How to Change A Flat Tire : How to Jack Up A Car

How to Change A Flat Tire : How to Jack Up A Car

I’m Jeff Wong with Expert Village and today
we are going to learn how to change a flat tire. The jack point on each vehicle varies
so check your Owner’s Manual for assembly diagram that will show you the position where
your jack may be safely placed on the vehicle. In this vehicle, it happens to be the rear
axle. Be sure the ground is solid and is free from any debris before you jack up the vehicle.
So on this vehicle the jack point is located here on the rear axle. So once the jack is
in place and is squarely against the axle, slowly turn the crank and raise the vehicle.
You want to continue raising the vehicle until you have about a 1 inch gap between the tire
and the ground point. This should be a sufficient gap to remove and replace the tires. If a
vehicle is too high off the ground, it will make replacing the tire difficult.

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  1. I had a hydraulic bottle jack that I thought would easily jack my Holden Torana. And it did, when nothing was wrong with the tyres. Trouble was, when the rear tyre was deflated, the jack wouldn't fit under the chassis rail. I had to go and get a much older, less capable jack to do the job.

  2. What this "expert" has failed to mention is, before you raise the vehicle, loosen the bolts a bit so that your tires won't spin when it's lifted.

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