How to Check a Wheel Bearing in Your Car (Replacement)

How to Check a Wheel Bearing in Your Car (Replacement)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel, if
your car is making a humming sound that gets louder the faster you drive, then
today’s your lucky day, because I’m going to show you how to tell if your wheel
bearings are bad, now in this case the noise is coming from the back, it sounds
like it’s behind me, so we’re going to Jack the car up in the air, now it sure sounds
like it’s coming from this wheel, so let’s pull on it, now unfortunately it
doesn’t have any play, it doesn’t wobble when I pull on it, but that doesn’t mean
that the wheel bearing isn’t necessarily bad, many times wheel bearings will start
to wear out and they won’t have any play but they start to make noise, so you have
to pull off the wheel and check them, now the wheel bearing is inside here, but we
have to take the brake off to access it so we’ll get a wrench a socket and a
hammer and whack off the brake, there’s two seventeen millimeter bolts on the
back, you just put this on, and hit it a few times, so you can take them off, and off it
comes, then just pull off the brake disc, and get a screwdriver and pop the
bearing cover off, then get a big socket and a cheater bar, that will fit over the
bearing bolt, and put it on and pull like mad, the off comes the whole bearing assembly, now if
you look closely inside this bearing assembly, you’ll see there’s little
flakes of metal here, the metal is the bearing wearing out so we know the
bearing is on its way out needs replacing, we should have seen just pure grease inside there but, since we see little
flecks of metal, we know the bearings coming apart and it’s time for a new one,
and in this case the new bearing comes as an entire assembly, the only thing we
have to change are the studs that hold it in, and the tone ring for the ABS, so
on the old hub we got a hammer out the studs, and change this tone ring for the
ABS, to get the studs off, you just screw one of the little bolt on and whack it a few
times, then you take out the bolt and there it is to use over, then we get a
drift chisel to hit the tone ring out, and off it comes, then you get to new
bearing assembly, put the ring on, and tap it back on, now these hub bearing assemblies come pre-greased, so you don’t need to do anything
except put them on, they just slide right on, then you put the bolts on, tighten it on,
and then with a drip chisel and a hammer, hit the little edges so it
locks into place and now comes the tricky part, you have to stick the studs back in, so
you get a stud and a larger bolt that will fit over it, and the regular bolts
that screw it in, then you put the stud in from the back, put the spacer bolt in,
and the regular bolt and tighten it up, then with your socket as you tighten
this up, it pulls the bolt in and holds it in place, once you get all the studs
on, put the brake disc on, then bolt the brake caliper back on, get it on nice and
tight, and don’t forget to tap the grease cover back on, then the tire goes
back on and we’re all done, and down the road we go with no more roaring sound
coming from the back, and remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit and I’ll answer them as soon as I get back from this ride!

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  2. The problem that I have here is that the ring that goes around the wheel bearing is where play is coming from for me.. does that mean the ring is bad or is that normal for a bad wheel bearing?

  3. My car makes a strange rubbing noise from underneath the front fender. Doesn't sound like metal to metal friction however. I looked underneath and nothing appears to be scraping together. I notice when the car is jacked up I will spin the wheel and it doesn't make any noise but only when the full weight of the car is applied. I primarily hear the scraping noise when the wheels are pointed straight forward and occurs more frequently as the car moves faster. Wheels are factory size and the tires are in good shape. I'm completely baffled.

  4. Well, my 2001 Dodge Stratus has that humming sound from behind and I bought Mevotech assembly. It was cheap. When I unboxed it I saw it was made in China. Hope it will last even for a year.

  5. Last time I helped change a wheel bearing my brother-in-law pulled out the air hammer, 5 pound sledge, torch, and some grunt work. Wonders of living in the north. You just tug and off it comes in Texas.

  6. don't put lugs on with impacts. Too many people cross thread those things with the impact. use the tire tool so that if somebody gets a flat they don't have to fight the impact wrench. it's like an oil filter. some things are better done gently.

  7. I'm having a clunking noise along with the humming noise coming from the front end on a 98 Toyota Avalon. When I turn right, all of the noise stops. Gets louder when turning left. But the noise is consistent when going straight and gets faster as I accellerate. Can this be a wheel bearing issue? I wasn't sure if a really bad wheel bearing could cause a thumping noise that I can feel in the accellorator.

  8. Which grease is the best product for bearings. I'm researching can't figure what to buy. I have a grease gun need a 14oz cartridges, not sure what to buy for dusty, high temperature, vigorous environment grease.

  9. Hey scotty, nice video, quick question,will a new weel bearing slide into a new hub without a press on an altima 1999, thanks in advance?

  10. Hello Scotty
    my Honda Civic is making bearing noise
    But not sure which wheel it is
    Please suggest how to find out ?
    Want to get it replaced

  11. Scotty's probably my top advisor when it comes to mechanics. It makes me nervous to see him leave his leg under the rotor, though, because I don't entirely trust jacks.

  12. if a bearing is bad would it cause your engine to work harder? Would it slow your car a bit? Would it cause the steering wheel to pull to that side?

  13. What no torque wrench to torque the axle nut ????  yeah just use a big breaker bar and tighten it as much as you can and do the job over again in another hundred miles .

  14. I have a 2015 Corolla and it’s eating my front drivers side tire. I felt play. Took it all apart and didn’t see any play anywhere (tie rods, ball joints) but around the hub. I tightened up the axle nut but still has play. Could it be the wheel bearing?

  15. This guy knows a heck of a lot… Except for the difference between nuts and bolts! It drives me insane

  16. Hi Scotty…front wheel bearing is bad on my 03 camry. is it possible to replace the front wheel bearing without removing the knuckle from the car? Ive heard some say yes and some say no. I have a wheel bearing too kit to press it in with.

