them and how you figure out which size tire is correct for
you. So this wheel is a 700c wheel. There are a bunch of different sizes. The most common are 700c, 26 inch and 27 inch. So the way that you figure that out is you
look around the sidewall on your tire and you’ll see on this tire it says 700 x 38c. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need
to put a 700 x 38c. Usually there is a bit of a range so you could
put a 700 x 40 or something like 700 x 42 depending on your frame. So we’ll take this tire off and put a new
tire on and show you how to do that.

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  1. Cracking is only dangerous if you can see the casing of the tire. Otherwise, the rubber serves no structural purpose; it's only there to protect the casing.

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