How to Change Spark Plugs and Wires in Your Car

How to Change Spark Plugs and Wires in Your Car

one, two, three, four! rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel Today I’m going
to show you a cool trick how to change your spark plug in spark plug wires when
they get stuck because they’re old and the heat is welded them on, now on
the suburban when you go down you can see here’s a spark plug wire coming off
the coil and it goes down to the spark plug
get the top off is real easy you just twist it with your hand a little that
breaks the seal then pull down then off it comes even a cat could do it if they had
opposable thumbs but they don’t but the other end here at the engine they
generally get so tight from the heat of the exhaust manifold they’re really hard
to get out so here’s a big trick first buy your spark plugs and the spark plug
wires before you do the work because odds are you’re going to destroy this
and if you don’t destroy it the inside will often crack when you pull it off
and then it’ll start misfiring so get new wires first then get big needlenose
pliers like this, stick them on the engine and wedge it onto the little metal piece
here and then when you twist it, it breaks the seal see how it’s turning
around that breaks the seal then once you spun it around you grab it as tight
as you can and pull and as you can see I ended up ripping the wire off of the
end that’s why you always get a new set of wires with this design make sure you get
a good ones don’t buy cheap ones buy quality ones it doesn’t matter that you
bend it a little here that’s basically a heating ground shield the new wire goes
on it and it snaps on fine don’t you just use your socket take out the old
spark plug they get a quality new spark plug and here’s another tip all these
modern spark plugs have a coating on them you don’t need to put any kind of
coating any kind of lubrication they go on straight and then you torque them in
nice and snug. you just get a nice and snug
some guys you torque wrenches but really I’m working on a cold engine and if you
just pull it nice and snug they’re going to stay in there then you get the spark
plug wire in and you push it in until it slides right in wiggle it a little so
it snaps on the end and the other end just goes
on the coil same thing just twice the little make it nice and snug and of
course change all the spark plugs and all the wires even if you have saying
misfire and cylinder number six the rest of them are all worn change them all out
thing in order to think about it for years and remember if you have any car
questions just visit my website

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  1. I have a truck (2003 Chevy Avalanche) with oil on spark plug on cylinder 4…I changed all the plugs but the misfire code is still there and the check engine light is flashing continuously…what could this be??

  2. I changed the wires on my 2007 Avalanche, and now it wont start. It ran before, but now, nothing. HELP ME SCOTTY

  3. @.12 seconds, skidding on public roads!!! Looks pretty reckless to me. Should report you to the local authorities. Haha, Remember saying you were going to report Eric the Car Guy for using a handheld devise on a public roadway? I hope you were just kidding.

  4. I like putting some dielectric grease inside the boot, makes it a little easier to get the wires off. Even then its no too bad of a job to change plugs on these trucks. The worst car I've ever had to change spark plugs was the 2007 V6 Toyota Camry, we had to remove the intake manifold to reach the rear spark plugs.. not a fun job at all.

  5. Perfect timing with this video. I want to change out my spark plugs on my Tahoe. Basically the same thing as this

  6. Hi Scott Kilmer, I hope you can give me some insight. my car(2016 Kia Forte 23000 miles) runs fine for about 30 to 40 minutes then dies while driving , but I cut it off and it starts right up. I am getting no codes at all. PLEASE HELP!

  7. Scotty, what should compression be for a Toyota with the 3.4 engine? I'm bottoming out at 120psi uniformly on one bank and 150 uniformly on the other.

  8. Wow Scotty; The Idea of DOING IT YOURSELF is that we don't have much money, so to save money; We do the job, So we do not want to spend another $120 on the wires if they are still usable Right ?

  9. Hi, I have a problem with my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the appearance of cheek gages and a key sign on the dashboard. I changed my car after this problem came up and to no avail.

  10. Must have misunderstood instructions – got dick stuck in spark plug hole. Just waiting for fire rescue.

  11. one thing Scotty I don't know why not do it, put a LINK to the products appears in your videos it will make it a lot easier to your viewers..!!

  12. scottykilmer, you say not to worry about the coating that goes on the threads???? really??? that's antisieze, so what are you gonna do when you go to change them again and they don't budge or worse…….break!!!! Let's get real, guys put some antisieze on those spark plug threads, it just might save you from buying a tap and die set later along with ALOT of headache

  13. To Scotty or anyone who knows:
    I have a VW Touareg and I had the spark plugs replaced on it a few days ago at my usual auto-repair place (only the plugs, not the wires). I also had the coolant replaced. After this service, my gas mileage has worsened a lot though the truck seems to run fine. I used to get 15-18mpg prior to spark plug replace but now 15 is the most I get. All other driving factors are same as before (driving habits, the roads I take for commuting, etc). Any idea why the significant dip in gas mileage?

  14. Hey Scotty, highlight using a piece of vacuum tube (or just rubber hose) to help get the spark plugs started. With a big spark plug socket, extension and wrench, you don't get the feel if the threads are starting correctly. Some foreign cars the threads are really fine and can easily cross thread. Just find tubing that fits snug over the tip of the spark plug and use it to help guide the spark plug and get it a couple turns started.

  15. which type of spark plug doesnt require grease? i bought the wire and plugs, but due to the low location of the plugs i delayed the project plus i had no grease.