  17. Don't forget about torque specifications. I am a huge advocate of torquing to the manufacturer specifications.

  18. How many miles were on that wheel hub going bad? I had a wheel hub go bad around 85k.. It made a whirring noise/vibration type sound.. I changed that one and have practically driven another 80k with no issues on the others. Is there a certain amount of mileage where you should change these out for safety? I would rather not change unless needed, but some online searching said they last 100-150k.

  19. On my father's car the driver side bearing has play in it and the passenger side has no play but makes a clicking sound when turned by hand. Are they both bad?

  20. it is 2019 and i can not get genuine ford wheel bearings for my UK ford fusion.
    i have fitted quinton hazel front bearings then they went crazy and my wheels were steering all over. then now i have installed SKF front wheel bearings and now they are rubbish. i just want genuine ford fusion front wheel bearings but the idiots at the local ford part supplies is telling me they can not get me a genuine item and keep trying to sell me SKF bearings.
    i just want genuine bearings, why wont ford sell me genuine front wheel bearings? the original bearings lasted one hundred and fifteen thousand miles.
    the quinton hazel lasted 300 miles and now these SKF bearings are causing steering play.

  21. Hello scotty
    Hope you and your family are ok.
    I got Mercedes e350cdi 2016 only done 13500 miles when im driving from rear noise like humming and gets more and more mercedes dealer told me i got bend disc at rear im not mechanic i said if will fixed please change it. 🤪 they did quote me a lot of money and i asked where i live local garage could you please check if thats right and they said yes can be abd they did change the discs and pads at rear but problem still carrys on!!! Do you think i can leave with the noise or should i ask local mechanic to change wheel bearings?
    Thank you Scotty waiting to hear from you. Look after yourself.

  22. Wish I saw this video before
    My front passenger hub assembly and bearings are bad. Theres a wire hanging out. Heard same roaring noise, sounded like driver side, but it was the passenger side
    I guess it was bad a few days because two days in a row while on cruise control, my abs and traction control would go off.

  23. Hello Scotty i had a noise in the front of my 03 corolla 235K km on the odometer. I was planing to change tires and front struts and link kit and get it aligned. After work done the front right wheel still have a loud noise at 90km/h (55mph). What can be wrong ? I had a bearing changed on the driver side few months ago and the noise was not speed specific. Can it still be a bearing problem? Thanks !

  24. My rotor is wobbly does that mean it is worn out by the stud holes? Or can it be the wheel bearing? When car is on jack stands I can wobble the rotor at 3 and 9 and 12 and 6 etc but the caliper doesn’t budge any help appreciated

  25. My question is i only hear a roaring sound when i turn to the right in certain curves.just put on a new outer tie rod i have no clue what it could be.

  26. I replaced the rear hub barring and now I hear a creepy sound that’s not normal I have the sound if anyone wanna hear it.

  27. Scotty, I really need help!!
    I'm trying to replace the hub assembly on my Mitsubishi L200.
    Managed to get all the bolts undone but the old hub is stuck fast in the holder knuckle.

    How do I free it up?? I've tried hammer and chisel, penetrating spray, but no luck it just won't budge

  28. Scotty, you're a life saver, my friend! I owe you one. Your videos always help me tackle the hard auto repair jobs that I get roped into. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks with the rest of us. I really appreciate what you do, brother. Godspeed.

  29. This guy is trash. Looks like he got his car parts from the dollar store judging by his looks. He looks cheap

  30. Bad bearings rumble. To double check before removing wheel spin and listen for rumble. Great advise Scotty.

  31. Scotty need advise. 2003 Corolla 140 mi. Tried bounce test front and rear and Corolla hardly moved??? Found boots on the struts had deteriorated and need replacing. Diagnosis?

  32. Scotty makes it look so easy he makes you want to pick up your wrench and have ago. Nice and simple to follow. I had been leaving off fixing that noisy wheel bearing for months lol!

  33. So Scottie did you eventually get a new leg cuz somehow the Hydraulic Jack fell down and crushed your ankle and I have a limp foot. Certainly it wouldn't teach you that in the Airborne

  34. Hey Scotty, I hope you can answer this , I bought a whole new wheel bearing hub, when installing it from the pressure to put it on the axle the wheel bearing opened up I the it's the trust washer. I torqued everything and my wheel doesn't move back and forward so it does seem good, but while driving I can hear a noise (like I'm driving on a train track) , do I need to replace everything again or could it be something else that is grinding (parking brake? brake discs ?) I hope you can answer ! Thanks !

  35. Hi Scotty. I have a question. I have a Mondeo 2 ltr with sealed wheel bearings. Some say you can pump greese down the ABS sencer hole on some cars. Others say you can use a pick to get the seal off and pump greese direct in to bearings then replace seal. What do you think.

  36. I changed my front bearings and damaged again in less than one year not drive them for 20, 000km, my German michanic put febi and now I have to change them again, is this normal guys 😔😔😔😔 money wasted and I have to do it again.

  37. Hey I got a question I just did my front brakes and rear on a 2015 sonata 2.4 at good year and now the front wheel is making this growling noise like a metal to metal contact I took it back to them and they say it's the wheel bearing but it was fine before I got there

  38. Would you recommend an axle repair bearing or just a new bearing which states you should be using a repair bearing not a new bearing

  39. When I apply my brake I hear clocking sound replaced everything in the front and back wheel! still noice ! Please what cut it be ?

  40. Hi Scotty, I tried emailing you but your page seems to not work for me for some reason. I have a 2005 Toyota Avalon and it pulses when I slow down or hit the brakes. I've changed the front rotors, pads, inner and outer tie rods with no luck. What could it be? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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