How to Change a Flat Tire on Your Car (the Easy Way)

rev up your engines,
it’s come to my attention that many people no longer know how to change a
tire on their car, it’s actually very easy, anybody can do it, you get out your lug
nut remover, then step on the emergency brake, so the car doesn’t roll, then
loosen the lug nuts while the tire is on the ground, now you might not be strong
enough to use your hands but, legs are super strong, just put your leg on the
end, and off it comes, now women may not have strong arms, but hey, they got strong
legs, they can get these things off too by pushing on them, if somebody comes to
bother you why are you doing the work, they make good defensive weapons, and if
you don’t want to mess up your shoes, do like I do, go to a hardware store and get a
piece of pipe, this was in the junk pile for two dollars,
with enough leverage you can move anything, then you go under the car and
look for the notch, there’s the notch where it jack’s up, as you can see here, it
fits right on the notch, and you don’t need to be particularly strong, you’ve got to
turn it quite a few times, but that makes it easy so anybody can do it, well maybe
not your cat, since you’ve already loosened all the lug nuts, now they just
screw off with your hands, and off comes the old tire, and bring in a
new tire, and first snug them all up, and jack the car back down, it takes a few turns,
but it’s easy, and last but not least, make them as tight as you can,
and that’s how easy it is to change your own tire, so when you get a flat next
time, do it yourself, more quick fixes on the Scotty Kilmer Channel

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