  16. On older cars… You could always get the cables off no problem… Not with new cars…. Their you gotta replace the cables and plus sanctimoniously

    Great way to get some extra cash in huh?

  17. Hi Scotty!
    I have a problem with my Toyota Landcruiser 120, d4d, diesel 3.0, automatic transmission.
    It started to developed this noise:
    One month before the issue appeared, my mechanic cleaned up the egr valve and changed the glow plugs.
    I've changed the injectors+seals, valve clearance checked, engine compression is ok; according to Toyota dealer, they said that the problem could be the crank-pin bearing and for this engine must be take it out(lots of money).
    Another mechanic told me that it could be flex-plate?

    What is your opinion please?

  18. The Lisle 51410 Offset Spark Plug Boot Removal Plier from amazon works and does not bend heat shields or mess up wires. Just put them on the heat shield and twist and pull.

  19. I'd like to see a video on how to easily replace the rear spark plugs on a 99 grand am…you know, when they're almost impossible to reach lol

  20. I drove to work the other night and my ford ranger sport 2011 just died on me. I tried to start engine but failed that. I had to get a boost and it started up. Thinking it was the battery, I changed it.. It ran okay for awhile.. But later same thing happened. Now I'm about to change spark plugs to see if that's the issue. Maybe it's a wire problem. Battery we got was a used one. Thing is, during the summer the truck ran really well.. But now it's getting cold out, the truck acts up. I don't get it.

  21. In Australia, none of the spark plugs have any coding on them. Why? It's because when your forced to get anti seize lubricant for them, the government gets extra GST from it. The Australian government is adamant about GST

  22. Scotty, I changed the spark plugs in my Honda Accord at 110K mile interval as recommended by the service manual and the old spark plugs look like the new ones—with no visible wear and no oil whatsoever. The plugs are iridium. The question I have is, do we really have to change the spark plugs—even if they don't give you any problems? Is this another way to get you to spend money on dealership maintenance?

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  24. I use a prybar, one end agenst the metal, My other hand I push the opposite way and they pop off, I've honestly never damaged an oem plug wire doing it this way, just put some dielectric grease in the boot and pop it right back on… If you do buy wires always get dealer plug wires. So much better.. Always use correct NGK /AC Delco plugs also..

  25. Great tip Scotty!! How about if your sparkplug has a "coil pack" instead of a wire?? I have a 2011 GMC Canyon 2wd WT with a 2.9 l engine. Should I do the coils and plugs at the same time?

  26. Perfect! I searched on Youtube "When changing spark plugs should you replace the wires?" , and I ended up at this video. That was very fortuitous, because I just so happen to have the exact kind of Suburban (GMC Yukon XL) that you're demonstrating on. THANKS DUDE!!!

  27. So is this the update about spark plugs? Because previous one saying use contact grease adhesive conflicts with this one saying the adhesive isn't necessary because "these modern ones come pre-threaded".

  28. I know you are not allowed to say what kind are the best ones. Or the ones that are good quality here. Most of the parts stores sell garbage anyway. What are good quality now days? The yellow ones,the red ones, or the blue ones.

  29. Hi Scotty, my f 150 came with Motorcraft platinum plugs but I was in a pinch and couldn't afford the platinum plugs at that time so I went with autolite copper core resistor plugs and wires. I was wondering I know your not suppose to file platinum plugs, but is it ok to file these copper plugs and regap them and put them back in? Or should I replace them all together?

  30. What do I if it's the spark plug it's self and not the wires? I don't want to force it too much and bread the spark plug inside the engine

  31. Scotty, how often should I change spark plugs and wires?
    2003 sequoia 235,000 miles. Only maintenance was a recent timing belt change.
    Any other maintenance recommendations?

  32. Scotty I need help I changed spark plugs today because my car was shaking at 40mph and it didnt take of on time after pushing the gas thanks again Scotty

  33. How to change spark plugs step by step:

    1. Make sure your engine is hot
    2. Pour some oil down the plug holes to make removing the plugs easier
    3. Use a high power air impact gun to remove the plugs
    4. Use the air gun to put the new ones in, make sure to pull the trigger all the way back to insure the plugs don't back out from being loose while you're driving
    5. Enjoy trouble free driving for years to come

  34. Good videos Scotty, you make good company, I admire your energy and enthusiasm as well as your know how. I know you are not a fan of "headers", but on my 04 Chevy, it was easier to get to the plugs. I installed new wires, and I used one of the old boots to install the new plugs, preventing mis threading and easier in hands and fingers. My digits are older than yours.🚗🚕🚓 Revving my engine right now. 🚀rocketbob

  35. Scotty Kilmer, you're hilarious brother! Chi-town accent adds to the overall experience. It's like Anthony Spilotro became a mechanic 😂😂🤣

  36. I have Suzuki xl 7 2007 and I’m trying to replace spark plugs and ignition coils. Can you help me for find where it located ???

  37. I have a subaru car question. Lets say i have a 1996 outback. The spark plug wires are from 1996 because its printed on the red wires. Should i change it to new NGK? The way i see it is. Its been 22 years and it works fine. No check engine or misfire. But what do you couch mechanics think?

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