How to Change A Flat Tire : How To Remove A Spare Tire

How to Change A Flat Tire : How To Remove A Spare Tire

Hi! I’m Jeff Wong wiht Expert Village and
today we are going to learn how to change a flat tire. In many SUV’s and trucks, the
spare tire can be located under the vehicle in the rear. In many SUV’s and trucks, the
spare tire is suspended from the bottom of the vehicle with a crank system that can be
removed with the crank. So look for the crank whole in the rear of the vehicle and insert
the crank into there. Turn in a counterclockwise fashion and the spare tire will be lowered
from below. Be sure there is enough slack to remove the
tire from the vehicle. To check the air pressure of your spare tire remove the cap and press
and hold your pressure gage until it gives a reading. Be sure that you spare tire pressure
is within the range that is listed on your tire. This value can be found printed along
the sidewall of the tire.

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  1. Big thanks to Jeff. This video came in handy this afternoon as I helped a woman with a flat. I'm not mechanical at all, so this saved the day!

  2. The crank and other tools are usually in a side compartment (Isuzu Rodeo), in a compartment under the carpet, or in a compartment inside the rear door (LC200).

  3. ive looked in my truck, chevy blazer ls. I cant find it… i bought it used, it might have been taken out or something.

  4. On 2004 and newer Ford trucks the ignition key turns the lock to remove the lock to get access to the lowering mechanism. Alot of times the lock is frozen. Don't damage it, just look underneath the bumper with a flashlight and you will see a "c" clip that holds the lock in place. Simply pry it off with a small screwdriver and push the lock out. The lock tab will come off also. Lube it up with WD40 and key should work again.

  5. Thanks Brother! I have a 2000 4-Runner with no owners manual and it is a FAR CRY from the pick-ups that I'm used to (super simple spare removal)  I appreciate you cluing me in to that keyway to crank down the spare… I knew it had to be something like that!  

  6. Hey thank you so much for all your help I really appreciate it.For the first time I was able to changed my flat tire with MY NEVER spare tire today. It was rusty and I guess I will buy a new one sooooooooooooon. 

  7. took my car to a firestone dealer they couldn't get tire down they then took it to our local Chevrolet dealer and they had to cut the holding mechanism off the truck cost me over $150 for labor/parts. and I'm supposed to do this along side a busy highway in a rain storm HOW ? Oh I know I'll let my wife do it./i  

  8. Dude! I seriously couldn't figure out how to get the spare off until i watched your vid! I am so used to the old style, i never knew they even made these super technological advances for the spare. Great vid!!!

  9. If the spare tire is stuck, Thexton Manufacturing just came out with a new tool to break free the secondary latch on GM Pickups & SUV's 2002-2012.  Part number TH805

  10. Very decent video, but as for the pressure information, it's better to go by the indicated information listed wither on the tire info label in the driver door jamb, or in the owner's manual

  11. Thanks a bunch. I just made it home in time 130am …. losing a lot of air pressure. I stopped to fill my tire, it was just enough air to make it to my driveway, Thank God! I was trying to figure out how to remove the spare from my truck (2014 GMC Sierra SLT), This video helps. Glad my husband arrives home tomorrow. The Lord is Good! Thanks again

  12. you don't realize how helpful this video was to me and my husband!!! we were on the side of the highway for an hour trying to figure out how to get the spare tire off. we did not think to look for that little hole. he was literally under the car trying to turn the tire off 🙁 lol. thank you so much hun for adding that in the video .

  13. Where is the jack and the crank located in the 2002 Infinity QX4 ? Can any one let me know, please ! Thanks

  14. Thank you for this video. You just saved me. I was in the middle of nowhere in the swamp after exit 223 on I-95. I didnt know how to release the spare tire at 1 am until i saw yout video. Thank you very much.

  15. So quick and useful indeed! Saved me having to buy another tire and leaving me stranded haha.

    Some tips for those who own a 4runner and new to it. Your spare tire rod and jack is under the seat of the passenger seats on the passenger side. Once you crank down the tire, you can remove the tirerod after you tighten it up again by pulling back on the rod as you turn it counter clockwise just a little bit till it'll disengage and come right out.

  16. What size is the crank for a 2001 toyota sequoia? I lost mine and want to buy one but I don't know the size

  17. I was out one time with my family and our car broke down on a busy highway. It was terrible. I made sure to get unlimited roadside assistance with this company. Just google ricks vehicle protection

  18. How about illustrating the type of end on the crank handle!! What if the one that came with the car is missing and needs to be replaced?

  19. I have a 2004 GMC Envoy and I couldn't figure out how to take the spare off from the bottom so I just took the acetylene torch and melted off the thing holding the spare.

  20. Why are there no videos on how to remove the spare from a 1999 Toyota Tacoma but a million of these videos wtf I can't figure out how to drop my spare from my 99 tacoma

  21. Man you don't know how many ppl and so called mechanics told me I needed a key I searched everywhere and know fkn key exists SMH ……

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